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Fall Must Have Closet Items

It’s that time of year where you feel that cold air breeze in the morning, a spark of sun in the afternoon and feels like winter after dawn – hellooo fall! I don’t know about you, but every morning when I roll out of bed I struggle with the question of “Do I dress warmly so I don’t freeze on the way to school?” or “Do I dress normal, so I don’t look over-dressed in the middle of the afternoon?”. Every single morning. I debate between those two questions. This blog post will cover a few outfit ideas and pieces that can help you avoid these morning problems. I find that it is important to dress in layers so you can moderate it out through the day.

The Jacket – having a jacket for fall is the perfect way to stay warm in the morning and in the evening. You definitely need either a leather jacket or a denim jacket. Denim jackets are cool but I find not as warm as leather jackets. Suede jackets are the new thing this season and catching up in popularity. If you think that a biker jacket might be too much, try a lighter shade of nude/ light pink jacket.

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Boots - it is all about the thigh-high boots! This was a pretty big trend last winter and it is back again this season. Although I am going to put it out there, that not everyone can pull these off, but if you manage to nail it, it is a super hot look. I always recommend black thigh-highs instead of brown because black tends to slims the leg out. 

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Comfy Sweater – low-key, even this whole sweater thing was not a trend I will probably still be wearing it. The whole athletic comfy big sweaters are a pretty big deal this season. I have been seeing it on runways and celebrity’s styles. A comfy sweater not only keeps your warm (and it’s like the easiest thing to put on), but it is usually super easy to match (hint: wear leggings).  

The Pattern - just because summer is out of here doesn't mean floral should be too. Fall floral is the trend this season (but then again, did it really ever go away?). The floral pattern in fall is filled with bold colours and big prints. You know those gloomy cold mornings, make it a bright and fun one with some flowery prints. 

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Aside from the closet, there is an accessory piece that is totally in this season. This is a must need if you haven’t gotten the memo!

The little black choker – if you haven’t seen this trend, you need to hit up social media more, because it is everywhere. I don’t know if it’s just all my friends? I have a seen some bloggers wearing it too, but it is everywhere (on my Facebook newsfeed at the very least). These are super cute and cost efficient, you can pick one up for less than $10 at Forever 21.   

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