Once you have a beauty and skincare routine that works - we tend to just stick with it! There might be things we are so used to doing already, we don't even realize it's a mistake and could be doing a lot more damage in the long run. In today's blog post, we will point out a few common mistakes found in beauty routines. How many of these do you do?

Using Expired Make-Up
The foundation may still apply on fine, and the consistency isn't too bad... but in the long run, you will be thanking us! You wouldn't eat expired food, right? So, why jeopardize your skin? Using expired makeup could lead to problems of skin irritation, eye infections, etc.

P.S. Expiration dates can sometimes be hard to find, look for the image of the container with a number followed by an “M”, which indicates the number of months the product is good for.

Forgetting to Blend
It's easy to point out the awkward contrast on someone else's face, but sometimes you don't even know you need a little bit more blending on your own. Aside from double checking your cheekbone contour, don't forget to check your neck. Most likely, the shade between the body and the face is different. We tend to be tanner in the face, so make sure you blend it out!

Applying Eyeliner On Wet Concealer
Remember that concealer and eyeliner don't mix! When you are putting on your eyeliner, make sure the skin surface is dry. If the eyelid surface is wet or oily, it will cause your eyeliner to smear throughout the day. If the surface is a bit wet, try patting it down with some setting powder after applying the concealer.

Choosing a Brow Color
When you are choosing your brow color, do you point straight to your hair? If you are one of the lucky ones, with naturally matching brows and hair, then you are all good to skip this one. However, if your brows are naturally a different color than your hair, then you are better off filling your brows in the shade closest to the natural brow color. 

Applying Products To Dry Lips
Ever put on lipstick and then realize it's crumbly and flaky? It’s not always the product. Sometimes your lips may be too chapped to see all the benefits of the lipstick! Before applying lipstick, apply a lip scrub to get rid of the dead skin. Then, use a lip primer or chap-stick to fully moisturize prior to putting lipstick on.