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Brands You Want to Try

Online shopping opens up to so many different brands and shops all around the world. The more you browse, the more options of brands you will have. If you ever feel like your closet is becoming too basic and half the school have similar pieces to you, then finding a few special brands that’s half way across the world will guarantee you one-of-a-kind style!  Plus, everyone’s closet is only so big, being able to fill it the impeccable piece will make it so much better.

There is some basic piece that just seems to be better than a typical Macy’s or Forever 21. The Tuxe may carry similar piece you may see at the mall, but don’t be mistaken because the material used to make the piece is VERY VERY different. The Renegade bodysuit from Tuxe bodywear is a brand that’s on the down low but everyone should own one! It’s a basic high-neck bodysuit and such a timeless piece to match with skirts or pants. The use a super soft fabric blend and flatters the rib layer, plus it’s lined on the bottom (surprisingly, a lot of bodysuit aren’t double lined and that’s not very hygienic). This piece also come in ivory.


Image Courtesy of Tuxe Bodywear | via 

Clothes for work can be such a classic piece but at the same time some brands are better than others in terms of quality, comfortability and up to date style.  One great brand to try is Pivotte that was featured on Brit + Co. Pivotte’s mission is to provide comfortable, stylish and easy to care for clothes that inspires confidence. Their piece are classic, simple, or as they would call it “low maintenance” for high performance women. Their 24/7 pants were featured on Brit and Co emphasizing on the 4-way stretch fabric, support for movement and comfortable against the skin. And made plus designed in the home of NYC. 

Image Courtesy of Pivotte Studio | via

OK, now if you want to continue to explore, there are some ethnic and more diverse style of boutiques but rest assure they are still so fashionable. There is this brand Masscob by Marga and Jacobo, both born in Spain has such a special style. The fabrics and pattern they use simply details such intrinsic colors and features. For example, this pair of pants called the Tokan pants are made based off of a geometric jacquard pajama style. This is the collaboration between COMFY AND STYLE! Such an amazingly designed piece! 

There is another similar style brand made by Cecile Jorgensen who is a former student at the Danish School of Design. Her store is so interesting because she started this off of “I have nothing to wear” moment that you can probably relate heavily to! The brand is based in Copenhagen and the piece they feature really defines, playful, exclusive and relaxed. Once you like a style you can also choose from six different patterns. Best of all the clothing are 100% cotton which is the most ideal for the warm, hot weather.  


Image Courtesy of Cecilie Copenhagen | via




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