Why is it so easy for a pimple to sprout overnight but it is pretty rare to see a pimple disappear in one sleep… We have all been there, waking up with a giant pimple right in the middle of the face. It sometimes takes more than a week for the flare up to pass, and hopefully, not leaving a scar on the face. In today’s blog post, we will be discussing how to treat a pimple, as well as, how to prevent pimples. If you do this right, you may be lucky enough to wake up with a flawless face.

Before applying any products, there is one super important thing to keep in mind – no touching! It’s tough because all day long, you will probably want to pick at it, hoping it will disappear. The more you touch it, the possibility of inflammation. As well, dermatologists warn that picking at an acne lesion, will take longer to heal, plus scaring.

Finding the right spot-treatment that works for your skin. We have all tried at least ten different spot treatments before finding the right one. It is a tough but well worth it at the end. Once you find the one that works, it’s like jackpot. Looking for products with the following ingredients: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and 1% hydrocortisone. These compounds are very well known for acne spot treatment. The first ingredient helps kill bacteria that is causing the acne, the second removed the excess oil, while the third reduces inflammation. There are many assorted products that formulates around these three ingredients, but some still works better than other depending on your face reaction.

Feel helpless during the day? Try pimple patches. These may look funny, but they are you blemish hero and they work. At first, they might look a little funny when you first put it on, but you can easily cover it up with a thin layer of foundation. So aside from hiding your unattractive red bump, the patches absorb the puss of the pimple, making it smaller and less inflamed. When you peel it off, it’s super gross because you see all the fluid it has absorbed, but hey – at least it works! There are ones for day time and night time. We recommend trying both to see which one works best for your skin!

There are also ways to avoid getting pimples, and that’s washing your face regularly. Oil glands are active all day. When you are out, the oil attracts dirt, makeup, pollution. The clogged pores will lead to breaking out. Using a cleansing tool such as a facial cleansing system 5 piece cleansing system can really help giving your skin a deep cleanse. Highly recommend using this at least once a day. Try adding this to your nightly face facing routine.

        Do you see recurring pimples week after week? If you do, consider adjusting your regimen. Your skincare routine may not as suitable for you as you think. It just takes one of the five products you use on your face to create a pimple. Try switching up your cleanser. There are face washes that tend to be stronger or too oily for your skin complexion. Look for ones with glycolic or salicylic. These will help de-grease skin and could help with any scarring.