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Take Your Summer Pieces Into Fall!

Take Your Summer Pieces Into Fall!

Take Your Summer Pieces Into Fall

By: My Makeup Brush Set Blog:

When it comes to style, the best pieces to own are the ones you can recycle and create a whole different look with. For all of us working or going to school, sometimes it’s hard to find pieces you can wear all day, AND all evening. Here’s a look at the top picks for recycling your Summer pieces, whether it’s clothing or accessories, and taking them from daytime sophisticated to night-time glam.

Liquid Leggings

Whoever said leggings aren’t pants, clearly have never owned a pair of great leggings! They’re a staple in my closet because you can dress them up or dress them down, wear them in the Winter to Summer. Leggings are an all-year, all-around, any time article of clothing almost everyone has, and they come in different types of material to fit almost any occasion. 

Liquid leggings are a Summer time ideal when you’re trying to transform your outfit from daytime to night. The faux leather gives a little bit of shine to outfit. Combine a pair of high waisted liquid leggings with a black and white tucked in button-down shirt, maybe even a black blazer on top, and you’ve got yourself a work appropriate daytime look! 

Turn this look into a night time glam outfit by simply wearing a slightly over sized t-shirt, tucked in from the side. This look is not only simple, but comfortable as well. Liquid leggings are easily one of my Summer time go-to items!

Body con Dress

Summer time is definitely dress-season. Who wouldn’t want to embrace the warm days with a beautiful dress. What I like about body con dresses is their classic elegance and their versatility. Not to mention how dresses like these just hug your curves!

Pair this beautiful strapless body con with a blazer and heels, and you’re ready for work. Make this an evening look by wearing this body con dress on it’s own, tying a plaid shirt around your waist, or personalize that look with your favorite accessories! It's as simple as that!

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses have definitely been making a comeback this summer! Can we take a moment to talk about how, not only trendy, but versatile these dresses are? On it’s own it makes such a cute beach-day outfit; paired with your favorite ballerina flats or sandals and it’s makes for a comfortable and stylish daytime outfit.

Pair this look with a thin belt around your waist and wedges, and you’ve just taken this piece to a whole new level! A summertime favorite to say the least.


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