The sun is out, the weather is getting warmer, we could just spend the entire day at the patio. As much as we love summer, but there will always be a hate-relationship with sweat. Sweat just ruins everything – hair, makeup, skin, clothes. Although, it doesn’t have to be a hate-hate relationship because these makeup looks are better off half smudge on your face anyways. Don’t believe us? Keep reading because you will be surprised how great these makeup looks are!

This is one of our favourite summer looks, and it is super easy to recreate. It’s a soft, smudgy, stained look for the lips and the cheeks. It’s a recreation of overeating rocket popsicles and freezing cheeks, but this will be a little less sweet, but also more comfortable. All you need is red lip stain. If you’re more comfortable with a pink, that would work as well. Instead of fully applying it on, blot it. Concentrate for on the center of your lips and then dab the color towards the edge of your lips. With the same product, do the same for your cheeks. A lot of the tint products are mutli-use, for lips and stains. If the lip stain you are using is fairly bold and you want to use a lighter shade for your cheek, try blending it in with a highlighter or a light blush powder. All you need is a drop on the cheek. Put the drop on the apple of the cheek and then with your finger blend the cheek tint up the cheek bone toward the temples. We highly recommend giving this look a test when you know you’re going to get your sweat game on!  

Not near the pool, but want to create the wet eye look? This is another makeup look that looks better a bit wet than not. This look consists of a bit of glossy around the eyes and gives a very chill vibe. This is another straightforward look to recreate, apply and blend your eyeshadow (as you would normally). Then, add a layer of eye gloss across the eyelid. This although seems easy, may takes a few tries before hitting what you want. The gloss application can be difficult in creating the perfect slick look. Start off with a little bit of gloss. We recommend starting off with the center of your top lid and working around that.

If you are still not convinced with these looks, and want to avoid sweat at all cost, here are few tips and tricks to make sure your makeup doesn’t melt off your face. The first thing is to make sure you moisturize. Many people think that this will just make your skin oilier, but if your skin is dry, it will actually overcompensate by producing more oil. Plus, it’s so important to get your SPF on. Try oil blotting sheets, it will have get rid of any excess moisture and sweat. Stick with powder and cream products together. This will last longer than others. Lastly, a bit of an obvious one, look for waterproof products, especially when you know you’re going to hit the water!