We all go through rough weeks and it is so important to pause and pick yourself up instead of ignoring the problems. As we start adulting, it’s not just bad grades that can drag us down, there are a lot more aspect in life that can be troublesome – finance, love, work, and maybe even kids. This ultimately lead to some very drowning and stressful days. It’s only been the recent years where the stigma of mental health is starting to be voiced, more attention and awareness is bought upon self-love and self-care. Self-love is beyond being optimistic and tell yourself “you can do it”. Going on a getaway vacation is considered self-care, but it does not always have to be expensive. In today’s blog post, we will be sharing some of our few self-care things we do.

Once the form of self-love that we have started adopting is making aware of what we are happy with, and what is working in our lives. Listing these things out help you recognize the love you have around you. This helps with bringing in the positivity in your life. This list can be private or shared with those you love. Feel free to explore beyond people in this list, it can be an item, routine, beliefs, thoughts, etc.

Another way of self-love is avoiding comparisons. Try spending a week without social media. Social media has this wicked way of getting us to compare our lives with others. And if we are being honest, no one puts up a picture of them going through a rough Monday morning. It is all smiles and laughs. The less you scroll through those picture perfect moments of your high school classmate the more appreciation you will have for the moments you are creating.

Now for a more physical self-love routine, ditch work for a mental health break day. If you have a massive headache and body aches, would you call in for a sick day? Probably, yes. Then what is stopping you from taking a mental health day? Sounds unproductive? Feel like you might get behind in your work? Don’t know what to do on a mental health day? Nothing. You simply do nothing. It may be an unproductive day, but this day is dedicated to yourself, not the company you are working for. If taking a day off work will drag you down with overwhelming work, then this may be a point to discuss with your boss.

Here is an example of mental health day: Wake up with an alarm. Make a hearty breakfast – perfectly flipped sunny-side up eggs, blueberries waffles, avocado toast, a bowl of pineapples, fresh orange juice. All the things you have always wanted to have but never have the time to make. Jump back into bed or your couch, watch a few episodes of Netflix. If you’re up for it, do a load of laundry while you catch up on your tv-shows. Go out for a walk or light jog. Inhale the fresh air and just enjoy. Online shopping and take your time browsing all the options – no rush. Lit a candle, plop in a bath-bomb, grab the book you have always wanted to start. These are just a few examples, pretty much anything you always want to do, but never have time. Think of it as an easy- going, relaxing day. Do not overthink too much, it is a day off, think about the present, and not the future. Once you start thinking about tomorrow, you will start to worry. Worry leads to anxiousness and stress.

While you are on your day off, discover your happy place. We all have space where we can be ourselves, no judgment, no fear and most of all, no worries. Just a place where you can be quiet, relax, embrace the silence, without any distractions.

One last form of self-love that you might already do regularly is creating a clean and organized space for yourself. Take some time to organize your files, workspace, even your makeup counter and your underwear drawer! Every bit of cleaning counts. Having a clean space gives you a sense of having your life together. In comparison, if your room is a mess, it clutters your mind. Your room should be a space for your to unwind and alleviate stress, by having cluttered around you, it will just cause more anxiety!