The relationship with foundation is either full love or complete hate. It either transform the face into a flawless, even-toned canvas or it becomes flaky or too oily to keep the contour in tack. There are solutions to make that hate relationship into a good one. We highly recommend analyzing your skin type to find the right foundation for you skin. Some foundation tends to be more prone to oily skin, while some others maybe more suitable for dry skin.

For oily skin:
For oily skin, it may be a bit tricky to keep the foundation in place for a full day coverage before the t-zone becomes a reflective surface. One key tip is to star with a primer. This act as the base before the foundation. We recommend looking for primers that focus on giving your face a matte base. We can all relate on how tempting it is to get a primer that focuses on illuminating or brightening, but those can be treated with other serums during the night time. With the mattifying primer, start with a thin layer on the t-zone area. This is wear oil tend to surface the most, especially when it’s a hot and sweaty day. Make sure to leave the primer on to absorb for a minute before putting on foundation.

Don’t forget to cleanse! Although we preach cleansing your face at least twice times a day, we recommend those with oily skin to make it a habit to cleanse three times. The cleanse before applying makeup is one of the most important step to unclog the pores, making the face less likely to burst oil during the day.

For dry skin:
One of the biggest problem with dry skin and foundation is flaking and caking. We all often face it during the winter season. The tip to stop flaking is to exfoliate. When we exfoliate, we are getting rid of the dry and dead skin on the face (the cause of the flaking). We highly recommend using a rougher face cloth or a brush instead of just your hands. This will ensure that the dry flakes are being removed.

Post-exfoliating, it is also important to moisturize. The weather during the winter is nothing be dry air. Through moisturizing, it will help hydrate your skin. A very important thing is finding the right lotion for the face. Since the face is quite sensitive compared to other part of your body, a lotion that’s too oily could lead to a breakout. Looking for petroleum-based products, these tend to leave your skin smooth, without any hider of too much oil.

If you ever find your tones uneven, try to switch up your brush. Don’t use your fingers! Dry skin often makes the application a bit more difficult so with a good brush, this will help get the fine lines and hidden area more smoothly. Avoid swiping on foundation, instead try pressing. This also works with a sponge. Try both out and see what you feel work best for you!