One of the growing platforms to look for makeup trends is on Instagram. Some of the biggest make-up artist started off on Instagram, and we always tend to find some hidden make-up talent on Instagram. If you scroll through images on Instagram, there’s literally endless different makeup looks I have been meaning to try. We love to admire creators on Instagram and all the fantastic looks that they come up with. In today’s blog posts, we will be sharing our top 5 favorite Instagram makeup trends. A lot of these are fairly easy to replicate and I have tried it before. You might be surprised to find some of these trends might make it to your everyday beauty routine. 

Nikki_Makeup is an amazing content creator and makeup artist. She recently put out a look that we came across and loved! It features her triple liner eye makeup. Yep triple eyeliner. If you take a closer look at the bottom lashes, it’s almost like a sharp ombre between white and black. That's what we absolutely love! It gives a bolder eye makeup look, but at the same time it’s not deep and dark. If you aren’t already following Nikki, go check her work out. A month or so ago, she also posted a glitter liner that may be worth trying out for a night out!  

Dotted eyeliner is a growing thing and have been spotted a few times now on Instagram. Although its not something that is super casual but were curious if this might go viral. If you search the #dottedmakeup hashtag on Instagram, you can actually find some fine makeup work.This is definitely a super creative trend and we simply just can’t stop admiring it!

Have you seen the glossy lid makeup look yet, because you will probably start seeing this everywhere soon! Another makeup trend that that is taking the beauty community by a storm. This makeup look is a bit different than the classic matte eye shadow we have seen and it adds a bit more fun to it! Not to mention it makes anyone that wears it look like a golden goddess. 

Another one of my favorite Instagram accounts is juliaadang. We have been following her for a few years now. At first, we was obsessed with her style, but we also have started admiring her looks also. She is very well known for on point brows and winged liner. She often matches the look with a metallic or tad of burnt orange (super on trend FYI)  color eye shadow shade. She alternates between the lips with a deeper red to purple lipstick or more of a nude. She pulls of the bold colors so well! We highly recommend checking her out for some makeup inspiration! 

Lastly, have you been seen highlighter everywhere on Instagram lately? Because we LOVE anything and everything to do with highlighter. Highlighter is one of the number one things beauty consumers purchased in 2017. No surprise there, everyone is obsessed with sparkle and glow! We recommend a illuminating cream or powder highlighter. If you are lighter complexion stick to pearl tones whereas if you are darker complexion try golds & coppers!