The variety of styles and choices for summer shoes are endless. You can pick up a new pair of wedges, heel sandals, flat sandals, flats, espadrilles, running shoes, flip flops! Within each category listed there are so many different kinds to choose from too. Not to mention the color options, you can ditch the boring black and brown booties and move on to some flashy neon shoes. This is the season to invest great money on the cutest pair of shoes.

If you are looking for a pair of open toes shoe that’s comfortable for A LOT of walking, consider picking up a pair of Birkenstock. Although these aren’t the CUTEST pair you will see this summer, for how comfortable they are, they are most definitely worth it. Birkenstock has also restyled throughout the years and you can actually find some super cute looking ones around. So if you are thinking of those typical dark brown or black ones are need to step up your game!

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Stepping away from the classics, beaded sandals are also a cool boho style that is super in trend. This trend is based off of African tradition and is treated almost like a piece of art. A little bit of art history, the bead work is called Maasai and it’s been around for a few hundred years.  

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If you dig that colorful beads on yours shoes, you will love this trend even more! Pom pom sandals! There are also pomp om sandals mixed with gorgeous detailed bead work as well. These shoes make a great statement especially if you are wearing a subtler looking outfit. However even if you do wear a colorful outfit, this will also look great with it!!!

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This one has a little bit of string tied, but another super cute style of summer shoes is lace up. Lace up are actually found everywhere these days!!! Aside from shoes, shirts, dresses, skirts, accessories all have that fancy looking lace up style! Zara, Nordstrom, Free People and Zalalando carry a great variety and style of lace up shoes. In fact, a lot of stores not mentioned carry it as well. Lace up has two sides to it, one is either an elegant ballet style or the other is a more hipster like style! Choose wisely when you are picking out your lace up. For shoes, lace up are found in both flats and sandals.

If you want to ditch the open toes because bugs or you just don’ like to show your toes. There are two great comfy options, the first you might have heard of or even own a pair is TOMS. TOMS shoes are great because they are super comfortable and light weight. The idea behind TOMS is also for a great cause. For every pair of shoes you buy, another pair is donated as well. The only problem with TOMS is that it’s not really meant for sports, and if you swear in them too much, they don’t end up smelling very pleasant. Another option is espadrilles which is a rising trend to keep an eye out for!!  

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