How’s ready for a spring clean-up. First thing to organize, make-up stash. There is no better time to de-clutter, refresh and make room for some new spring shade lippies. We always have the problem what should get tossed and what should be kept. The key rule is that if you have not used it for the past three months, it is time to say goodbye. In today’s blog post, we will feature a few tips that can help get you started with your spring make-up cleaning, along with a few genius DIY projects that will help save you a few dollars.

First things first, find a place for each product types. You know it, and we know it, you have more than one brush, lipstick, foundation, etc. Keep all of the related product in a section, this way it is an easier to find things. One way to start is using drawers with dividers. Remember to save the bigger sections for items you have more of. Also, keep in mind that foundation and palettes tend to take up a lot more room than lipsticks. To take it another step, you can also group them by brand and color. You will be surprised how pretty it will turn out!

Look for clear drawers and trays. We love the minimalist look with these acrylic organizers and cabinets. Another great thing about them is that they make finding products easy. Instead of using a label maker, you can easily find the products you need without digging through the whole pile. We recommend paying a few extra dollars for acrylic instead of plastic because they tend to be better quality, less likely to crack, and more durable.

Make a DIY brush holder with items you can find around the house. Look around for a cute empty candle jar, wash it up, and then fill it with coffee beans. Coffee beans will also give a soft and natural scent of your room. If you are not a fan of coffee, give dry white beans or even small rock gems a try. They will do the trick of holding up your brushes in place, plus making it super easy to take out and put back. For a regular size candle holder, approximately 7-8 brushes fit well. If you have twice as many brushes, we recommend separating in two jars – one for face brushes and one for eye brushes.

Collecting palettes is fun but when it comes to storing them, it’s a totally different story. Stacking them sometimes make it hard to find the palette you are looking for, and it literally looks like a stack of notebooks. Try using a magazine rack or a plate rack sort of thing to display them. This will not only give you more surface area, but it will also help you display your palettes a lot better and aesthetically pleasing.

Another thing you can reuse is the cutlery trays you find a local dollar store. For your vanity drawers, put in a culture tray to organize the little things you have around. This is perfect for not only lipsticks, but also hair ties, bobby pins, nail polishes, etc.

Lastly, make good use of those perfume bottles by making it a display. We love a pretty pink perfume bottle, why not put it on a tray and make it a décor piece! Along with any of your favorite nail polishes, daily skin care products, etc.