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Instagram Makeup Influencers To Follow

Instagram Makeup Influencers To Follow

Get ready for a click that “follow” button on your Instagram because these makeup influencers will get you all heart-eyes. We love browsing through our news feed, explore feed and insta-stories to discover new makeup ideas, products and tips. There are so many makeup influencers on Instagram alone, sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming on who to follow, and what kind of content to expect. In today’s blog post, we will be introducing a few of our favorite makeup influencers, and why. We have no doubt you are going to love them as much as we do!

1) Leigh Dickson - she is based in Vancouver Canada. Some of her posts always get us clicking the “save” button. Leigh posts are never boring and always up to something new. If you scroll down through her feed to April 12, we fell in love with the alien baby lip look she did. There is always something new going on via this account, not to mention there are some great nail inspo every now and then too!

2) Wayne Goss - This British influencer and makeup artist has been growing us following since 2009. He in infamous for his kim kardashian inspired tutorials and gives us a break down of tips, tricks, and beauty ideas like nobody else! A favorite in the beauty community for his talent and work.

3) Christen Dominique - A big time beauty influencer and youtuber, Christen is known for her fun pops of color makeup tutorials. Her sweet personality and talent lands her on our list of top 5 favorite!

4) Joyce Bonelli - Another celebrity makeup artist who is very well known for the face of the Kardashian’s. Her insta-stories are so much fun to watch! The stories are updated pretty much on a daily basis, and sometimes she feature her two twin babies. Highly recommend checking out some of the look she creates because they are not only flawless, but also realistic for a perfect night out.

5) Nikki De Jager - you must have heard of the infamous "Nikki Tutorials" as her tutorials on youtube and instagram recieve worldwide attention. Her work is beautiful and there is always something new and interesting to look forward to. With 10.6 Million follows Nikki is one of our top beauty influencers.

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