We are so close, yet so far to Spring! I don’t even know if I am looking forward to Spring, I am definitely excited to see more plus temperature and a bit more sun, but I am going to miss the Winter outfit trends! So, today’s blog post will be on a few of my favorite fashion trends of Winter. It will be a good way to mark the end of Winter 2017!

My go-to during winter time is leggings. I have at least 10 pairs of identical black leggings. I buy all my leggings from Garage, I find that their cotton leggings are super comfortable and lasts longer than my TNA ones. The only reason why I have so many pairs is because nothing beats the good ol’ feeling of putting on a fresh, new pair of leggings. I find that leggings go so well with an over-sized sweater or cardigan. When it gets a bit colder, I add a plaid blanket scarf for a touch of warmth, but also accessory. I pair leggings mainly with a pair of knee length boots. I remember last year, the horse-back riding style boots was super-in. I got these super cute black ones by Ralph Lauren, I was so obsessed with them! This year, the over the knee boots seems to be a huge trend, I got a pair from ASOS. Since we are looking at season change, I am hoping the Stuart Weitzman ones will go on sale!

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Another style of outfits I have started to be obsessed with is more towards a preppy style. I have seen a lot of bloggers and Instgram-ers wear a collared blouse, under a white sweater and I love it! I have also seen some pulling off a classic pair of plaid pants too, I think it is such a great style, but unfortunately I can’t seem to manage to pull that off yet. I have however started on wearing crisp white pants and it totally gives that sophisticated look!

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Also, I am going to miss wearing my winter jacket. I will be honest, on those super cold days, where I sit in class with my jacket on, I am probably wearing the same t-shirt I had on yesterday. In my defense, it smells fresh because it was never in contact with public-air, and no one even knows I had it on yesterday. Anyways, this year I skipped the typical Canada Goose jacket and tried something a bit more new and trendy. I got a jacket from Rudsak! Rudsak is a Montreal based retailer that sells jackets, accessories, footwear, handbags, and more! Their quality is amazing and super comfortable. I find that Rudsak style is a bit more edgy and contemporary. I would definitely recommend you check this out for a super warm winter jacket for next Winter. I used to be all about CG, but I found that everyone wears it and it gets a bit repetitive, so why not shine a bit. My bestie also ditched the CG this year and got a Mackage jacket, the fur detail is amazing and also worth checking out. I personally just couldn’t pull off all the fur detail.

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