Best End of Season Sales

There are a few best times of the year to buy anything (especially clothing and make-up). There are yearly sale cycles that retail and department stores have to clear their last season products for new ones. During particular months, there are particular selections of items that go on sale. With that sad, during April, Winter clothing go on sale, along with a hand full of Spring items too. It’s a week into April, and I have already spent a few hundred dollars… I am definitely trying to stay away from anymore online shopping, let alone going to an actual mall. Hopefully, in today’s blog post, you will find some great sales and awesome items like I have!

One of my favorite department stores to find great brands at amazing prices/sales is The Hudson’s Bay. I just took advantage of their up to 30% off accessories sale including watches, jewelry, handbags and wallets. I also found some great steals for my mom, since Mother’s Day is around the corner. I also love how The Bay offers free shipping on $45+. Check out their sale soon, because it ends April 13.  

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I also got some fabulous deals on shoes at Call It Spring. A few days ago they had an extra 50% off all sale boots and accessories, but it seems to be over now. However, they do have a buy one and get the second at 40% off. This is so exciting because it applies to their Spring collection too. I am so tempted to pick up a pair of lace up flats… the temptation is so real! I am so bad with controlling myself with buying things when there are great sales on! Quick tip is to sign up for their newsletter for an additional 15% off too!

The Body Shop also got me drowning my wallet from their buy 3 get 3 free sale! They also have buy 2 get 1 free, but I mean who can have too much The Body Shop products around the house. I got the Coconut Beautifying Dry Oil, Brush on Radiance Highlighter and the Seaweed Oil-balancing Clay Face Mask. I let my mom pick up a few of her essential too! They have other specials going on too, including 50% off selected jumbo body butter and shower gel. Their shower gel is amazing and smells so good. I used to use Bath and Body works, but I have now switched over. 50% off is definitely a great deal, I would have picked up, aside from the fact I have a whole collection sitting around…. 

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Totally not fashion related, but still a necessity in your life known as coffee. My parents just it me up with a sweet deal of getting $100 free coffee credit when you purchase a Nespresso machine. It’s easy to claim, just visit one of the super cute Nespresso boutique with a copy of your receipt. If you haven’t had Nespresso before you are missing out! I know a few of my friends debate between a Keurig and this, and for me this one wins. If you have a big heart of European coffee, then we will definitely be on the same page! 


Happy shopping everyone! May the deals be with you ;)

April 12, 2017 — AN Commerce

What To Wear To An Interview

First impressions are important, especially during an interview. It’s important to look presentable when you are looking for a job, at the same time however, interview clothing can get a little bit boring with the typical black blazer and white button down. Although that is an option, there are other ways to keep it chic while still looking classy.

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Through an outfit that shows more characteristics it will help convey your personal style. Keep in mind these great outfits, but at the same time make sure that it is appropriate for the field of work. A few key pieces to work with are a pair of black pants, fitted skirt (that goes past the knees), wrap dress,  black dress, black dress, blouse, tailored shirt, structured bag, trenchcoat, ballet flats, black pumps and simple jewellery. These are key pieces to have not only for interviews but also any business-casual or business-professional jobs.


There are also two types of interviews – business casual and business professional. For a business casual interview a few tips are to add a bit of detail to your outfit because it will add interest, but at the same time make sure it is not too distracting. Keep the sweater and pants fitted and the pants are appropriate lengths for the heels. For a more formal interview, make sure you are wearing a blouse or a collared shirt that will go well with a blazer. For both types of interview, it would be great to wear minimal jewellery. For the blazer keep in mind that it is not too long or too short. If possible, go for a pair of heels instead of flats because it will keep it more formal.


A few things that should not be worn is a necklace that is too large. Also, avoid any bright or patterned clothing that will come off as too distracting. For your pants, avoid leggings! Black leggings or even skinny pants are too tight and not professional. The material of the pants shouldn’t be cotton either, such as cotton capris are too casual. It is better to come off as a more professional than causal. It really important to know what kind of interview you are going into, make sure you do a bit of research before going in.

Image Courtesy of Hairstyles & Fashion | via

If you are looking for an outfit that shows more style and chicer, check out these inspirational outfit ideas! At the same time, make sure you keep in mind the few factors mentioned above.

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March 20, 2017 — AN Commerce

Same Piece Worn In Different Ways

One t-shirt can go a long way. It is really impressive how on basic t-shirt can be dressed up in many different outfit attires. From sophisticated to casual, along with a few other pieces you can easily spice it up. T-shirt are timeless, and more importantly, they are comfortable. Try adding a few extra layers, a classy pair of pants or skirt, some dangley accessories. No matter what season it is, a t-shirt is great! There are two types of t-shirt, the round neck and the v-neck style. The plunging neckline of the v-neck gives a more elegant look, especially when wearing long piece accessories.

A few classic and easy idea to wearing t-shirt includes: layering it with a color tank top or cami underneath, adding a military blazer over it, belt it with a cute skinny belt or waist belt, pull it off with a pair of suspenders, accessorize it with a cute pin, or match it with the perfect scarf, lastly, leggings and jeans can never go wrong!

Image Courtesy of Musely | via 


This look is easy to recreate and focuses on the statement jewelry along with the round neck white t-shirt. It uses a blazer jacket to make it more classy but also matching it with ripped pair of jeans. The black heels is a nice touch because it does not take away from the necklace and the gold matching clutch.

Image Courtesy of Hapa Time | via 

Here is another fashion blogger styling up a white v-neck. Note how her outfit has minimal accessories. In contrast to the other outfit, her necklace is fairly small. The main attention hits how her blazer matches her bright metallic shoes. The few arm bangles also looks great! The basic white tee goes really well with a pair of slightly ripped jeans. If you are not into ripped jeans, try a pair of bottom folded denim. In addition, if you dare, try to add more colors to your outfit. Below, the blogger matched a bright magenta colored blazer along with yellow heels. Both of these colors are bright, but they also work so well together!

Image Courtesy of Wendy's Lookbook | via

If you want something a bit less fancy and more casual, match the t shirt with a long comfy cardigan. For the bottom, try either a dark grey skinny jeans or even leggings! To keep the outfit casual, it is best to match it with trainers or a pair of your favorite street shoes.

Image Courtesy of Become Chic | via 

And lastly, you can match the t-shirt with a skirt or skort! The trick to the skirt is to keep it unique to add more colors and patterns to your outfit. If you match the t shirt with a pair of simple black heels, add a pop of color for the skirt. You can even work with different types of skirts, including: pencils, mini, maxi, mid-flare, etc.

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March 06, 2017 — AN Commerce

Favorite Fashion Trends of Winter

We are so close, yet so far to Spring! I don’t even know if I am looking forward to Spring, I am definitely excited to see more plus temperature and a bit more sun, but I am going to miss the Winter outfit trends! So, today’s blog post will be on a few of my favorite fashion trends of Winter. It will be a good way to mark the end of Winter 2017!

My go-to during winter time is leggings. I have at least 10 pairs of identical black leggings. I buy all my leggings from Garage, I find that their cotton leggings are super comfortable and lasts longer than my TNA ones. The only reason why I have so many pairs is because nothing beats the good ol’ feeling of putting on a fresh, new pair of leggings. I find that leggings go so well with an over-sized sweater or cardigan. When it gets a bit colder, I add a plaid blanket scarf for a touch of warmth, but also accessory. I pair leggings mainly with a pair of knee length boots. I remember last year, the horse-back riding style boots was super-in. I got these super cute black ones by Ralph Lauren, I was so obsessed with them! This year, the over the knee boots seems to be a huge trend, I got a pair from ASOS. Since we are looking at season change, I am hoping the Stuart Weitzman ones will go on sale!

Image Courtesy of Fashion Gum | via 

Another style of outfits I have started to be obsessed with is more towards a preppy style. I have seen a lot of bloggers and Instgram-ers wear a collared blouse, under a white sweater and I love it! I have also seen some pulling off a classic pair of plaid pants too, I think it is such a great style, but unfortunately I can’t seem to manage to pull that off yet. I have however started on wearing crisp white pants and it totally gives that sophisticated look!

Image Courtesy of Blog Lovin | via 

Also, I am going to miss wearing my winter jacket. I will be honest, on those super cold days, where I sit in class with my jacket on, I am probably wearing the same t-shirt I had on yesterday. In my defense, it smells fresh because it was never in contact with public-air, and no one even knows I had it on yesterday. Anyways, this year I skipped the typical Canada Goose jacket and tried something a bit more new and trendy. I got a jacket from Rudsak! Rudsak is a Montreal based retailer that sells jackets, accessories, footwear, handbags, and more! Their quality is amazing and super comfortable. I find that Rudsak style is a bit more edgy and contemporary. I would definitely recommend you check this out for a super warm winter jacket for next Winter. I used to be all about CG, but I found that everyone wears it and it gets a bit repetitive, so why not shine a bit. My bestie also ditched the CG this year and got a Mackage jacket, the fur detail is amazing and also worth checking out. I personally just couldn’t pull off all the fur detail.

Image Courtesy of Rudask | via 


March 06, 2017 — AN Commerce

Throwback Fashion That Is Making a Come Back

Recently from the NY Fashion Week, we have been seeing some of the 2017 fashion that is making a comeback this season. At this point, fashion always seems to evolve around throughout the years, so it’s no surprise whatsoever. From the fashion, appreciated throughout the shows in the past week, this year it will be all about unique trends, and freedom.  I think we need a bit of that, especially after that turn from Obama (lol). Express yourself however you like this year because some of the biggest oldies are making a comeback and we are embracing it more than ever.

Ruffles is making its way in this year, it is a super girly trend, especially back in the childhood days. Ruffles and frills were found during NYFW, and it was around last year too. A ruffle cocktail dress is a go to for a dramatic look. It shift the silhouette figure plus giving it a festive look to it. Keep in mind that ruffle looks best with a solid bottom, either leggings, skirt, plus a pair of short booties will nail the look.

Image Courtesy of Style Caster | via 

Another style that is coming in is the bra top. This is a lingerie like piece great for rage but can also be put together for a classier look. Kylie Jenner always look so nice in this. In the NYFW, a lot of the model had gorgeous bras, we aren’t talking the typical boring black and nude ones. There were the cute frilly ones, floral, the most unique solid black ones to. "Corsetry is something that I've been doing since my first collection—it's very much something that people associate with me," Victoria Beckham said of her bra tops. "I'm evolving it with a feminine take on the bra top.". Plus another trend that is bombing is making the good girl sock look bad – not the ugly bad kind of thing.

Image Courtesy of Wet Paint | via

Although you will either love this trend or hate it. It’s the preppy school girl socks with an edge of sexy and edgy to it. It almost look as if you are wearing tigh-high boots. The candy-colored stripes sweeten up a graphic satin mini at Marc Jacobs was super edgy! The thing is, while wearing knee high socks, you have to be careful of not being assumed as school girl, there are tricks into wearing them. Try wearing knee high socks with sheer tights underneath, the extra layer is perfect for warmth but also makes it cuter! Another way to wear knee high socks is with a pair of shorts, it is perfect for the Spring weather when it’s not too cold or too hot. And lastly, wearing knee high socks with a short skirt and oversized sweater, this will make you skirt look even shorter, and totally dig the sexy style more than school girl! 

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February 27, 2017 — AN Commerce

Favorite Fashion/Beauty Bloggers

I hope you all enjoyed the last blog post on some of my favourite TV shows. Another one of my favourite past time is reading and catching up on blogs! There are so many I follow on a weekly basis, and they are so intriguing. I learn so much from them and pick up a few tips when writing my own blogs too. I got to admit, sometimes I totally envy their lifestyle! At the same time, I become more inspired to pick up blogging as full time lifestyle too. Anyways, without further blabbing, here are a few of my top go-to fashion/beauty blogs.

Image Courtesy of Jet Set Justine | via

To begin, I will start off with a Canadian – Justine Iaboni. Her blog is, I also follow her on Twitter, Insta, Facebook and pretty much anywhere I can find her. Her blog is filled with everything #goals, from her fashion style, the places she travels, I am totally head over heels for it! If you check out her Passport tab, you can check out all the exotic places she’s been to. Not to mention, her super unique and trendy style. Sometimes I can’t seem to pull off an outfit she wears, but I am most definitely inspired by it. You can also shop her Instagram via her blog. I love how she is also based in Toronto!

Image Courtesy of Looking Fly on a Dime | via 

Another blog I go to often is Looking Fly on a Dime - I am so obsessed with Patrice because she never pays retail! As a student, I am not going to lie, I tend to try to save money as much as I can. I am not afraid to use Groupon to save a few dollars! Patrice give amazing styling advice and shopping tips to making a cheap piece a glam chic look. She updates her posts twice a week, keeping it super fresh. Her recent post on how to get out of your fashion rut is a must read, I couldn’t relate any more better than what she was saying!

Image Courtesy of Life With Me | via 

For a beauty go-to, I am all about by Marianne Hewitt. Again, boy am I jealous of her life. She is a LA based blogger who is an on-air beauty host. Her life is glam and luxury to the max. I love catching up with her videos, and travels, not to mention her style is also always on point, but her beauty tips are always the biggest help! She taught me how to get that Kylie full lips, a great chic manicure and how to get to school with a fresh glam makeup in less than 5 minutes. Plus, another thing she often talks about is health, beauty with-in, via smoothies, meal plans, etc.

Image Courtesy of Wendy's Lookbook | via 

And my fashion go to is without a doubt Wendy’s Lookbook - I think most of you already know of her, if not, get on it ASAP. She is practically my role model. Her outfits are never dull, her pictures are all over Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, because she is practically the queen on fashion. Her page is always filled with art, nature and so much culture. There is also a bit on architecture, food, people and music. I love following her life and seeing what she is up to. I have been follow Wendy for almost three years now, she was one of the first blogs I started reading!

February 27, 2017 — AN Commerce

Perfect New Year Eve Outfits

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! I sure ate lots, and the family dinners are still ongoing. I also hope everyone received great presents and got everything they wanted on their wishlist! I got lots and lots of Sephora ;)

Another year come and goes, here is to 2016. And although, we all know what a “bad” year 2016 was, let’s great 2017 with a bit of hopefulness. I know I will be crossing my fingers for a good year to come! New years has always been a favorite of mine, it is one chapter closing and a new one opening. I like to look at it as a new and fresh start, an unpredictable and exciting 365 days ahead.

If you didn’t get lucky under the mistletoe this holiday, maybe you will on New Year’s Eve. Today’s blog post will cover a few perfect styles and outfit ideas for NYE. You sure want to look good for that first kiss of the year! This blog post will also cover an assortment of outfits for different weather types. Here in Canada, the weather is all over the place. We literally went from negative ten to plus weather!


A tad of sparkle – if you want to stand out, try a sparkly metallic dress. After all, sparkles is the unofficial uniform for revelers (I got this one from my Glamour magazine). Rather you want to try a bit of sparkles or a bit more, it is definitely super festive and the perfect bit of glam for the first day of the year! Dresses with a bit of sequins are usually my favorite but if you want trying a sequin crop top with a pair of high waist denim or skirt will look just as cute. I recommend the jeans for a more casual outing vs the dress or skirt for a more formal kind of fun. 

Image Courtesy of Her Campus | via

One piece wonder -  jumpsuits and rompers are my summer and sometimes, spring go-to’s. I was wondering around the mall during Christmas, and I saw some super stylish “winter” style jumpsuits. Some or detailed with a gorgeous layers of lace. The silk ones are the best, I tried one on and literally did not want to take it off! I usually find the black jumpsuits the best because it really gives that luxe look. It is best top off with a silver or even gold statement piece. If you want even more color, feel free to match it with a pair of colorful heels! 

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | via 

Comfy, cozy, stylish - For those spending NYE in cold weather but still want to look good, try the new sweatshirt plus dress look. This outfit match, if you do it right, will look super cute (and I promise, warm too!). The key to going to a party in a sweatshirt is matching it with a skirt and accessories that stands out more. This will take away the casualness of the sweatshirt! Another option that is pretty typical is going for a long sleeve dress!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | via 

I hope everyone have a safe and happy new year! Cheers to a good 2017!

December 28, 2016 — AN Commerce

Holiday Season Outfit Ideas and Styles

Tis’ the season! Hello December, we have been waiting for you. Another year here and gone, hope 2016 was nothing but the very best. I just adore December, the snow up here in Canada, the holiday spirit, all the shopping and just love all around. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kawanzaa or just getting together with friends and family, today’s blog post will guide you to some holiday season outfit ideas and styles. I will cover some basics along with some green and red styles too. 

Avoid that little black dress this year and try something with a bit more colour. A burgundy velvet dress is the perfect piece for the holiday. I admit it, my closet is all black dresses, and although I am for-black outfits all the way, why not add a subtle holiday colour in the outfit. A burgundy dress isn't too bright, still has that neutral tone. Plus, good thing about burgundy is that it works very well with black. So you can match this dress up with either a black or grey cardigan, or a black pair of long boots. A dress like this can also be worn up or down. Add an adorable statement necklace to wear it up, or a casual rain/light jacket to wear it down.

Image Courtesy of Gurl | via

Another super trendy thing this winter is the fur vest. I actually love this piece, and the reason is a fur vest can literally transform any outfit into glam. There are so many faux-fur vest out there so no need to worry about animal harm. Aside from wearing it to fancy events, the fur vest can be layered with a chambray shirt and jeans for a more causal look. This is a piece of luxury warmth.

Image Courtesy of Style Caster | via

The camel coat is also all over stores. This coat is the key to looking smart and stylish! One of my friend is currently in England and she was just telling me how camel coat is a must have there. This piece can also be worn with almost anything. You can match it with a pair of jeans for a casual look or even a lace dress for a more "dinner" look. A jacket like this is perfect for the Fall time up until mid/end of Dec, depending on how cold it is. If you are going for a cocktail party via car, something like this is the perfect cover up. If you are looking to pick up one, almost all stores carry it now. From luxury brands like Burberry to ones under $100 -

Image Courtesy of Polyvore | via 

I love the H&M one! The Nautica coat also has a very similar style too! Those are usually a darker color which I personally prefer more. 

Image Courtesy of Jess Kirby | via

The perfect holiday bag is no other than a classic Chloe Drew Shoulder bag. It's the holiday season and a great time to treat yourself. The Drew saddle bag is the perfect size for all your party needs. I am loving their green/purple contrast leather, which totally get your whole look into the holiday spirit! 

Image Courtesy of Chloe | via 



December 02, 2016 — AN Commerce

The Only Boot Styles That Matter This Fall

The boot style that is in this season is: over the knee boots, lace up boots and Chelsea boots. During the cold weather your boots go through so much. From the snow to the slush, it goes through the cold, so your boots have to be sturdy and can bring you through the rough weather. There are different types of boots for the different types of event you will be attending, the weather also matters, if it is a cold day, a pair of tall boots is probably best.


The knee high boots always often a splash of sexy to it too. It matches great with dresses or even leggings. This is one of the season’s biggest trend right now. The silhouette is also trendy, chic and can be worn with different looks. A quick throwback, that the knee high boots was a trendy that was around back in 2012’s runway. But it is such a classic look so it says classic. The knee high boots give a great subtle statement. Check out the styles that are cut higher in the front and then a separate panel rising up to cover the knee – this style is everywhere. The equestrian style was super in last year, and there are a few looks where equestrian and knee high mix in. the equestrian look is a sexy little twist that curves the shape with a zip and button closure. 

Image Courtesy of Bathorsgindown | via 

 Going right into lace up boots, it which it can also be found in the knee high style. The lace up style is based off of the military style. It is a tightly laced in the front and winds up all the way from top to bottom. This style is adapting from the gladiator sandals from back a few season. These are also super sexy and chic! 

Image Courtesy of Sheln | via 

The last style is a bit more different and more versatile. The Chelsea boot has been in style for a few fall seasons now. It is close fitting, ankle high boot. There is an elastic panel on the side and a loop of tab in the back. Chelsea boots can easily be worn up or down. These are perfect to match with sweatpants, leggings or even a formal outfit. Not to mention, that these are also super comfortable wear all day long! 

Image Courtesy of High Heels | via

 There are so many different pair of boots for the winter that go great with both a casual and fancy outfit! It is best to get black and brown colored boots to easily match your outfit. Another option is a pop of color. Hunters rainboots are very famous for that! A pop of color for boots are a bit harder to match up in the winter. In trends is mostly black and brown!

October 25, 2016 — AN Commerce

Fall Must Have Closet Items

It’s that time of year where you feel that cold air breeze in the morning, a spark of sun in the afternoon and feels like winter after dawn – hellooo fall! I don’t know about you, but every morning when I roll out of bed I struggle with the question of “Do I dress warmly so I don’t freeze on the way to school?” or “Do I dress normal, so I don’t look over-dressed in the middle of the afternoon?”. Every single morning. I debate between those two questions. This blog post will cover a few outfit ideas and pieces that can help you avoid these morning problems. I find that it is important to dress in layers so you can moderate it out through the day.

The Jacket – having a jacket for fall is the perfect way to stay warm in the morning and in the evening. You definitely need either a leather jacket or a denim jacket. Denim jackets are cool but I find not as warm as leather jackets. Suede jackets are the new thing this season and catching up in popularity. If you think that a biker jacket might be too much, try a lighter shade of nude/ light pink jacket.

Image Courtesy of Where To Get | via

Boots - it is all about the thigh-high boots! This was a pretty big trend last winter and it is back again this season. Although I am going to put it out there, that not everyone can pull these off, but if you manage to nail it, it is a super hot look. I always recommend black thigh-highs instead of brown because black tends to slims the leg out. 

Image Courtesy of Mirror | via

Comfy Sweater – low-key, even this whole sweater thing was not a trend I will probably still be wearing it. The whole athletic comfy big sweaters are a pretty big deal this season. I have been seeing it on runways and celebrity’s styles. A comfy sweater not only keeps your warm (and it’s like the easiest thing to put on), but it is usually super easy to match (hint: wear leggings).  

The Pattern - just because summer is out of here doesn't mean floral should be too. Fall floral is the trend this season (but then again, did it really ever go away?). The floral pattern in fall is filled with bold colours and big prints. You know those gloomy cold mornings, make it a bright and fun one with some flowery prints. 

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | via

Aside from the closet, there is an accessory piece that is totally in this season. This is a must need if you haven’t gotten the memo!

The little black choker – if you haven’t seen this trend, you need to hit up social media more, because it is everywhere. I don’t know if it’s just all my friends? I have a seen some bloggers wearing it too, but it is everywhere (on my Facebook newsfeed at the very least). These are super cute and cost efficient, you can pick one up for less than $10 at Forever 21.   

Image Courtesy of Pinterest | via 


October 24, 2016 — AN Commerce