Honestly, I dig the heels days, looking an inch taller, so glam and fanciness but recently I am starting to dig sneakers. Ever since high school, “running shoes” are only for gym. I am either wear flip flops, cute pair of sandals, furry Uggs boots, Steve Madden’s tall black boots, TOMS, maybe even converses, but never runners. But, a few months back I picked up a nice pair of black/white Nikes runners, and honestly I am never going back… Last month, I went on a fancy date night with my boyfriend and thought I should pull out a cute pair of heels, half way through the night I realized I made the biggest mistake ever. So when I say “never going back” I totally mean it.

I go to work in a cute black dress outfit and since I will be walking to the bus stop, I obviously need a pair of comfy shoes – hello Nikes! There is probably at least 8 pairs of work flats on the bottom of my desk because I have to change when I am running around the office. Today’s blog post will be a few cute outfit ideas to dress up sneakers because running shoes, sneakers, and similar type of shoes aren’t only for casual days. Looking glam and comfy is really a thing.

Disclaimer: Although I am all for the sneaker game, it is obviously very important to know the event you will be attending. A date night is nothing too formal, so of course pulling off sneakers is totally cool. But, for a black tie events, weddings, formal parties, you better think-twice before running out in sneakers.

An A-line skirt plus sneakers is a great match. A pair of low top sneakers will give an super elegant look. Similarly, a athleisure look with a feminine denim skirt is also a great catch!

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A few celebrities inspired outfits:

As seen on Karlie Kloss she is bringing back the 90s style fashion but nailing it with the black pair of yeezy sneakers and a pair of flared-leg trousers.

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White is one of my favorite colors for Summer, and wearing a white pair of sneakers will keep a monochromatic tone. Ivory, whites, and off-whites colors are fun to play around with! One of my favorite: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears a plaid Stella McCartney off-the-shoulder dress with Isabel Marant white sneakers

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Also playing around with whites, is adding one piece that pops out more color aka mixing the white palette. This will give a perfect accent to play off of.

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And, you can definitely not go wrong with a classic black and white sneaker outfit look – check these out for some great inspirations!

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Matching it will definitely type of skirts is always a easy dress-up sneakers look. One really popular trends this season is the long tutu like skirts. If your skirt is a white, grey, black, it is very easy to dress it up with a colorful pair of sneakers. This will work for either a mini skirt, maxi, the sky is to your limit. A pencil skirt will give a more professional look but sneakers can definitely still be pulled off. 

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Check out all of these looks for great inspiration because a pair of sneakers can put together a thousand outfits many of which is more than just a pair of sweatpants, leggings or gym clothes. Remember always… comfy first. (minus the few “very” special occasions”.