First impressions are important, especially during an interview. It’s important to look presentable when you are looking for a job, at the same time however, interview clothing can get a little bit boring with the typical black blazer and white button down. Although that is an option, there are other ways to keep it chic while still looking classy.

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Through an outfit that shows more characteristics it will help convey your personal style. Keep in mind these great outfits, but at the same time make sure that it is appropriate for the field of work. A few key pieces to work with are a pair of black pants, fitted skirt (that goes past the knees), wrap dress,  black dress, black dress, blouse, tailored shirt, structured bag, trenchcoat, ballet flats, black pumps and simple jewellery. These are key pieces to have not only for interviews but also any business-casual or business-professional jobs.


There are also two types of interviews – business casual and business professional. For a business casual interview a few tips are to add a bit of detail to your outfit because it will add interest, but at the same time make sure it is not too distracting. Keep the sweater and pants fitted and the pants are appropriate lengths for the heels. For a more formal interview, make sure you are wearing a blouse or a collared shirt that will go well with a blazer. For both types of interview, it would be great to wear minimal jewellery. For the blazer keep in mind that it is not too long or too short. If possible, go for a pair of heels instead of flats because it will keep it more formal.


A few things that should not be worn is a necklace that is too large. Also, avoid any bright or patterned clothing that will come off as too distracting. For your pants, avoid leggings! Black leggings or even skinny pants are too tight and not professional. The material of the pants shouldn’t be cotton either, such as cotton capris are too casual. It is better to come off as a more professional than causal. It really important to know what kind of interview you are going into, make sure you do a bit of research before going in.

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If you are looking for an outfit that shows more style and chicer, check out these inspirational outfit ideas! At the same time, make sure you keep in mind the few factors mentioned above.

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