One t-shirt can go a long way. It is really impressive how on basic t-shirt can be dressed up in many different outfit attires. From sophisticated to casual, along with a few other pieces you can easily spice it up. T-shirt are timeless, and more importantly, they are comfortable. Try adding a few extra layers, a classy pair of pants or skirt, some dangley accessories. No matter what season it is, a t-shirt is great! There are two types of t-shirt, the round neck and the v-neck style. The plunging neckline of the v-neck gives a more elegant look, especially when wearing long piece accessories.

A few classic and easy idea to wearing t-shirt includes: layering it with a color tank top or cami underneath, adding a military blazer over it, belt it with a cute skinny belt or waist belt, pull it off with a pair of suspenders, accessorize it with a cute pin, or match it with the perfect scarf, lastly, leggings and jeans can never go wrong!

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This look is easy to recreate and focuses on the statement jewelry along with the round neck white t-shirt. It uses a blazer jacket to make it more classy but also matching it with ripped pair of jeans. The black heels is a nice touch because it does not take away from the necklace and the gold matching clutch.

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Here is another fashion blogger styling up a white v-neck. Note how her outfit has minimal accessories. In contrast to the other outfit, her necklace is fairly small. The main attention hits how her blazer matches her bright metallic shoes. The few arm bangles also looks great! The basic white tee goes really well with a pair of slightly ripped jeans. If you are not into ripped jeans, try a pair of bottom folded denim. In addition, if you dare, try to add more colors to your outfit. Below, the blogger matched a bright magenta colored blazer along with yellow heels. Both of these colors are bright, but they also work so well together!

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If you want something a bit less fancy and more casual, match the t shirt with a long comfy cardigan. For the bottom, try either a dark grey skinny jeans or even leggings! To keep the outfit casual, it is best to match it with trainers or a pair of your favorite street shoes.

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And lastly, you can match the t-shirt with a skirt or skort! The trick to the skirt is to keep it unique to add more colors and patterns to your outfit. If you match the t shirt with a pair of simple black heels, add a pop of color for the skirt. You can even work with different types of skirts, including: pencils, mini, maxi, mid-flare, etc.

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