I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! I sure ate lots, and the family dinners are still ongoing. I also hope everyone received great presents and got everything they wanted on their wishlist! I got lots and lots of Sephora ;)

Another year come and goes, here is to 2016. And although, we all know what a “bad” year 2016 was, let’s great 2017 with a bit of hopefulness. I know I will be crossing my fingers for a good year to come! New years has always been a favorite of mine, it is one chapter closing and a new one opening. I like to look at it as a new and fresh start, an unpredictable and exciting 365 days ahead.

If you didn’t get lucky under the mistletoe this holiday, maybe you will on New Year’s Eve. Today’s blog post will cover a few perfect styles and outfit ideas for NYE. You sure want to look good for that first kiss of the year! This blog post will also cover an assortment of outfits for different weather types. Here in Canada, the weather is all over the place. We literally went from negative ten to plus weather!


A tad of sparkle – if you want to stand out, try a sparkly metallic dress. After all, sparkles is the unofficial uniform for revelers (I got this one from my Glamour magazine). Rather you want to try a bit of sparkles or a bit more, it is definitely super festive and the perfect bit of glam for the first day of the year! Dresses with a bit of sequins are usually my favorite but if you want trying a sequin crop top with a pair of high waist denim or skirt will look just as cute. I recommend the jeans for a more casual outing vs the dress or skirt for a more formal kind of fun. 

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One piece wonder -  jumpsuits and rompers are my summer and sometimes, spring go-to’s. I was wondering around the mall during Christmas, and I saw some super stylish “winter” style jumpsuits. Some or detailed with a gorgeous layers of lace. The silk ones are the best, I tried one on and literally did not want to take it off! I usually find the black jumpsuits the best because it really gives that luxe look. It is best top off with a silver or even gold statement piece. If you want even more color, feel free to match it with a pair of colorful heels! 

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Comfy, cozy, stylish - For those spending NYE in cold weather but still want to look good, try the new sweatshirt plus dress look. This outfit match, if you do it right, will look super cute (and I promise, warm too!). The key to going to a party in a sweatshirt is matching it with a skirt and accessories that stands out more. This will take away the casualness of the sweatshirt! Another option that is pretty typical is going for a long sleeve dress!

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I hope everyone have a safe and happy new year! Cheers to a good 2017!