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Colors That Work Well On Everyone

Today’s blog post is going to fairly interesting from my point of view. It took me a few days to process how and from which angle I should start this article on. I am going to be super honest my closet is black, grey, a few whites and beiges, and more black. I am all about that little black dress – they are my absolute go to. So now that I got that out, aside from wearing my neutrals, there are few other colors that I would occasionally hit up – you know, when I am feeling a little bit of colors (but not yellow or orange).

Navy is one probably one of my favorite colors if I had to choose from my small small collection of colors in my closet.  I like navy because it has that touch of color but at the same time it’s still dark – I am not about that royal blue color. Navy also goes very well with a white, almost giving a nautical look. I think dark navy to navy is a color that really can’t go wrong. If you are wearing it right, it could even match a bright red or orange.

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Around that blue spectrum, I would say that a light/baby blue is my favorite nail color. It is usually my go to. I use to have this thing for pink, but a soft blue almost makes it subtler.


So aside from the different shades of blues that I am very fond of, I had to do some external research to see if there is really a color that everyone looks good in. And from an art and "researched" perspective - there is! It is explained on that there are certain colors that do flatter all skin tones and even hair colors. And the reason behind this is because of the balance of warm and cool colors. These color are not too bright and I must say, pretty appealing to the eye. The colors here are: a true red, blush pink, teal and a eggplant like purple. 

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I found the formula for determining these colors pretty interesting. I would say I totally dig the four colors (for someone who don’t like colors), and I would totally pick these for my nails too.

Touching a bit on shoes, I am totally head over heels for red shoes. I think that ability to make it pop is super cute. I recently just a got a pair of classic red Tory Burch Reva flats and they seriously go so nicely with all my little black dresses!

What are you favorite colors to wear?

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