I have mixed feelings about spring fashion if I’m honest. I’m never too sure what to wear and no matter how many times I check the weather forecast, I’m guaranteed to be dressed for the wrong kind of weather. But on the other hand, spring fashion can be versatile and when you get it right, you can look a million dollars!

Kendall Jenner
I absolutely love the two-tone jeans look at the moment. Not many places are actually selling them but I can definitely see them blowing up over the next couple of months. They give you a bit of edge and from what I’ve seen, they’re pretty easy to pair clothes with! I’m always pretty cautious with buying jeans online because my sizing is weird and I have to try them on first, so as soon as these hit the high street I’ll be straight on them!

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Manny MUA & Laura Lee
To me, spring and summer means the start of glitter season, and the sequins that both Manny MUA and Laura Lee were rocking at Drag Con had me falling in love! I feel like the glitter and sequins kick-start at Coachella and I ride that wave all through summer and drag it out as long as possible. I mean, I don’t have any festivals planned, but when the clothes are this cute, you don’t need an excuse to wear them. I don’t know if I prefer the denim shorts or the denim jacket – but both are from Topshop and I’m dying to get my hands on them!

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Selena Gomez
With the new hair and me recently finishing 13 Reasons Why, I couldn’t not give Selena a shout-out. I just love everything about this woman and her Met Gala look was my favourite by far! This look just screams ‘spring’ at me because of the dress’ elegant embroidery (something I’m seeing a lot of this spring), a simple choker and a bold eye. Plus, what better look to pair it with than a fresh sleek haircut!

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Kylie Jenner
Now I’m normally not a fan of neon colors, but this look just has something about it. I’m not sure if it’s the mesh fabric or just the fact that it looks so good on Kylie, but I could definitely see myself rocking this at the gym. Of course, it probably costs a fortune, so I would have to wear it around for the day before I actually get the gym (I can’t look amazing and have nobody see me). So maybe not the most practical of outfits, given the risk of hypothermia, but don’t they say ‘beauty is pain?

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Ah Zendaya. What’s not to love about her? Her sass and confidence manage to radiate through every photo and she definitely seems like the kind of girl I’d want for a best friend. Her spring style, along with every other season, is of course on point. Her Met Gala look was sensational and somehow she looks just as incredible in a pair of skinny jeans, a slogan tee and sneakers. This is a look that I’ve been rocking for the last couple of months, because you can pretty much dress it up however you want. You can add a red lip and some curls (natural or not) for more of a bad-ass vibe, or you can go for a nude lip and simple hair for a day-to-day errands kind of look. There are endless possibilities and its super easy to recreate!

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