Your body might be ready for summer, but is your bikini line ready? There are so many different types of hair removal options and it can get a little overwhelming. You may have heard bits and pieces about waxing, threading, laser, etc. from friends, advertisements, TV, but have you ever considered all your options before settling for that disposable razor you have to replace every month? Next time you reach for that razor, maybe consider trying an alternate method that is more suitable for you and your skin! In today’s blog post, we will be discussing the many different options you have for skin removal that you can do at home, along with the pros and cons of each method. Afterall, having hair removal should be easy, painless and healthy for your skin.

The disposable razor is probably the most common type of hair removal and what everyone first starts with. The main problem with this is its tendency to regrow inward, which is the main cause of ingrown hairs. Although this method is painless (unless you cut yourself), you could be left with the bumpy and inflamed skin through ingrown hair. Razor shaving is cheap though since razor ranges from $5-10 and some last forever. Some razors also exfoliate which helps with smoother skin.

Another method we love is epilating. You are probably wondering “does it hurt?”, and yes, there is a bit of pain associated with this method, but it’s literally just a pinch. The pain is equivalent to tweezing and plucking your eyebrows. Epilating works very similarly to tweezing. It’s a small machine that grabs on to the hair and plucks it out. What’s good about this is that it pulls from the roots, it will grow back at a much slower pace. Epilators can be a big investment compared to the disposable razor. The good devices can easily cost over $100, but it will give you a much cleaner job than cheaper ones. Don’t let the loud noise scare you, trust us, it’s definitely a lot less painful than other says it is!

DIY at home wax kits are starting to become very popular these days. You can buy one of these little machines for around $20-30 on online retailers. One thing to keep in mind, waxing, whether at home or at a spa, it causes major skin damage. When you wax it pulls off the top layer of your skin which could lead to further complications later on. The DIY at home is pretty simple and straightforward. They are easy to use and very affordable. Do keep an eye out for perfume and dye-free wax, especially if you have sensitive skin. It's also very important to apply a facial toner to soothe your skin to avoid redness.

Lastly, thanks to our latest technology - laser. Even more costly than an epilator but a lot of people are starting to invest in these machines at home. After a laser treatment, your hair will fall out a few days later. It's long-lasting when done right. These gadgets cost $300 and up, and can cost close to a grand for the high-end ones. They do work best for those who are light skin and dark hair. Plus, it is not suitable for the face. Still a bit of work to perfect these but we are definitely advancing here!