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5 Items In Your Wardrobe That You Can’t Live Without

There are five items you must need for this season; these are hands down must needs for your wardrobe. If you do not have it now it is recommended that you head to the mall and pick these up!! These essential pieces will prefect your closet. Also, with these you will be able to get a fresh start with some fabulous outfit pairs.

The first piece needed is a black blazer. A black blazer is one of the most classic piece that works great on all body type. This feminine piece can be put together in so many different ways. You can pair it with a pair of jeans for a more casual look or pair it with trousers or skirt for a more formal look.  And once you get a blazer into your wardrobe you wouldn’t be caught without something else again! A few other outfit ideas to wear with a blazer is with a white V-neck underneath or a little black dress!


A pair of bright and colorful flats is also an essential piece for your wardrobe. A pair of nude, black, neutral color flats are obviously needed but a pair of bright color, such as red, will give you an easy pop of color when you need it. Plus, since it is on your feet its appropriate for work too aka not too flashy.

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This is a specific item that everyone needs from Aritizia called the Babaton - Finch Pant. These pants are super comfortable yet professional and looks hella good. These are elasticated pull on waistband pants aka they will fit super well. They are a bit of a trouser style ft. joggers but the zipper along the bottom of the leg makes it less sporty and classier. There are also pockets! 

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A statement necklace is also an essential part of your wardrobe. The best place to pick up statement necklace is JCrew. They have the best selection and their quality is superb. Many have past experiences with their necklaces falling apart because of the weight but JCrew never disappoints. Having more basics in the closet is more than great with a few great pieces of jewellery it will help make magic in your simple outfit. The key is all in the strong and feminine in a black and white outfit.


Finally, a little black dress. This is essential, you should have more than one LBD because they are appropriate and goes super with everything. It is important to find a LBD that is to your best comfort and can match any cardigan or blazer, even jackets. LBD is also great for matching accessories and jewelry. This can easily be dressed up or down!  

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