Beautyblender Alternatives

The Beauty Blender.

This makeup sponge became so popular within the last year - and every beauty lover believed they needed it to have flawless makeup. Wrong!

For those who don’t know, this cute little sponge goes for $20 (+ tax) on the official Beauty Blender website. Hmm… we think that’s a bit too much. Plus, there are so many other alternatives that many haven't even tried yet for cheaper that could be better than the beauty blender.

We’re going to highlight some underrated makeup tools that can still give you that flawless makeup look without you breaking the bank!

Here are your alternatives:

Silicone Makeup Applicators are very different from the beauty blender. They’re a better alternative because they’re easy to clean, they don’t take on odors, and they don’t absorb all your product! The applicators can perfectly apply and blend your foundation, concealer, and contour.


Compared to the traditional sponge, the Silicone Makeup Applicator uses only half the amount of product. If you’re spending $50+ on quality foundation, you definitely don’t want to waste it!

This Mushroom Sponge Applicator is a great application tool to use when you want steadier control while applying makeup. You can use this to create flawless, natural looking skin! This is great to use with thicker products that will glide right on your skin.


Pouncing it out gently will create an airbrushed look that enhances your “no-makeup” makeup look.

This alternative is for the beauty lovers that want to keep a more natural look. This Pressed Powder Puff is the best to use with loose and compacted powders! If you want a quick cover up, simply dip the foamy material puff into your powder and gently dab your face.

This applicator will have your powdered foundation blended perfectly, with a natural mattifying look.

Our 1 Piece Premium Wood Multi-Function Brush has such a high versatile shape that you can apply all types of foundations, concealer, blush, and powder with ease. It will allow you to have full accuracy and control over your makeup application.


Since this brush handle is made with high-quality wood, you won’t have to worry about worn out handles.

The Oval Brush Set was sent from the blending and contouring heaven! These brushes look like toothbrushes, but the soft dense bristles help optimize any beauty routine. It will give you consistent application and precise. No more streaks and lines, just beautiful flawless coverage.

We have a set of 10 versatile brushes going for $19.99! Don’t want to spend that much, no worries - we have a set of 5. Still don’t need that many? We’ve got singles! You’ve got options, girl! How much more convenient can we get?

Here are your alternatives for beauty blenders!

There are so many products out there that you can use to have optimal makeup application. Don’t think your only options are super expensive sponges! With the right materials and techniques, you can always get the look you want with alternative products. Don’t break the bank!

Click here to shop with us.

Happy beauty shopping!

March 04, 2020 — Amar Gandhi

Saving Money on Beauty: The Most Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set

Finding cheap brush sets can be a struggle. You always have to make sure you get the most bang for your buck! For beauty lovers out there, we know how annoying it is to find a good quality brush set for over $100 dollars. But, why spend $70 more for a brush set, when there’s cheaper sets out there that can give you the same flawless makeup application?

We’ve gone through our brush collection and found our top 5 Inexpensive Brush Sets that you can use to apply your foundation, powders, and cream products flawlessly! We’ve had our customers rave about these products and if you haven't given them a try, read below and find out why!

5 Inexpensive Brush Sets:

Price: $10

Black and Gold Oval Brush Set

You’ve probably seen a lot of beauty gurus use these “spoon” looking brushes. These brushes are super dense, which means your products won’t soak into the bristles of the brush. They easily apply onto your face and give you a seamless blend. This set ranges in size so you get a brush for all areas of your face - eyes, nose, lips, and face.

7 Piece Brush Set

All the essentials in one. What’s better than this? This is a simple brush set that has your brow, eye, foundation, and powder brushes! But, what makes this set a steal is that you get a sleek black travelling case that fits all these quality brushes inside. Plus, you can get it in your favorite color!

Price: $15

Price: $5

4 Piece Eye Blending Brush Set

Only like doing your eye makeup? We’ve got a set for you! No need to spend extra money for a set that includes the face brushes you don’t need. This set comes with 4 eye-shadow blending brushes that can apply your primers, gels, shadows, highlight - all things eyes!


1 Piece Premium Wood Brush

We like to call this the “One Brush Brush Set”! It’s only $2.50 and for those who like to get the job done in one go - this is for you! This brush can apply your primer, cream foundation, powder, and blush! The brush fibers make it completely versatile to use!

Price: $2.50

Price: $10

24 Piece Pro Black Brush Set

This brush set is usually $29.99 but it’s on sale for $10 too! This set has everything you need for a full face of beauty! You get your spooly, fan brush, foundation, and eye shadow brushes - you name it. These brushes are not very dense so you can create lots of blended and creative eye looks with ease!


We made your search much easier. We hope that you can find your cheap makeup brush sets that you don’t have to splurge all your money on. We love being the brand you can run to to find your beauty products without breaking the bank!


February 21, 2020 — Amar Gandhi
How To Choose Your Perfect Face Roller

How To Choose Your Perfect Face Roller

There's the Rose Quartz Roller, Obsidian Roller, Amethyst Roller, and the most famous, Jade Roller. They don't just roll across your face, they all can give you different skin and health benefits. We’ve done the work and simplified the difference between popular Crystal Face Rollers, so you can have an easier way of deciding which is best for you.

Let’s roll!

Rose Quartz Roller

Best for Lymphatic Drainage and Wrinkle-Free Skin.

Using a Rose Quartz Roller will help with constant blood circulation. This will result in de-puffing, toning, and more collagen production - key factors for tighter skin! Since the stone is so smooth, you can even use it on sensitive skin, rosacea, or eczema. It's a soothing stone that should calm those flare up.

Obsidian Roller

Best For Releasing Inner Toxins.

Obsidian Stone is one of the most intense crystals out there. With consistent use, the toxic imbalances in your skin will rise to the surface to be released. This would be the perfect roller to use with healing face products. Use your oils, concentrates, or left-over mask serums with the roller to encourage deeper absorption.

Amethyst Roller

Best for Calming and Supercharging.

Apparently, the two Greek names of “Amethyst” translates to “not” and “intoxicate” - a reference to the stone protecting its owner from their “drunkenness”. The Amethyst stone promotes relaxation and intuition. Rolling with this stone will push out toxins and replace them with soothing energies. After a long day, winding down with some self-care and your Amethyst Roller will have you feeling better than ever.

Jade Roller

Best for Contouring and Lifting.

The Jade Stone is not as smooth as other stones, so it’s best for giving a deeper massage to your facial muscles. This will help keep your face from sagging and looking dull. This stone is also linked to healing and balancing out inner energies. If stress and anxiety have you tied down, rolling with a jade stone will help break that energy.

No matter what roller you get, we suggest placing them in the freezer or on ice before use. This will calm the surface and muscles of your face. The cold gem will also tighten up those pores, so you’ll notice a bigger difference. Keep rolling and stay beautiful. 

Inspirational Brush Sets

Inspirational Brush Sets

We’re all a big fan of something. Whether it be a movie, TV series, or character, most of us have that one fandom that we'll always stay repping, right? Well, guess what! We’ve come out with a bunch of Inspired Brush Sets for some of the top fandoms out there. And - you don't only have to keep these as collector's items, you can actually use them! We pride ourselves in making sure you get the most out of your buck.

Here are some of the Inspired Brush Sets that many people are LOVING right now:

GOT Inspired Brush Set

With Season 8 of Games of Thrones just being released, this 8 Piece GOT Inspired Brush Set is in high demand. These brushes are key to getting that glow just like Daenerys Targaryen. The small brushes are perfect for creating a detailed eye look and sharp eyeliner!
Note: These brushes are not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with the Game of Thrones Series.  

Magic Potter Inspired Brush Set

Potterheads! You've got to love this 5 Piece Magic Potter Wand Brush Set. What better way to represent the fandom than with these magic wand brushes? We like using them to flawlessly blend our shadows and focus in on our contour + highlight! 
Note: These brushes are not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with the Harry Potter Series.  
Moon, Prism, Power, Makeup! I’m convinced that Usagi has this 8 Piece Gold SM Inspired Brush Set right on her vanity. To all those Sailor Moon fans, here is the perfect set to hold on to while completing your magical looks. That fan brush will give you that perfect swipe of highlight to shine just like Luna's crescent moon.
Note: These brushes are not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with the Sailor Moon Series.  
Catch all the best looks with this 9 Piece Poké Inspired Brush Set! Pokémon lovers from everywhere have been loving this release. These small brushes are amazing for detailing, smoking, and highlighting your eye looks. It makes for a great gift to anyone obsessed with beauty and these cute pocket monsters. 
Note: These brushes are not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with the Pokemon Series.  

We know how much fun collecting merch can be, so we figured that giving you fandom inspired brush sets would be perfect for our beauty babes! Don’t see your favourite inspirational brushes here? Browse our site for more or let us know what you want to see. We love hearing from our own fan base!
April 15, 2019 — AN CAN
Must Have Beauty Products For Spring

Must Have Beauty Products For Spring

Bye bye, Winter. It’s finally Spring!

You know the drill. When springtime rolls around, it’s time for some spring-cleaning! It’s the perfect time to renew and revitalize your world - and this includes your beauty routine. The colder months have left us with dull, clogged, and dry skin. We’ve taken the time to pick out a few beauty products to place in your beauty routine that will have you glowing and refreshed this spring!

Cleansing Brushes
We all know that perfect makeup application starts at the base. Include a Facial Cleansing Brush into your daily skincare routine will help keep off those dead skin cells. You’d be surprised at how soft and supple your skin becomes when your encouraging skin renewal. If you want one for your whole body, try a Full Body Cleansing Brush!

Face Masks
Those thick products we were using in the winter months often get trapped in our pores. One of the best ways to rid of clogged skin is with a Blackhead Cleansing Mask. They’ve become so popular for the right reasons. They visibly pull the debris right out of your skin! Always make sure to tone your skin right after to close those pores up.

Jade Rollers
The Jade Roller - a prime traditional beauty tool known for its beauty benefits from China. This tool helps to de-puff, release tension, and encourage lymphatic drainage. If you want plump and lifted skin, give this a go. It’s perfect. These tools can price super high, but we’ve made our Jade Face Roller affordable because we believe beauty shouldn't be expensive. 

New Makeup Brushes
We tend to use the same brush sets over and over in every season. Don’t be afraid of trying new brushes out! Plus, with our line of premium yet affordable brushes, you never have to break the bank! Our Oval Brush Set does wonders when it comes to flawless application. But, if you’re looking to keep things simple, our 24 Piece Jet Black Brush Set is perfect for beginners!  

And there you have it! A few products to help you snap into spring. Try these out and see how much more you glow. As season change, so should we - but only in the best ways. 

Stay fresh!

April 04, 2019 — AN CAN
Beauty Mistakes You Don't Even Realize You're Making

Beauty Mistakes You Don't Even Realize You're Making

Once you have a beauty and skincare routine that works - we tend to just stick with it! There might be things we are so used to doing already, we don't even realize it's a mistake and could be doing a lot more damage in the long run. In today's blog post, we will point out a few common mistakes found in beauty routines. How many of these do you do?

Using Expired Make-Up
The foundation may still apply on fine, and the consistency isn't too bad... but in the long run, you will be thanking us! You wouldn't eat expired food, right? So, why jeopardize your skin? Using expired makeup could lead to problems of skin irritation, eye infections, etc.

P.S. Expiration dates can sometimes be hard to find, look for the image of the container with a number followed by an “M”, which indicates the number of months the product is good for.

Forgetting to Blend
It's easy to point out the awkward contrast on someone else's face, but sometimes you don't even know you need a little bit more blending on your own. Aside from double checking your cheekbone contour, don't forget to check your neck. Most likely, the shade between the body and the face is different. We tend to be tanner in the face, so make sure you blend it out!

Applying Eyeliner On Wet Concealer
Remember that concealer and eyeliner don't mix! When you are putting on your eyeliner, make sure the skin surface is dry. If the eyelid surface is wet or oily, it will cause your eyeliner to smear throughout the day. If the surface is a bit wet, try patting it down with some setting powder after applying the concealer.

Choosing a Brow Color
When you are choosing your brow color, do you point straight to your hair? If you are one of the lucky ones, with naturally matching brows and hair, then you are all good to skip this one. However, if your brows are naturally a different color than your hair, then you are better off filling your brows in the shade closest to the natural brow color. 

Applying Products To Dry Lips
Ever put on lipstick and then realize it's crumbly and flaky? It’s not always the product. Sometimes your lips may be too chapped to see all the benefits of the lipstick! Before applying lipstick, apply a lip scrub to get rid of the dead skin. Then, use a lip primer or chap-stick to fully moisturize prior to putting lipstick on.

March 29, 2019 — AN CAN
Top 10 Podcasts For The Beauty Obsessed

Top 10 Podcasts For The Beauty Obsessed

A commute to and from work can be so brutal, especially when you are taking the “always delayed” subway, listening to a podcast is a great alternative to listening to music. It’s a great way to learn something and it is also a great conversation opener at work or class. There are podcasts for everything, many of which are super relatable to our everyday life, such as beauty related ones. In today’s blog post, we will be sharing a few of our favorites podcasts that we highly recommend.

Outspoken Beauty is based in London and they interview an array of celebrities, editors and influencers in the beauty industry. Be prepared for some hot debates and recommendations!

Skincare Talk Radio features dermatologists, estheticians, and skin care specialists chiming in with expert advice. It's a great start to learn how to enhance your skincare knowledge and complexion. They have new episodes pretty often.

Breaking Beauty - If you are going to trust anyone for beauty expertise. Make it Breaking Beauty’s founders Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins. These beauty editors are first to open the lid on breakthrough beauty trends and products not to mention their guest speakers are badass. We always leave learning so much more about beauty.

Fat Mascara - launched back in 2016 and is highly recommended by Cosmopolitan's deputy beauty editor. Their podcast is engaging, well-produced, and authoritative but not condescending. In the past, they have had guests such as make-up artistry icons, Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown featured on their episodes.

Scandalous Beauty -  is a wonderful podcast for women of color that feature commentary and interviews from some of the world's top artists and influencers.

The Beauty Brains -  is hosted by two men, and before you doubt their beauty knowledge, let us mention that they are cosmetic scientists. Perry Romanowski and Randy Schueller are not only entertaining, but they turn some pretty boring topics into something super compelling. It's a bit of scent and beauty mix - from bee venom treatments to overpriced products, they will get you questioning!

The Snailcast-  is a group podcast made from four popular Korean beauty gurus. They provide endless tips and knowledge on Korean beauty brands. Prepare to take notes on episode 7 where they teach you how to buy products directly from Korea (and get all the exclusive product you can’t find in stores).

Full Coverage -  talks about it all. They have had episodes on injectables, plastic surgery, ageism, all the real life stuff. Presented by professional makeup artist, Harriet Hadfield, and Lindsey Kelk. These two keep it funny and interesting.

Glowing Up - Remember Maya from Crazy-Ex Girlfriend? The actor, Esther Povitsky, host Glowing Up, along with Caroline Goldfarb. The duo talks about a bunch of things, from their favorite products to health and wellness. Their podcast comes up every Tuesday.

Beauty Biz Show -  is hosted by celebrity esthetician & industry expert Lori Crete. Each episode will tap you into your best success and help you feel inspired to follow your dreams. Listen for motivational messages and tips to drive revenue.  

Podcasts are also super accessible download. You can find most of these on If you are taking public transportation (i.e. subways)  with no data access, you can pre-download podcasts via Spotify or the Podcast app on Apple. They are a quick download and perfect time frame for your commute.  

March 21, 2019 — AN CAN
Top 10 Books To Read For Beauty Lovers

Top 10 Books To Read For Beauty Lovers

Top 10 Books To Read For Beauty Lovers

It takes a bit of motivation to choose reading over Netflix. For 2019, we have the resolution to read more, and we are starting off the year with the goal of reading one book every month. Reading textbooks during school may have been dreadful, but with an intriguing book, you may even opt to read instead of turning the TV on! In today’s blog post, we have a list of the top ten must reads for beauty lovers! We promise you are not only going to learn, but you will enjoy these, as well!

Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown - A great guide for anyone new to makeup or looking for a refresher to everyday techniques. A worldwide known brand, combined their years of experience, research and discoveries into a book with expertise on applying makeup. Each chapter gives you a step-by-step guide, so you can follow along with ease.

An Atlas of Natural Beauty by Victoire De Taillac and Ramdane Touhami - A lowkey emerging trend lead from 2018 and into 2019 is natural beauty. This bible is filled with home beauty recipes for over 80 seeds, flowers, oils, trees, fruits, and herbs. There are explanations for where the ingredient came from, its history, how it has been used in the past and recipes for how to use it as a beauty solution now.

Kiss & Make Up - this is a great fictional read, and after reading it, you will want to be Emerson Taylor, a 16-year-old lip gloss addict with a secret gift: she can read the mind of anyone who kisses her. This is more of a young adult novel, but a great light read with a sense of humor and fun.

Beauty Hacks: Make-Up Cheats, Skincare Tricks and Styling Tips - Do you wake up in the morning and think, ‘I wish there was a quicker way to put on my make-up?’These and dozens of other hair, skincare, nail and make-up dilemmas are solved in the book - we promise you will find problems you didn’t even know you face daily!

Free Gift with Purchase: My Improbable Career in Magazines and Makeup - Written by the beloved beauty editor of Lucky magazine comes a dishy, charming, and insightful memoir. The book is filled with personal stories along with a perspective inside the offices, closets and cabinets of beauty editors. From lounging in bed with Tom Ford to a flight on Donald Trump’s private jet - it may all sound like fun and bougie, but you would be surprised!

The Skincare Bible: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Great Skin - A newer addition to the skin care guides is this must-read. A great book to read and review during a hot bath. Taking good care of our skin is the key to any effective health and beauty regime. Dr Anjali Mahto is one of the UK's leading consultant dermatologists and is equipped with years of expertise.

The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits by Mihaela Noroc- A different kind of beauty books as mentioned before, but a perfect one for the coffee table. Photos of everyday women to showcase the beauty that appears in every culture around the world. This book is a reminder that beauty comes in more than just a few shapes and sizes - the most genuine kind of beauty.

The Makeup Manual by Lisa Potter-Dixon - A very popular reference book on makeup.  The chapters are organized by facial feature and help you find the perfect shade, products, and techniques for your everyday routines!

The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider's Guide to Careers in Fashion - Another great coffee table book, although leans a bit more towards the fashion industry but the book covers some great beauty roles inside the industry!

Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez - This last one is a great reference book, almost like a dictionary for fragrance! The Guide includes more than 1,200 reviews of fragrances, along with tips on navigating that overwhelming perfume counter. It is written by a scientist and a perfume lover - so you know it’s a credible one!

February 20, 2019 — AN CAN
10 Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2019

10 Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2019

Beauty Bloggers you need to follow in 2019

The New year is a great time to start a few new habits, hobbies, lifestyle routines, etc. One of the best way to find inspiration is through bloggers. Every new year we love going through our Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest accounts looking for new people to follow! It's a great way to start is finding new bloggers. Here is our top 10 beauty bloggers picks that we highly recommend you follow in 2019!  

1. Temptalia is your go to for all your makeup reviews, tips, tutorials, swatches, dupes, and lots more! Not sure about a product? You will sure find a review on the product. They often post some great deals as well. It’s practically a whole community on Temptalia.

2. Canadian-based beauty-junkies, Lisamarie and Christelle, are a dynamic duo when it comes to running Beauty Crazed. They are great for critical breakdowns of the newest products! Feeling like you need to add something new to your makeup bag, just give their blog a look!

3. You may have already heard of this one, but adding it to our list, just in case you haven’t because it is definitely a worthy one to add on to your list! Looking for a good makeup look and tutorial to try out, don’t miss out on Jane Iredale.

4. Pretty Connected is one of our favourites! From beauty to fashion to travel - Lara covers it all. Not to mention we always look forward to her unboxing and new product recommendations!

5 For those looking to use more of a natural line of products on the skin this year, Live Pretty, Naturally can provide some great recommendations and tips on how to get this lifestyle started for 2019!

6. For those with curly hair and looking for some fun and chic hair inspo, Lexi with the Curls will give you some great ideas! Lexi first started on Youtube but has now expanded on to blogging about her daily challenges, along with some great tips!

7. Want to learn more about asian beauty and skincare? Check out Real Asian Beauty based in Manila, Philippines with some unique content from halfway across the world! Kristine also have weekly videos posted with reviews and unboxing!

8. Not your typical female beauty blogger but he might know more beauty tips than you! OMGBart is a male beauty blogger and features some interesting beauty products you’ve never heard of.  His most recent review on the avocado melt mask got us drooling!

9. 40 and Holding may be a Beauty, Skincare & Makeup Blog for Women Over 40, but we kid you not, you may find some super helpful information that can help you protect your skin. It is never too early to take preventive measures on keeping your skin youthful and clear.

10. Another spin at asian beauty and skincare is no other than korean beauty products. Coco Park has your latest dish on which skin care product to use! You will find some new brands and products to try - guarantee. Although she isn’t as active anymore, her past blog posts are worth digging through.

We hope you get inspired with these new additions to our following list! Not only will you find some great ideas, you are bound to find some new tricks, tips, contests, and sometimes event exclusive discount codes.

January 31, 2019 — AN CAN
New Year Beauty Resolutions

New Year Beauty Resolutions

         The new year is always a great start to make some goals and resolutions. We often think about making life goals, academic or financial goals and we forget how we can improve our daily skin and beauty routine. In today’s blog post we will be discussing a few new year resolution relating to your skin and beauty routine that should be made a priority in your life.

The first and foremost resolution - thoroughly remove makeup prior to sleeping. If you sleep with your makeup on, this already should be your number one biggest resolution. If you do a quick makeup wipe or cleanser in the shower before going to bed, it’s not enough. Often times a quick cleanser merely gets rid off all the makeup and dirt on your face. This is a easy reason for clogged pores. Try investing in a few more steps - toner, mask, exfoliating cleanser, cleansing brush are a few other methods that will help your skin. Ever have random pimples pop up when you wake up? This will definitely decrease your chance of stubborn bumps on your face.

When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? They may look clean and do the job with applying makeup but there’s a lot more little bacteria hanging out in your brushes. Your makeup brushes should be cleaned every week or two. Just rinsing your brushes under warm water until the water run clears isn’t a very effective way to cleaning. You don’t need to invest in any fancy brush cleaners, try your body wash or baby shampoo. Swirling your brush against your palm is an excellent way to get any residue out.

If you don’t remember when you bought a makeup product that’s sitting in your drawers, it may be time to toss it out. It may still give you the cover up you need, but it is doing a lot more damage to your skin than you think. All makeup products have expiry dates. Make it a habit to check your products every few months to get rid of anything that’s been sitting around for too long. Another way to keep track is writing the date on the product with a sharpie upon purchase.

Give the bare look at try! As much as we love dolling up all the time, it’s good to give your skin sometime to breath. If you are only running a small errand during the day, put on a light tinted glowing moisturizer and call it a day. You may feel a little naked, but your skin will thank you. Once a week or every two week is more than enough. Of course, the more days off you can give your skin is obviously better. Try opting for light to no make-up looks rather than multiple coats of foundation.

Making resolutions during the new year is always important! When you look back in December 2019, which one of these will you have accomplished? If you do not usually make goals, maybe 2019 is the year to start! Happy New Year!