Throwback Fashion That Is Making a Come Back

Recently from the NY Fashion Week, we have been seeing some of the 2017 fashion that is making a comeback this season. At this point, fashion always seems to evolve around throughout the years, so it’s no surprise whatsoever. From the fashion, appreciated throughout the shows in the past week, this year it will be all about unique trends, and freedom.  I think we need a bit of that, especially after that turn from Obama (lol). Express yourself however you like this year because some of the biggest oldies are making a comeback and we are embracing it more than ever.

Ruffles is making its way in this year, it is a super girly trend, especially back in the childhood days. Ruffles and frills were found during NYFW, and it was around last year too. A ruffle cocktail dress is a go to for a dramatic look. It shift the silhouette figure plus giving it a festive look to it. Keep in mind that ruffle looks best with a solid bottom, either leggings, skirt, plus a pair of short booties will nail the look.

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Another style that is coming in is the bra top. This is a lingerie like piece great for rage but can also be put together for a classier look. Kylie Jenner always look so nice in this. In the NYFW, a lot of the model had gorgeous bras, we aren’t talking the typical boring black and nude ones. There were the cute frilly ones, floral, the most unique solid black ones to. "Corsetry is something that I've been doing since my first collection—it's very much something that people associate with me," Victoria Beckham said of her bra tops. "I'm evolving it with a feminine take on the bra top.". Plus another trend that is bombing is making the good girl sock look bad – not the ugly bad kind of thing.

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Although you will either love this trend or hate it. It’s the preppy school girl socks with an edge of sexy and edgy to it. It almost look as if you are wearing tigh-high boots. The candy-colored stripes sweeten up a graphic satin mini at Marc Jacobs was super edgy! The thing is, while wearing knee high socks, you have to be careful of not being assumed as school girl, there are tricks into wearing them. Try wearing knee high socks with sheer tights underneath, the extra layer is perfect for warmth but also makes it cuter! Another way to wear knee high socks is with a pair of shorts, it is perfect for the Spring weather when it’s not too cold or too hot. And lastly, wearing knee high socks with a short skirt and oversized sweater, this will make you skirt look even shorter, and totally dig the sexy style more than school girl! 

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