A commute to and from work can be so brutal, especially when you are taking the “always delayed” subway, listening to a podcast is a great alternative to listening to music. It’s a great way to learn something and it is also a great conversation opener at work or class. There are podcasts for everything, many of which are super relatable to our everyday life, such as beauty related ones. In today’s blog post, we will be sharing a few of our favorites podcasts that we highly recommend.

Outspoken Beauty is based in London and they interview an array of celebrities, editors and influencers in the beauty industry. Be prepared for some hot debates and recommendations!

Skincare Talk Radio features dermatologists, estheticians, and skin care specialists chiming in with expert advice. It's a great start to learn how to enhance your skincare knowledge and complexion. They have new episodes pretty often.

Breaking Beauty - If you are going to trust anyone for beauty expertise. Make it Breaking Beauty’s founders Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins. These beauty editors are first to open the lid on breakthrough beauty trends and products not to mention their guest speakers are badass. We always leave learning so much more about beauty.

Fat Mascara - launched back in 2016 and is highly recommended by Cosmopolitan's deputy beauty editor. Their podcast is engaging, well-produced, and authoritative but not condescending. In the past, they have had guests such as make-up artistry icons, Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown featured on their episodes.

Scandalous Beauty -  is a wonderful podcast for women of color that feature commentary and interviews from some of the world's top artists and influencers.

The Beauty Brains -  is hosted by two men, and before you doubt their beauty knowledge, let us mention that they are cosmetic scientists. Perry Romanowski and Randy Schueller are not only entertaining, but they turn some pretty boring topics into something super compelling. It's a bit of scent and beauty mix - from bee venom treatments to overpriced products, they will get you questioning!

The Snailcast-  is a group podcast made from four popular Korean beauty gurus. They provide endless tips and knowledge on Korean beauty brands. Prepare to take notes on episode 7 where they teach you how to buy products directly from Korea (and get all the exclusive product you can’t find in stores).

Full Coverage -  talks about it all. They have had episodes on injectables, plastic surgery, ageism, all the real life stuff. Presented by professional makeup artist, Harriet Hadfield, and Lindsey Kelk. These two keep it funny and interesting.

Glowing Up - Remember Maya from Crazy-Ex Girlfriend? The actor, Esther Povitsky, host Glowing Up, along with Caroline Goldfarb. The duo talks about a bunch of things, from their favorite products to health and wellness. Their podcast comes up every Tuesday.

Beauty Biz Show -  is hosted by celebrity esthetician & industry expert Lori Crete. Each episode will tap you into your best success and help you feel inspired to follow your dreams. Listen for motivational messages and tips to drive revenue.  

Podcasts are also super accessible download. You can find most of these on https://www.acast.com/. If you are taking public transportation (i.e. subways)  with no data access, you can pre-download podcasts via Spotify or the Podcast app on Apple. They are a quick download and perfect time frame for your commute.