I hope you all enjoyed the last blog post on some of my favourite TV shows. Another one of my favourite past time is reading and catching up on blogs! There are so many I follow on a weekly basis, and they are so intriguing. I learn so much from them and pick up a few tips when writing my own blogs too. I got to admit, sometimes I totally envy their lifestyle! At the same time, I become more inspired to pick up blogging as full time lifestyle too. Anyways, without further blabbing, here are a few of my top go-to fashion/beauty blogs.

Image Courtesy of Jet Set Justine | via

To begin, I will start off with a Canadian – Justine Iaboni. Her blog is www.jetsetjustine.com, I also follow her on Twitter, Insta, Facebook and pretty much anywhere I can find her. Her blog is filled with everything #goals, from her fashion style, the places she travels, I am totally head over heels for it! If you check out her Passport tab, you can check out all the exotic places she’s been to. Not to mention, her super unique and trendy style. Sometimes I can’t seem to pull off an outfit she wears, but I am most definitely inspired by it. You can also shop her Instagram via her blog. I love how she is also based in Toronto!

Image Courtesy of Looking Fly on a Dime | via 

Another blog I go to often is Looking Fly on a Dime - http://lookingflyonadime.com/. I am so obsessed with Patrice because she never pays retail! As a student, I am not going to lie, I tend to try to save money as much as I can. I am not afraid to use Groupon to save a few dollars! Patrice give amazing styling advice and shopping tips to making a cheap piece a glam chic look. She updates her posts twice a week, keeping it super fresh. Her recent post on how to get out of your fashion rut is a must read, I couldn’t relate any more better than what she was saying!

Image Courtesy of Life With Me | via 

For a beauty go-to, I am all about http://lifewithme.com/ by Marianne Hewitt. Again, boy am I jealous of her life. She is a LA based blogger who is an on-air beauty host. Her life is glam and luxury to the max. I love catching up with her videos, and travels, not to mention her style is also always on point, but her beauty tips are always the biggest help! She taught me how to get that Kylie full lips, a great chic manicure and how to get to school with a fresh glam makeup in less than 5 minutes. Plus, another thing she often talks about is health, beauty with-in, via smoothies, meal plans, etc.

Image Courtesy of Wendy's Lookbook | via 

And my fashion go to is without a doubt Wendy’s Lookbook - http://www.wendyslookbook.com/. I think most of you already know of her, if not, get on it ASAP. She is practically my role model. Her outfits are never dull, her pictures are all over Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, because she is practically the queen on fashion. Her page is always filled with art, nature and so much culture. There is also a bit on architecture, food, people and music. I love following her life and seeing what she is up to. I have been follow Wendy for almost three years now, she was one of the first blogs I started reading!