Holiday Fashion Lookbook

Holiday Fashion Lookbook

Finally gearing up to the Holiday season! Some things are meant to be merry and bright but when it comes to your holiday outfits, there are occasions to keep it chic and not so flashy. Seeing how we are coming towards the end of November, I am glancing through my calendar and putting all my big family gatherings, dinner with friends, coffee dates with co-workers, and even a dessert date with my neighbor. And so, once plans are made, the next thing on my mind is outfits. Holiday outfits may seem all sparkles and glam, but there are some occasions where a casual stylish outfit is all you need. In today’s blog post, I will be presenting three super chic looks that will be perfect for holiday dinners, meal plans and even a coffee date.

A little black piece can go a long way. The endless ways you can accessorize your little black dress or romper can get you through a 10 am to 10 pm type of day. There’s one day in December where I have a brunch thing with my girlfriends in the morning, a coffee date with a former co-worker and then my boyfriend’s Holiday party. All three events situate in Downtown and so going all the way back home for an outfit change just doesn’t seem feasible. The answer to my problem – this super sexy and elegant lace jumpsuit. I knew this was the perfect piece when I tried it on at the store a week ago.

For brunch – I was going to wear either a leather jacket or a cardigan over. This will keep the exposed back hidden until the night time. The little bit of front lace brings out a sophisticated look, but at the same time not too much. For the party, I was going to glam it up with bold red lips and a smoky makeup look. And off goes the jacket, for the hot open back. This jumpsuit also looks amazing with either a pair of flats or pumps.

Another key casual holiday outfit look I really love is pulling out my faux fur vest. I will admit that my fur vest sits in my closet for 11 months because I feel a tad extra wearing a fur vest to class. But, I just can’t get enough of it during December. The faux fur actually works so well with denim and boots. This is one of the easiest way to glam up a casual going out look.

Here are few options of what you can pair it with:

  • Boyfriend ripped jeans, collared shirt, statement necklace
  • Plaid button down, jeans, short boots
  • Chiffon shirt, jeans, over the knee boots
  • Chunky cardigan or sweater 

Still don’t know if you should invest in a faux fur vest? They also work great for a fancy dinner outfit. Try pairing it up with a dress, tights and boots. You will be surprised how well it can turn that casual dress into a wowing piece.

Lace and leather is also a fun combine to try out during the holiday time. I have always been so amused on how two totally different fabric styles get put together. The leather is more of an edgy vibe, versus the lace is more of a feminine and sexy style. There’s actually so much that bring out of it when you combine the two. If you are looking for a more casual look for the holiday such as a home party, try a crop lace top with a leather skirt. Or something a bit more family appropriate with a collared shirt and scalloped skirt.

Comment below what your go to holiday pieces are. 

December 01, 2017 — AN CAN
Take Your Summer Pieces Into Fall!

Take Your Summer Pieces Into Fall!

Take Your Summer Pieces Into Fall

By: My Makeup Brush Set Blog:

When it comes to style, the best pieces to own are the ones you can recycle and create a whole different look with. For all of us working or going to school, sometimes it’s hard to find pieces you can wear all day, AND all evening. Here’s a look at the top picks for recycling your Summer pieces, whether it’s clothing or accessories, and taking them from daytime sophisticated to night-time glam.

Liquid Leggings

Whoever said leggings aren’t pants, clearly have never owned a pair of great leggings! They’re a staple in my closet because you can dress them up or dress them down, wear them in the Winter to Summer. Leggings are an all-year, all-around, any time article of clothing almost everyone has, and they come in different types of material to fit almost any occasion. 

Liquid leggings are a Summer time ideal when you’re trying to transform your outfit from daytime to night. The faux leather gives a little bit of shine to outfit. Combine a pair of high waisted liquid leggings with a black and white tucked in button-down shirt, maybe even a black blazer on top, and you’ve got yourself a work appropriate daytime look! 

Turn this look into a night time glam outfit by simply wearing a slightly over sized t-shirt, tucked in from the side. This look is not only simple, but comfortable as well. Liquid leggings are easily one of my Summer time go-to items!

Body con Dress

Summer time is definitely dress-season. Who wouldn’t want to embrace the warm days with a beautiful dress. What I like about body con dresses is their classic elegance and their versatility. Not to mention how dresses like these just hug your curves!

Pair this beautiful strapless body con with a blazer and heels, and you’re ready for work. Make this an evening look by wearing this body con dress on it’s own, tying a plaid shirt around your waist, or personalize that look with your favorite accessories! It's as simple as that!

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses have definitely been making a comeback this summer! Can we take a moment to talk about how, not only trendy, but versatile these dresses are? On it’s own it makes such a cute beach-day outfit; paired with your favorite ballerina flats or sandals and it’s makes for a comfortable and stylish daytime outfit.

Pair this look with a thin belt around your waist and wedges, and you’ve just taken this piece to a whole new level! A summertime favorite to say the least.


                            Image 1 Courtesy Of Pinterest | Via  Image 2 Courtesy Of North Virginia Mag  Via Image 3 Courtesy Of Misguided | Via


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Different Ways To Style Denim Shorts

One of the best piece of clothing to wear during the summer is denim shorts. There are different types of denim shorts that are pretty much required for everyone’s summer wardrobe. Denim shorts are one of the easiest piece of clothing that can go well with many different styles of tops. Not only that though, denim shorts can also create some AWESOME new outfit styles too!

The different type of denim shorts you should have in your closet:

Distressed Frayed Denim Shorts this type of shorts has been going around for the past few summers, and OBV it's back again! They always seem to be a big summer trend, there are some "vintage" look pertaining to this style too. If you are one of those who aren't ready to splurge on a pair of distress shorts, try making them! There are so many tutorials around that teaches you how to turn a pair of 'mom jeans' into a pair of super fashionable distress jeans.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | via 


Distress shorts also come in a very popular style known as a the high-waist shorts. Again, this is another summer essential that keeps repeating throughout the summers. These are SO perfect to slip on over a swimsuit as you head to the pool. Other options of matching with these are endless. They look great with a bodysuit or a crop top!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | via 


You may have caught a glimpse of all the embroidery going on these days. And yup, embroidery has hit denim shorts and it is starting to get BIG. You prob know that Levi's shorts are the go-to for classic denim, and they have made it TEN TIMES more fun by adding some palm tree embroidery to them. These are super fun, chic and since it's Levi's - def sturdy!  Aside from Levi's there are also other styles of embroidery going around. The extra prints really give a boho flair vibe to denim shorts!


Image Courtesy of The Jeans Blog | via 


If you are going on a fancy date but insist of sticking with denim shorts, there are some super cute shorts out there that aren't as "casual" looking. The Junarose Frill Hem Denim Shorts from ASOS are super easy to wear, plus the extra flare on the end makes it a bit fancier. You can also spice with denim shorts with a fancy top, heels, and/or a blazer. Check these out for inspiration!

Image Courtesy of Asos | via 




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Cute Summer Shoes

The variety of styles and choices for summer shoes are endless. You can pick up a new pair of wedges, heel sandals, flat sandals, flats, espadrilles, running shoes, flip flops! Within each category listed there are so many different kinds to choose from too. Not to mention the color options, you can ditch the boring black and brown booties and move on to some flashy neon shoes. This is the season to invest great money on the cutest pair of shoes.

If you are looking for a pair of open toes shoe that’s comfortable for A LOT of walking, consider picking up a pair of Birkenstock. Although these aren’t the CUTEST pair you will see this summer, for how comfortable they are, they are most definitely worth it. Birkenstock has also restyled throughout the years and you can actually find some super cute looking ones around. So if you are thinking of those typical dark brown or black ones are need to step up your game!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest UK | via 

Stepping away from the classics, beaded sandals are also a cool boho style that is super in trend. This trend is based off of African tradition and is treated almost like a piece of art. A little bit of art history, the bead work is called Maasai and it’s been around for a few hundred years.  

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom | via 

If you dig that colorful beads on yours shoes, you will love this trend even more! Pom pom sandals! There are also pomp om sandals mixed with gorgeous detailed bead work as well. These shoes make a great statement especially if you are wearing a subtler looking outfit. However even if you do wear a colorful outfit, this will also look great with it!!!

Image Courtesy of Amazon | via 

This one has a little bit of string tied, but another super cute style of summer shoes is lace up. Lace up are actually found everywhere these days!!! Aside from shoes, shirts, dresses, skirts, accessories all have that fancy looking lace up style! Zara, Nordstrom, Free People and Zalalando carry a great variety and style of lace up shoes. In fact, a lot of stores not mentioned carry it as well. Lace up has two sides to it, one is either an elegant ballet style or the other is a more hipster like style! Choose wisely when you are picking out your lace up. For shoes, lace up are found in both flats and sandals.

If you want to ditch the open toes because bugs or you just don’ like to show your toes. There are two great comfy options, the first you might have heard of or even own a pair is TOMS. TOMS shoes are great because they are super comfortable and light weight. The idea behind TOMS is also for a great cause. For every pair of shoes you buy, another pair is donated as well. The only problem with TOMS is that it’s not really meant for sports, and if you swear in them too much, they don’t end up smelling very pleasant. Another option is espadrilles which is a rising trend to keep an eye out for!!  

Image Courtesy of Viscata | via 

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Cute Spring Dresses

If you don’t already know this, dresses and rompers are like my go-to for like all four seasons. I worked for a few months during the Winter and I just loved wearing dresses to work. I sometimes just find it a bit odd to wear a dress to school in the Winter time. Summer is obviously my favorite, I pull out a new dress, skirt or romper everyday. I literally say bye to my leggings and sweatpants. But, Spring is a bit different, we are in the season where it’s sometimes warm but sometimes you get that cool breeze. Or I go through that chilly morning but then it hits like thirty degrees in the afternoon, I am always so fluttered with what kind of dress should I wear. So, in today’s blog post, I will share a few of my favorite Spring dresses and looks that can help with beating the cold and warm weather during the day. The key tip to this is pretty much layering.

Image Courtesy of BlogLovin' | via

During the spring time, I usually still stick with my dresses with a bit of sleeve. I love all things spaghetti straps, strapless, backless, halter - I am all about that but I don’t really pull those out until it gets warmer or hotter. So instead one of my favourite go-to these days are t-shirt dresses. Before you jump to the whole “it’s too casual” thing, there are actually some t-shirt like dresses that can be worn to worn or even dressed up. I also find that a few accessory can help with dressing up a t-shirt dress! Recently for work, I add a blazer or a fancy cardigan over it which makes it business casual! And later in the day, when it gets too hot, it’s still appropriate to wear around because there’s sleeves, plus appropriate for the weather.  

During days that’s a bit warmer I do the thicker sleeveless dresses. I really like the JCrew style dresses. It’s super preppy for a casual look, but also professional enough for work. Again, a dress like this can easily be dressed up or dressed down. To dress up, any of those statement JCrew style necklace is an easy push for a fancier looking outfit. Not to mention, if you browse through dresses on the JCrew website, all their colours are oh so perfect for Spring. Speaking of JCrew, they are having a sale 40% off entire site! 

Image Courtesy of JCrew | via 


I tend to avoid long sleeve dresses, although I don’t even have that many, and most of mine are black, so I would figure I’d get pretty hot under the sun. Quarter sleeve dresses are also around, although I don’t think it’s that popular. I don’t tend to find many in stores.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | via 

To kind of lead back to the tip of layering I was mentioning earlier, it’s all about layering. In the sense that if you match the dress with a cute outerwear. I recently got a new jean jacket and it literally goes with any dress I pick out! So, it’s definitely one of my go-to. I actually picked up this style via browsing Instagram bloggers. Another is leather jacket that is pretty popular as well. For a more casual and preppy look, I sometimes wear a light cardigan plus a puffy vest over it. This is more so when it hits ten degrees in the morning – because it’s Canadian weather and weather in Canada is a little bit wonky. Towards the warmer days though, I find that even a cardigan is suffice!  

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | via 


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Perfect Summer Dresses


When the weather is really hot one of the most wonderful apparel to wear is a dress. Why? Because summer dresses are flowy, easy to wear, light and most importantly super chic!!! There are so many different types of summer dresses that best fit your personal style and look. If you browse through online stores and boutiques or even at the shopping center, you will find endless designs of summer dresses.

If you are more of a bohemian and boho type of style you will ADORE Zulily. You can shop their store here. Zulily has so many different styles that's more of a boho look. Boho style has been in for a few years now, just a #tbt to Vanessa Hudgens for bringing it all in. There is just something great about that free spirited look! This one in particular from Zulily is decked with embroidered details and made from super duper soft fabric. This is also the perfect definition of loose, free drape wear!

Image Courtesy of Zulily | via

Another great brand is for summer dresses is Boden! Although they are not as casual as Zulily's, Boden's dresses are comfortable, fun and also suitable for work drinks. They lean towards a “classier” style. Their pieces are full of colors and prints. This Hazel Ponte dress from Bonden has the most flattering sleeves! If you haven't heard by now, off shoulder is HOT HOT AND HOT this summer! Although some off shoulder can be a bit more casual looking, this one still has a very posh look. Check out this brand for more ultra chic and versatile dresses for the summer!

Image Courtesy of Boden | via

Another fun thing about Boden is that within certain styles you can choose different patterns or colors you desire. Have you ever faced the problem of liking the style but not the print or the color? No need to worry about that anymore, because you got options here! 

Now for some more casual summer dresses, dig a bit deeper into the whole off shoulder look because that is a style you don’t want to miss this season!

Image Courtesy of Tobi | via 

 If you sign up for Tobi's newsletter you will also receive 50% off an item - talk about #deals! This is the kai cream skater dress, and it also comes in the color olive. Keep in mind that light colors always work better for the summer because heat is attracted to the color black! This dress has a bit of the skater dress look. Having a bit of a sleeve is great for summer nights, when it gets a bit breezy.  

Image Courtesy of Tobi | via 


Tobi is more of a fast-fashion online clothing store, their piece often updates to the most trendiest styles. Another few styles to look out for this summer is: criss-cross, backless, choker style, and halter maxis!  

Image Courtesy of Tobi | via 

June 16, 2017 — AN Commerce

Arm-Candy For The Summer

A few years back, I would say, I downsized my closet by like half, and a lot of it had to do with colors. I went from assorted colors to pretty much black, greys, whites. Or as they would call it in a more artsy term – monochromatic, or my mom would call it - adulting. The thing is a lot of my piece are simple, minimal patterns, no graphics, and with that said, my outfits can sometimes be boring. So, this is where accessories really play a huge role in style and personality. I mean, I can be wearing a t-shirt and leggings but with the right accessories, my outfit could be completely different than someone who is wearing the same thing as me.


When we talk accessories, the sky is to your limit, there is so many different categories you can choose from. To name a few, it ranges from necklace, handbags, cell-phone case, earrings, rings, pins, headband, bracelets, anything to really make that monochromatic outfit stand out and pop. In today’s blog post I am going to focusing on arm accessories, so bracelets. I decided to focus on this today is because you can do so much with arm-candy in comparison to necklace. I always find that you can only wear one necklace, max two, without overdoing it, but you can never have too much arm-candy.


If you notice on social media, arm candy seems as if it is stacking a whole bunch of bracelets on, but the trick is to make sure the mix of sizes, textures, colors, and style all match. I usually think it's easiest and best to start with an over-sized watch. Gold or even rose gold watches are super in trend these days. A lot of my friends are obsessed with Michael Kors, I am more of a Marc Jacobs kind of girl. If you are in the market for a new watch a few other brands to consider are: Kate Spade, Coach, Fossil, Movado, Guess.

Image Courtesy of Marc Jacobs | via

The watch will take center stage, and now to add a few others around it. There are a few different ways you can approach this. I am more of a simple person I want to say, so I usually top it off with maximum three other bracelets. The bracelets I usually go for are the same tone as my watch and nothing too flashy. If you do crave that pop of color, by all means, do add it on. One thing I find so great about gold watches is that it really goes well with other colors.

If you aren't really a watch person that's definitely not a problem. Or even if you don't feel like wearing a watch that day and wanted some classy, minimalistic look arm piece. Try matching different cuffs with contrasting bracelets for more of an edgy, yet sophisticated look. 

And of course, if you are all about colors, then I would totally recommend checking out Ettika. They have a variety and assorted arm candies and some even come in stacks! If you get a few stacks, you can totally mix and match all of them to find your perfect, personalized piece.

Image Courtesy of Ettika | via 

June 09, 2017 — AN Commerce

Brands You Want to Try

Online shopping opens up to so many different brands and shops all around the world. The more you browse, the more options of brands you will have. If you ever feel like your closet is becoming too basic and half the school have similar pieces to you, then finding a few special brands that’s half way across the world will guarantee you one-of-a-kind style!  Plus, everyone’s closet is only so big, being able to fill it the impeccable piece will make it so much better.

There is some basic piece that just seems to be better than a typical Macy’s or Forever 21. The Tuxe may carry similar piece you may see at the mall, but don’t be mistaken because the material used to make the piece is VERY VERY different. The Renegade bodysuit from Tuxe bodywear is a brand that’s on the down low but everyone should own one! It’s a basic high-neck bodysuit and such a timeless piece to match with skirts or pants. The use a super soft fabric blend and flatters the rib layer, plus it’s lined on the bottom (surprisingly, a lot of bodysuit aren’t double lined and that’s not very hygienic). This piece also come in ivory.


Image Courtesy of Tuxe Bodywear | via 

Clothes for work can be such a classic piece but at the same time some brands are better than others in terms of quality, comfortability and up to date style.  One great brand to try is Pivotte that was featured on Brit + Co. Pivotte’s mission is to provide comfortable, stylish and easy to care for clothes that inspires confidence. Their piece are classic, simple, or as they would call it “low maintenance” for high performance women. Their 24/7 pants were featured on Brit and Co emphasizing on the 4-way stretch fabric, support for movement and comfortable against the skin. And made plus designed in the home of NYC. 

Image Courtesy of Pivotte Studio | via

OK, now if you want to continue to explore, there are some ethnic and more diverse style of boutiques but rest assure they are still so fashionable. There is this brand Masscob by Marga and Jacobo, both born in Spain has such a special style. The fabrics and pattern they use simply details such intrinsic colors and features. For example, this pair of pants called the Tokan pants are made based off of a geometric jacquard pajama style. This is the collaboration between COMFY AND STYLE! Such an amazingly designed piece! 

There is another similar style brand made by Cecile Jorgensen who is a former student at the Danish School of Design. Her store is so interesting because she started this off of “I have nothing to wear” moment that you can probably relate heavily to! The brand is based in Copenhagen and the piece they feature really defines, playful, exclusive and relaxed. Once you like a style you can also choose from six different patterns. Best of all the clothing are 100% cotton which is the most ideal for the warm, hot weather.  


Image Courtesy of Cecilie Copenhagen | via




June 08, 2017 — AN Commerce

Favorite Celebrity Spring Styles

I have mixed feelings about spring fashion if I’m honest. I’m never too sure what to wear and no matter how many times I check the weather forecast, I’m guaranteed to be dressed for the wrong kind of weather. But on the other hand, spring fashion can be versatile and when you get it right, you can look a million dollars!

Kendall Jenner
I absolutely love the two-tone jeans look at the moment. Not many places are actually selling them but I can definitely see them blowing up over the next couple of months. They give you a bit of edge and from what I’ve seen, they’re pretty easy to pair clothes with! I’m always pretty cautious with buying jeans online because my sizing is weird and I have to try them on first, so as soon as these hit the high street I’ll be straight on them!

Image Courtesy of Jenner Fabulous | via


Manny MUA & Laura Lee
To me, spring and summer means the start of glitter season, and the sequins that both Manny MUA and Laura Lee were rocking at Drag Con had me falling in love! I feel like the glitter and sequins kick-start at Coachella and I ride that wave all through summer and drag it out as long as possible. I mean, I don’t have any festivals planned, but when the clothes are this cute, you don’t need an excuse to wear them. I don’t know if I prefer the denim shorts or the denim jacket – but both are from Topshop and I’m dying to get my hands on them!

Image Courtesy of Manny MUA 733 | via


Selena Gomez
With the new hair and me recently finishing 13 Reasons Why, I couldn’t not give Selena a shout-out. I just love everything about this woman and her Met Gala look was my favourite by far! This look just screams ‘spring’ at me because of the dress’ elegant embroidery (something I’m seeing a lot of this spring), a simple choker and a bold eye. Plus, what better look to pair it with than a fresh sleek haircut!

Image Courtesy of KylieJSelena | via 


Kylie Jenner
Now I’m normally not a fan of neon colors, but this look just has something about it. I’m not sure if it’s the mesh fabric or just the fact that it looks so good on Kylie, but I could definitely see myself rocking this at the gym. Of course, it probably costs a fortune, so I would have to wear it around for the day before I actually get the gym (I can’t look amazing and have nobody see me). So maybe not the most practical of outfits, given the risk of hypothermia, but don’t they say ‘beauty is pain?

Image Courtesy of Kylie Jenner | via 

Ah Zendaya. What’s not to love about her? Her sass and confidence manage to radiate through every photo and she definitely seems like the kind of girl I’d want for a best friend. Her spring style, along with every other season, is of course on point. Her Met Gala look was sensational and somehow she looks just as incredible in a pair of skinny jeans, a slogan tee and sneakers. This is a look that I’ve been rocking for the last couple of months, because you can pretty much dress it up however you want. You can add a red lip and some curls (natural or not) for more of a bad-ass vibe, or you can go for a nude lip and simple hair for a day-to-day errands kind of look. There are endless possibilities and its super easy to recreate!

Image Courtesy of Zendaya | via 


May 10, 2017 — AN Commerce

Top Bikini Trends For Summer 2017

The warm breeze is around the corner, which means so is summer. And summer only means beach season and pool parties are soon to be a typical day. That is what so great about summer. Just picture it, wake up with sun beam shinning in, put on your favorite bikini, head to the beach, take a dip in the  pool, sip cocktails by the lounge, and even read your favorite book by the ocean waves, what a time to be alive! But before you head out, make sure you got that perfect swim suit on. There are so many great in trends and chic looks you can rock by the pool, check them out!!!

There is no swimsuit like a monokini or the never ending one piece trend. You may have already seen this from last summer, but this year it is totally making a huge comeback!   It was noted that online searches for one-piece have increased by a lot this past months – according to social commerce platform Polyvore. This has also been seen all over Instagram, including the best – Kylie and Kendall Jenner plus the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Image Courtesy of Hollywood Life | via


Another style that has taken over through summer music festival is crochet style bikinis! Crochet has a more boho style but very stylish! If you are a crafty person, you can actually make these via pattern purchases on Etsy. Heading over to a local summer music festival is a great way to check out the different types of crochet looks. One of the biggest and most recent concert just happened is Coachella! Not to mention this look is very Vanessa Hudgens inspired! 

Image Courtesy of Crochet Concupiscence | via

This one may be a from a few years ago, but mind you, it is still very popular and that is the neoprene swimsuit. Very well known as triangl bikinis. The brand Triangl can be a bit more expensive but they are very well known for their quality and their new 2017 designs. However if you search a bit more, you might even find similar designs for half the price. Neoprene material is a bit more sturdy than normal bikinis, and it is originated through swimsuits for sports, such as surfing. But now there are super sleek, trendy and multicolor bikini that neoprene has turned into. One thing about this material is that it wrinkles easily when on surface but easily fixed when you go into the water. Via the triangl website, they also have black leather ones which are so hot and definitely am must check out.

Image Courtesy of Triangl | via


What’s summer without a great suit? Get shopping!!! :D

April 18, 2017 — AN Commerce