Beauty Bloggers you need to follow in 2019

The New year is a great time to start a few new habits, hobbies, lifestyle routines, etc. One of the best way to find inspiration is through bloggers. Every new year we love going through our Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest accounts looking for new people to follow! It's a great way to start is finding new bloggers. Here is our top 10 beauty bloggers picks that we highly recommend you follow in 2019!  

1. Temptalia is your go to for all your makeup reviews, tips, tutorials, swatches, dupes, and lots more! Not sure about a product? You will sure find a review on the product. They often post some great deals as well. It’s practically a whole community on Temptalia.

2. Canadian-based beauty-junkies, Lisamarie and Christelle, are a dynamic duo when it comes to running Beauty Crazed. They are great for critical breakdowns of the newest products! Feeling like you need to add something new to your makeup bag, just give their blog a look!

3. You may have already heard of this one, but adding it to our list, just in case you haven’t because it is definitely a worthy one to add on to your list! Looking for a good makeup look and tutorial to try out, don’t miss out on Jane Iredale.

4. Pretty Connected is one of our favourites! From beauty to fashion to travel - Lara covers it all. Not to mention we always look forward to her unboxing and new product recommendations!

5 For those looking to use more of a natural line of products on the skin this year, Live Pretty, Naturally can provide some great recommendations and tips on how to get this lifestyle started for 2019!

6. For those with curly hair and looking for some fun and chic hair inspo, Lexi with the Curls will give you some great ideas! Lexi first started on Youtube but has now expanded on to blogging about her daily challenges, along with some great tips!

7. Want to learn more about asian beauty and skincare? Check out Real Asian Beauty based in Manila, Philippines with some unique content from halfway across the world! Kristine also have weekly videos posted with reviews and unboxing!

8. Not your typical female beauty blogger but he might know more beauty tips than you! OMGBart is a male beauty blogger and features some interesting beauty products you’ve never heard of.  His most recent review on the avocado melt mask got us drooling!

9. 40 and Holding may be a Beauty, Skincare & Makeup Blog for Women Over 40, but we kid you not, you may find some super helpful information that can help you protect your skin. It is never too early to take preventive measures on keeping your skin youthful and clear.

10. Another spin at asian beauty and skincare is no other than korean beauty products. Coco Park has your latest dish on which skin care product to use! You will find some new brands and products to try - guarantee. Although she isn’t as active anymore, her past blog posts are worth digging through.

We hope you get inspired with these new additions to our following list! Not only will you find some great ideas, you are bound to find some new tricks, tips, contests, and sometimes event exclusive discount codes.