The boot style that is in this season is: over the knee boots, lace up boots and Chelsea boots. During the cold weather your boots go through so much. From the snow to the slush, it goes through the cold, so your boots have to be sturdy and can bring you through the rough weather. There are different types of boots for the different types of event you will be attending, the weather also matters, if it is a cold day, a pair of tall boots is probably best.


The knee high boots always often a splash of sexy to it too. It matches great with dresses or even leggings. This is one of the season’s biggest trend right now. The silhouette is also trendy, chic and can be worn with different looks. A quick throwback, that the knee high boots was a trendy that was around back in 2012’s runway. But it is such a classic look so it says classic. The knee high boots give a great subtle statement. Check out the styles that are cut higher in the front and then a separate panel rising up to cover the knee – this style is everywhere. The equestrian style was super in last year, and there are a few looks where equestrian and knee high mix in. the equestrian look is a sexy little twist that curves the shape with a zip and button closure. 

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 Going right into lace up boots, it which it can also be found in the knee high style. The lace up style is based off of the military style. It is a tightly laced in the front and winds up all the way from top to bottom. This style is adapting from the gladiator sandals from back a few season. These are also super sexy and chic! 

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The last style is a bit more different and more versatile. The Chelsea boot has been in style for a few fall seasons now. It is close fitting, ankle high boot. There is an elastic panel on the side and a loop of tab in the back. Chelsea boots can easily be worn up or down. These are perfect to match with sweatpants, leggings or even a formal outfit. Not to mention, that these are also super comfortable wear all day long! 

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 There are so many different pair of boots for the winter that go great with both a casual and fancy outfit! It is best to get black and brown colored boots to easily match your outfit. Another option is a pop of color. Hunters rainboots are very famous for that! A pop of color for boots are a bit harder to match up in the winter. In trends is mostly black and brown!