There's the Rose Quartz Roller, Obsidian Roller, Amethyst Roller, and the most famous, Jade Roller. They don't just roll across your face, they all can give you different skin and health benefits. We’ve done the work and simplified the difference between popular Crystal Face Rollers, so you can have an easier way of deciding which is best for you.

Let’s roll!

Rose Quartz Roller

Best for Lymphatic Drainage and Wrinkle-Free Skin.

Using a Rose Quartz Roller will help with constant blood circulation. This will result in de-puffing, toning, and more collagen production - key factors for tighter skin! Since the stone is so smooth, you can even use it on sensitive skin, rosacea, or eczema. It's a soothing stone that should calm those flare up.

Obsidian Roller

Best For Releasing Inner Toxins.

Obsidian Stone is one of the most intense crystals out there. With consistent use, the toxic imbalances in your skin will rise to the surface to be released. This would be the perfect roller to use with healing face products. Use your oils, concentrates, or left-over mask serums with the roller to encourage deeper absorption.

Amethyst Roller

Best for Calming and Supercharging.

Apparently, the two Greek names of “Amethyst” translates to “not” and “intoxicate” - a reference to the stone protecting its owner from their “drunkenness”. The Amethyst stone promotes relaxation and intuition. Rolling with this stone will push out toxins and replace them with soothing energies. After a long day, winding down with some self-care and your Amethyst Roller will have you feeling better than ever.

Jade Roller

Best for Contouring and Lifting.

The Jade Stone is not as smooth as other stones, so it’s best for giving a deeper massage to your facial muscles. This will help keep your face from sagging and looking dull. This stone is also linked to healing and balancing out inner energies. If stress and anxiety have you tied down, rolling with a jade stone will help break that energy.

No matter what roller you get, we suggest placing them in the freezer or on ice before use. This will calm the surface and muscles of your face. The cold gem will also tighten up those pores, so you’ll notice a bigger difference. Keep rolling and stay beautiful.