If you don’t already know this, dresses and rompers are like my go-to for like all four seasons. I worked for a few months during the Winter and I just loved wearing dresses to work. I sometimes just find it a bit odd to wear a dress to school in the Winter time. Summer is obviously my favorite, I pull out a new dress, skirt or romper everyday. I literally say bye to my leggings and sweatpants. But, Spring is a bit different, we are in the season where it’s sometimes warm but sometimes you get that cool breeze. Or I go through that chilly morning but then it hits like thirty degrees in the afternoon, I am always so fluttered with what kind of dress should I wear. So, in today’s blog post, I will share a few of my favorite Spring dresses and looks that can help with beating the cold and warm weather during the day. The key tip to this is pretty much layering.

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During the spring time, I usually still stick with my dresses with a bit of sleeve. I love all things spaghetti straps, strapless, backless, halter - I am all about that but I don’t really pull those out until it gets warmer or hotter. So instead one of my favourite go-to these days are t-shirt dresses. Before you jump to the whole “it’s too casual” thing, there are actually some t-shirt like dresses that can be worn to worn or even dressed up. I also find that a few accessory can help with dressing up a t-shirt dress! Recently for work, I add a blazer or a fancy cardigan over it which makes it business casual! And later in the day, when it gets too hot, it’s still appropriate to wear around because there’s sleeves, plus appropriate for the weather.  

During days that’s a bit warmer I do the thicker sleeveless dresses. I really like the JCrew style dresses. It’s super preppy for a casual look, but also professional enough for work. Again, a dress like this can easily be dressed up or dressed down. To dress up, any of those statement JCrew style necklace is an easy push for a fancier looking outfit. Not to mention, if you browse through dresses on the JCrew website, all their colours are oh so perfect for Spring. Speaking of JCrew, they are having a sale 40% off entire site! 

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I tend to avoid long sleeve dresses, although I don’t even have that many, and most of mine are black, so I would figure I’d get pretty hot under the sun. Quarter sleeve dresses are also around, although I don’t think it’s that popular. I don’t tend to find many in stores.

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To kind of lead back to the tip of layering I was mentioning earlier, it’s all about layering. In the sense that if you match the dress with a cute outerwear. I recently got a new jean jacket and it literally goes with any dress I pick out! So, it’s definitely one of my go-to. I actually picked up this style via browsing Instagram bloggers. Another is leather jacket that is pretty popular as well. For a more casual and preppy look, I sometimes wear a light cardigan plus a puffy vest over it. This is more so when it hits ten degrees in the morning – because it’s Canadian weather and weather in Canada is a little bit wonky. Towards the warmer days though, I find that even a cardigan is suffice!  

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