You do not have to go for weekly facials or spend your entire paycheck on 2 luxury beauty products to achieve flawless skin. Some simple tweaks in your daily life and skincare routine can help a lot with achieving a glowing and healthy complexion.


Dehydration will take a toll on your skin, and so will the lack of beauty sleep. A small amount of dehydration and/or lack of sleep will cause your body to function in a less optimal way. Try to drink at least eight cups of water a day - 2000ml. If you need a friendly reminder to drink water, try getting yourself a cute water bottle and carry it with you everywhere. You will feel happy knowing you have water in your bag at all times. Need even more of a push? try holding yourself accountable and do daily in check-in's on your phone to see how much water intake you have had for the day. Track your water in-take weekly and try to progress. You'll be drinking water in no time. 


As for sleep, try clocking in at least seven to eight hours of sleep. We know this is almost impossible for some people, but allowing your skin to repair is one of the most important aspects of any skincare routine. Getting a good night's rest is essential to help you get rid of dark undereye circles and inflammation. We get it though, it is almost impossible to squeeze in five hours of sleep sometimes, let alone seven. On late nights, make sure to never skip your skincare routine (yes this means cleansing, toning, serum, and eye cream). Have an early morning and need to look awake? Do a cool under eye mask before you head to bed. In the morning you will wake up with visibly less inflammation and tired-looking skin along with decreased puffiness. 


Maintenance is the essence of a good skincare routine. Getting flawless skin is easier with amazing tools - such as the jade or rose quartz rollers which are super on-trend lately. These skincare tools are a great way to help calm the skin. Those days when you wake up and your face is just not having it. These rollers containing jade and rose quartz rock can help depuff and energize your skin. A super great product to use to wake up the skin in the morning. Similarly, you can also add this to your nightly routine and wake-up with the same kind of effects. The cooling sensation is not only relaxing but allows you to feel energized, perfect for morning routines. 

Finally, to stay on top of your skincare routine. Consider doing a face mask once or twice a week. Finding the right face mask will help you get rid of excess oil, dirt, and improve the appearance of your pores. We recommend using a sheet mask at night in order to help your skin absorb the excess product from the day. Sheet masks help a lot with hydration and calm the skin providing so many benefits. They help soothe and plump to your face in all the right ways. If you are all about natural products on the skin, consider doing a DIY mask with ingredients from your kitchen such as lemon, honey, milk, and cucumbers.  These superfood ingredients will help with skin issues you may be currently dealing with. Best of all, you will know what you are putting on your face and avoid all harsh chemicals. 

Let us know what you do to keep up with your skincare routine in the comments below!