One of my biggest inspiration for fashion looks is through celebrities. Aside from celebs, I often look at fashion bloggers, browsing through Instagram, and even a casual stroll through downtown Toronto (you will be surprise what I see there). Often times the way celebrity put their outfit together is super chic and very versatile (unless we are talking about a Lady Gaga outfit). I use to find it intimidating flipping through magazine with celebrity couture because usually underneath is the designer they are wearing along with three to four-digit dollar signs. Sorry, but I can’t afford a $300 skirt… but I have realized that it is very common to find celebrity look alike pieces at more affordable prices. Stores like H&M, Forever 21, Dynamite, Aritzia, Target, Wilfred are starting to carry pieces that are often seen on celebrities. So it never hurts to pick up a few pieces to mix and match it to a look-alike celebrity outfit.

One of my biggest inspiration is Kate Middleton. Her outfit are always so on point and talk about classiness. I am pretty sure she is one of the most looked up to fashion icon of all times. Her attire is often a sense of chic mixed with preppy, and of course a hint of royal-ness too. What is even more exciting is that her closet is very similar to mine. All of the pieces are lifetime, from a classic trench coat to a LBD (I have at least 50). As I would like to call it, these are investment pieces because after all it is that signature look. 

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Next fashion icon is Beyoncé - Queen Bey. Her outfits are just drop dead glamorous. It will always put you on the spotlight no matter which event you show up to. A hint of glitter and sparkle goes a long long way. Don't you notice how often Beyoncé is covered in sequins ft. a pair of sky-high heels? I am not going to lie, but when it comes to Beyoncé’s fashion inspiration, I save it for special occasions. I know she can pull a spotlight outfit heading to the gym or running errands but I definitely can't.

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Rihanna’s fashion style is also pretty interesting. I can't say I LOVE everything she wears but some of the outfit she pulls together are super cool. Rihanna totally has a cool-girl trendsetter style which I can't always pull off but her distressed jeans and vintage t-shirt makes a pretty edgy look!

Nicole Riche is also a big time fashion icon her "effortless" look is a lot more effort for me. I love the prints she always mixes in and she always look super comfortable! One thing I really like about her style is that many of her pieces can be found in flea market or consignment stores. It is all about mixing and matching and browsing through the outfits Nicole wear it really give some great inspiration on pieces to look out for.

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At the end of the day, Kate Middleton is still my number go to for outfit ideas. Who is yours?