Benefits Tea Has For Your Health

Today, we want to talk to you all about this awesome personalized tea company based in the UK, but ships worldwide called Teagime.

Teagime stands for Tea Regime, and they are the only provider of a personalized teatox programme made in the UK. They believe that a one-size-fits-all tea (like green tea) may not meet everyone’s individual needs.

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Teagime’s personalized program of custom blend teas, herbs and other ingredients to ensure every cup of tea optimized for your individual health and energy needs. This is based on the information you provide in your questionnaire. They then craft the perfect teatox for you. Some of the things they can offer through their teas for your body are:

  • Boost Metabolism and Increase Energy Levels
  • Beat Mid-Afternoon Sugar Cravings
  • Tones and moisturizes dry skin.
  • Adds shine to hair

Their tea blends are also fine-tuned to support your personal health throughout all seasons. They focus on herbs that boost the immune system during the flu season and warming herbs are included during the colder months to combat seasonal blues.

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The health benefits of each tea:

The morning tea is packed full of antioxidants, with energy and immunity boosters designed to balance your mood throughout the day. It also helps fight the effects of stress, ageing and pollution. Also helps to keep the skin toned and moisturised but also keeps the hair shiny and healthy. It also helps fight the acne bacteria (these happen over time).                                

The afternoon tea helps beat the mid-afternoon sugar cravings and helps keep energy levels up throughout the day.

The evening tea helps digest the evening meal more efficiently and helps you to unwind after a long day. It also helps your body to have the opportunity for a high quality shut-eye sleep, which is so important, just one night of poor sleep can make you age faster and store more body fat. Good sleep balances hormones, boosts metabolism, immune system and the skin and hairs overall health.

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In addition, with Teagime, there are no unhealthy and painful 'colon-cleansing' effects. They carefully blend their teas to be gentle enough for long-term-use. They believe in using only 100% natural ingredients that means, no flavourings, no laxatives and no nasties. Teagime allows you to focus on being healthy and happy knowing that no unneeded chemicals are being placed in your very own body.

A standard 14 day Teagime supply costs £29.99 or $37 USD. While it may appear more expensive than other detox teas, every Teagime box is carefully blended/designed for every single person needs. 

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Fall Makeup Tutorial

This Fall’s makeup look isn’t just a few swipes of mascara in fact we are talking about some metallic hit on the face. This is super exciting!! This time around, it is all about metallic eyeshadow, the thick bold eyeliner, inky mascara and we are definitely not done just yet. The runway looks are hit after hits with super bold yet extremely sexy look!

This is a super hot and glamourous Fall makeup tutorial. This look will be based off of warm browns a hints of cooper featuring a dark lip color! If you want to look fierce and super for Fall, this look is for you!

The first step is super easy, all you have to do is start with a lotion base, the M.A.C Prep and Prime Face Protect Lotion SPF 50 is great product to use because it has SPF. Then grab a primer, the classic The POREfessional Face Primer helps hide all your pores giving a fresh face to play off of.

Then go ahead and apply your foundation. Mixing foundation is a thing that a lot of beauty tutorial mention. Mixing foundation will help you achieve the perfect shade for your face. It is best to apply your foundation with a stippling brush and then blending it all in together for the perfect coverage.

Next is the brows. The couple brow products best recommended this season is Benefit’s new brow collection. All of the liner, gel and shades are in this new line. The packaging is also very appealing.

On to the eyes, start by popping soft ochre paint pot by M.A.C and using it as the eye base, it is more heavy duty than the normal concealer so it will really help with holding the eyeshadow. For the eyes, the Too Faced matte palette is used. Start off wit the light colors of Heaven and sweep that underneath the arch of the eyebrow using a blender E44 by Sigma brush.

Transition with mixing lace teddy and honey butter, mix and highlight to the crease and apply thoroughly for a full dust. Start from the outer corner and fill it in slowly. Repeat for a darker look, when bringing it in go less and less. Add a bit of the shade chocolate cookie for the end of the eye crease and outer corner; It is important to try to keep your eye as open as possible so the color isn’t too high or too far in. Remember to do gentle stroke. Apply a layer of lace teddy for a brighter look on top, apply generously. Once all the colors are mixed in, pick up a reddish brown for a pop of color! Try to work through the other corner of the eye, and go back and worth to touch up the lid color.

Add brown or black eyeliner on your waterline, and then continue to smudge out the liner with the same reddish brown color. This will give a nice angle look to the lower lash line. Check out the shade called game face by color pop, such a brilliance color.

Finish it off with concealer to cover up the circle and the nose line. A top product super well known is the Laura geller baked gelato illuminator, apply that to the inner tear ducts and corner of the eyes to brighten things up. Then add liquid liner to wing out the makeup, creating a triangle. It is easier to get pass the crease if you allow it to dip down a little bit. Finally, add your mascara or falsies.

For your lips, the Fall is darker the better. Checking out the Clueless color pop matte shade, it is more of a brown beige color, not too dark. Alternatively, if you dare to go a darker, the Anastasia Beverly Hills in the shade trust issue is a perfect dark vampy color for the Fall!

Watch Full Tutorial Here

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Tips When It Comes To Clothes Shopping

Today we have our top tips to when it comes to cloths shopping from if it's what jeans to wear to what shops are great for t-shirts.

REMEMBER: These tips are United Kingdom based, however can also be applied to any country. Keep in mind that not every shop has the same clothing sizes and can vary from shop to shop (as annoying as it is).


When it comes to T-Shirts, I’m a big fan of New Look for both basic tops and more special occasion tops. New Look have a wide selection and their cloths also are very well made. They are also a reasonable price unlike other shops.

Image Courtesy of New Look | via


Topshop, it's probably no surprise to you as almost every blogger raves about Topshop jeans. Topshop have a wide range of different jeans, but for me the Joni’s are the ones that stand out the most to me as they are everything I want in a pair of jeans. They are skinny and fit my legs without having baggy ankles (most jeans do this to me), they don’t lose their shape easily when you wear them (a massive plus). They also have several colour choices. I can only sing the paraises other than they are £36 ($46.58 USD) , but to me that's way worth it because they are great quality and last for ages!


My favourite place to buy sweaters is from Bershka, although in Scotland they don't have a shop so I buy online. I only have only got two from there but they are so comfy! They are long sleeved but also cropped and a good medium thickness material. I have had both of mine for over a year and they still haven't bobbled (I wear them and wash them constantly) and neither have they faded! This is a massive plus when it comes to jumpers.


Shoes are one thing I splash out on as you wearing them a lot and you tend to walk around in them for hours on end, so you want them to be comfy. There is nothing worse than a very uncomfortable pair of shoes and when you walk your in so much pain you think your going to cry. Personally I love Schuh as they have a wide range of brands to choose from but also because I'm a teen living in Scotland I have a young Scots card I get 10% off on all my shoes bought in shue. That's a lot of money if you add up how much money you can spend of a pair of shoes. It's usually about £5 ($6.50 USD).


I don’t see the need in spending a fortune on pyjamas. Personally I love primark as they have a wide variety of pyjamas for a good price. It was my mum who got me into primark pyjamas and I'm so glad she did!


Primark is also amazing for underwear from pants (knickers) to bras. If you're like us we don't like spending loads of money on underwear as it is easily ruined. The good thing about primark is that they are all very good quality but also cute (if you like cute underwear). They are also all very reasonably priced starting at £1 ($1.30). 

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Back to School Essentials

It is that time again – back to school. As much as I want to show my enthusiasm for this month I very much miss summer… and by this I mean I really miss summer. The fact that the sun is still up until 9PM, late night walks, that warm sun kiss, nothing in Fall can top Summer (or maybe pumpkin spice latte can). September is a new school year, regardless if you are heading to your first semester at College or University, or just going back to another year of high school or middle school, it is important to start fresh. Fresh face, fresh haircuts, fresh stationary, and of course a fresh new set of clothes. Lowkey, my favourite part of going back to school is wearing new and cute outfits for the first two weeks (and then I am back to tees and sweatpants).

 In today’s blog post I will be listing out a few must need items to add to your closet. A few pieces are essentials and classic that can easily be styled throughout the year. I will also be mentioning a few pieces that are super trend and in style for this season!

I have to start this blog post with the comfiest piece in the closet and almost most versatile – leggings! This should be a classic and a must in your closet. There are also so many ways to wear leggings, a few top of off my head includes wearing them with a button down shirt along with a pair of boots, comfy scarf – perfect Fall outfit. There are also ways to spice things up by adding a pair of classy leather pair, a casual print, a pop of bold colour, a blend of denim, a bit of shimmer and sparkle, a printed athletic, or even a pair of sporty solid from Lululemon. A person thought: I always try to avoid wearing crop tops with leggings, I always try to wear a top that covers my butt or a long cardigan to make up for it. One of my favourite wearing leggings with a shirt that is long enough to look like a dress (but not quite).

Image Courtesy of LooksGud | via

Pick up a pair of sweatpants for all those late night and exam day – you won’t regret it.

Don’t even think about the rule of no sweatpants in public because joggers and comfy is what you will be begging with you are overwhelmed with books. One of my favouirte brand of sweatpants is LazyPants and of course, Roots too.

Image Courtesy of Shop.Ca | via

It is always good to have a nice business casual outfit in case you have an interview or a more business like event. The most versatile piece to have is a black blazer along with either a pencil skirt or trousers. It is always good to have a pair of black flats too.  

 What are your favourite pieces in your closet? Having a handful of versatile pieces that you can mix and match with is essentials. I always get a range of different style cardigans, t-shirts, tanktops to match with too. These are perfect pieces to pair with a leggings or sweatpants. A few other pieces to pick up for fall is a jean jacket and a leather jacket. These two make a great outerwear for chilly weather!


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Autumn Makeup Essentials

We've finally hit my favorite season and whenever my wardrobe changes, my makeup changes with it! The pinks and pastels start fading out and my wardrobe is taken over by burgundy, purple, black and khaki - so of course I need to adapt my makeup!

One thing I love in autumn is darker lips! I tend to stick with pinks and nudes throughout spring and summer so as soon as September rolls round I'm dying to whip out the berries, reds and purples. One I've been loving lately is the So Susan Lip Dome in Blackcurrant because it's such a gorgeous berry shade and it's so easy to apply. Don't get me wrong, it's not precise and it takes a steady hand, but once you've lined your lips you just need to color them in and you're sorted. Of course I went shopping on payday, and after a trip to the new NYX stand I think I've found my ultimate autumn lip color! I went for one of the Liquid Lingerie colors in the shade Exotic and it's a gorgeous rust red - perfect for this time of year! It goes so well with everything and doesn't make me look too pale - plus it's a close match to the color of my new bag and I'm a sucker for matching colors! I've been reaching for my Candy K lip kit a little bit more in the last couple of weeks as well. Since getting Koko K I've neglected the rest of my collection a little bit because Koko just works so well as a summer color, but Candy is definitely more of an autumnal color. Candy K is a perfect pinky-red so it's great for those days that I don't want my lips to be too bold because it's not as bright as most of my other colors for this season! I've just had another Lip Kit delivery too and I managed to get Dirty Peach and Love Bite so I think Love Bite might be making it's way into my autumn makeup routine!

Nails are another thing I love to switch up in Autumn because I'm one of those cringey people that likes everything to match. I try to keep on top of my nails because I think your nails say a lot about you so I like mine to be neat (it gives the impression that I've got my life together). But of course, I can't stick to my summer colours in autumn - that's my definition of madness - so with a heavy heart my Barry M Coconut Infusion polishes go to the back of my pile and my normal Barry M polishes reappear - can you tell I like Barry M? Raspberry has been my favourite shade from the original collection for like 4 years now so this is my obvious go-to but I do quite like the shade Berry Cosmo this time of year too, so I tend to rotate between them!

Of course if I've got bold lipstick on, I've got to change the rest of my makeup a little bit to bring it up to scratch, right? I find myself reaching for the eyeliner a lot more in autumn because a more dramatic eye evens out the boldness of my lipstick (well it does in my head anyway). I'm only just starting to get into eyeshadows at the minute, so it's only every now and then that I actually leave the house wearing any but there are a couple that I'm loving! I've been using a couple of Essence nude shades for a simple eye and at the minute I'm using the Eyeko fat liner or the Essence Easy2Use Eyeliner depending on how thin I want my line/flick line to be. I'm definitely looking at getting a gel liner soon though because as much as I love the ease of a pen liner, my eyes water quite a bit and they're rarely waterproof!

One thing I also like to make sure of is that I'm taking care of my lips a little more than usual this time of year. I have chapped lips 90% of the time, so you can imagine how bad they get in the cold. I like to have my Lush lip scrubs and some sort of lip balm or Vaseline on hand all the time, carrying them in my bag and keeping a back-up lip scrub and a Body Shop lip butter (I go for Strawberry myself) in the bathroom at home so I can use them before bed! It's also just as important to keep on top of skincare in the colder months as it is in the summer - so make sure you're not neglecting your skin!


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Easy Back To School Looks

I know, I know, who has time to think about makeup when you're rushing out of the door in the morning?? But we wanted to give you some easy makeup tips you can use for school in the a.m. Just some ideas to get you guys out of the door as quick and as beautiful as possible, so lets get into this.


1| The Basics

I always hear women say "if I'm not going to do a full face of makeup, I at least add some mascara, some moisturizer and a lip!" This is such a great quick method because mascara opens up your eyes, a great lip can advance your look and of course your skin needs to be moisturized! This is a quick great look that you can do in minutes!


2| Add some eyeliner!

Eyeliner instantly gives your eyes an amazing shape as well as highlights the natural shape of your eye. It adds some spice to your look! Now when adding eyeliner you can keep it pretty simple or you can take it up a notch and do a light cat eye.


3| Keep it minimal

You don't have to add a pound of makeup on your face if you want to do a full look. I personally don't use foundation because my skin is so sensitive, so I avoid heavy makeup looks. Try keeping it simple maybe just some moisturizer, concealer a lip and a brow.


4| Lip gloss?

Keep lip gloss in your bag because if all else fails at least your lips look amazing!! Use a lip liner first if possible!


5| BE creative

Need a little blush but left yours at home? Use red or pink lipstick to give you that same blush effect. Lip liner and eyeliner can be used for either lip or eye. Sometimes we have to be creative in our makeup uses! 


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Perfect Techniques To Store Your Cosmetics

Having a big makeup collection does not have to be a burden. All you have to do is to store your products correctly to turn it into art. It will simply be a piece of décor, a useful one too. There are many different ways to store your makeup. Some like to go with makeup storages, and those can be a bit expensive. But nevertheless, it will look super glamourous in your room. Beauty storages like clear plastic style has been a hit, for instance this is totally #simple&chic

Image Courtesy of Esty | via

This style of makeup organizer is known as the cube and it is very well known. The price ranges from $100 for a smaller size to up to $200 for a bigger size. It is expensive because it is made from acrylic. This may look very familiar in the Kardashians makeup vanity. The price is high because the material is mostly thick and durable. This is a great storage look because it is super sleek and simple. The cube overall has a clean and sophisticated appearance.                                          

Another famous type of makeup storage that are seen all around the media is the classic Ikea Alex drawer unit. This draw unit comes in many different sizes, the 9 drawers one is the most popular and can hold lots. The high unit means less floor space for more holdings. It can be purchased:

 A lot makeup rooms place one beside their vanity for a full makeup storage and shelf holdings. You can even upcycle it with some paint and cute door knobs. Some also uses it as the desk legs for table vanity.

Image Courtesy of Ikea | via


Here are a few inspiration of what you can get done with the Alex drawers and a matching white ikea table as vanity. Take some cutlery trays for the drawers, This keeps your most used products organized and handy.

Image Courtesy of Makeup Tutorials | via

There are also easier methods and creative ways to organize and store you makeup. The following few methods are innovative and thinking outside the box, it will also save you money aka more money to buy makeup. 

If you are living a small apartment and lacking the glourious space of a vanity to lay out all your lippies, grab a hanging shoe organizer such as this one - 

hang it on a bathroom or closet door, and divide all your lippies in the pockets #savespace #savemoney.

This DIY has been around for some while and I think it is so smart. Using a cookie pan, some magnets to hold products up aginst your wall. It is super easy to do too! This is a great way to display all your favorite items. This works for foundation powder palettes, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer. It is also very easy to access on a daily routine.  

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What Your Lashes Say About Your Look

Many think that lashes are bluntly simple but indeed it is not. If you walk into Sephora, there are probably more than 200 different brands and types of mascaras. One brand alone usually has three to four lines of mascaras.

How do you choose your mascara will easily define what your lashes say about you.

If you reach for the volume mascara it means that you want it bold and make a statement, it plays a pop of dramatization in the eyes. It is also known that thick lashes leave a great impression of gentleness and open-mindedness. Keeping those lashes exquisite.

Image Courtesy of Metropolis Spa Salon | via 

Stay away from thin lashes because it shows that you are lazy and could lead to potential break in blood circulation problems. Stay away, stay away.

Long lashes show a side of romance. Bating those lashes will help get the boys ;) It will foster a great romantic vibe

Make it glow with colors. Calling all trend-setters who want to stand out. The brighter the mascara the crazier the lashes. Choose from colors like teal, gold, purple, may the colors be in your hands.

Image Courtesy of Tiny Touch Ups | via 

Short lashes are boring but it does not mean sad, because short lashes show a sign of practical, less sensitive, and a great problem solver. The less time you spend on picking mascaras the more time you have for other things… lol

Making them long is also a thing (duh!), long eyelashes mean extra sensitive but also means fire chi presence. This is what everyone want though, why else would people drop $30 on a mascara. The longer the better.

Going all the way, we are talking about fake lashes. There are many different types of fake eyelashes.

There are the permanent lashes aka the eyelash transplant. Practically a surgery with anesthesia but think of it as less surgery more beauty. It will give additional eyelash growth but it is costly. It is recommended for those who have trouble growing their lashes.

Not to fear, there is another alternative which is semi-permanent lashes. This is glued so no surgery involved. They may fall out every now and then but only within a few months. Ditch the morning mascara routine and get your lashes filled with these. This is perfect for a #2busy4mascara life individuals.

Synthetic lash extensions are made with quality hair fiber it is more light and consistent than other types. This will give a more natural look on the lashes. It is also water resistant and offers a longer lasting wear. This is the smart route.

Cluster lash extensions are small bunch that can help you fill your lashes. There are many different size and shapes too choose from - that is for another article. This is DIY material, you can easily do this at home. It is also cheap too, it costs around $4 to $6 dollars #gooddealz. It helps saves time and also give a very natural look.

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    Where to Highlight and What to Use

    Highlighter has quickly become my favorite part of my makeup routine because there's no better feeling that when you know you're literally glowing. See I don't have the biggest collection, but I have a few different kinds of highlighters in different shades and I use them to draw attention to different areas! There are 6 main areas that I tend to highlight - brow bone, just above the brow, inner corner of the eyes, cheek bones, tip of the nose and just above the upper lip. Adding a bit of glow draws more attention to your features and those areas are the ones more likely to catch the light so everyone else notices your glow too!

    Jelly Pong Pong - Lighten Up

    So this is meant to be a lightener & water-liner but I find this works best to highlight my brows because, with it being a pencil, it's a lot more precise. It's quite a creamy pencil so glides well and doesn't smudge my foundation all that much. I love defined brows and this is definitely my go to when it comes to achieving them - I used it to line the top and bottom of my brows and just simply blend it out a little bit, nobody wants an obvious white line! It can be used on the rest of your face too - whether you want to draw it on and blend it out or just simply put some on your finger and smudge it on, it's super easy with it being a creamy pencil and everyone has a different technique - you just have to find what works for you!

    Barry M Strobe Cream - Iced Bronze
    I picked this up a few months ago after seeing some swatch photos and falling in love but I neglected it for a while because I just couldn't get the hang of using a cream. Thankfully, I've figured it out now, and although I don't use this one every day I absolutely love it! I tend to go for this on a day/night out so give my face a little extra glow and it goes on after my primer but before my foundation. I use this more on my cheekbones because that's where I tend to apply any highlighter most! When I first bought it I was trying to apply it over my foundation but found that it was leaving me patchy and just made it harder to blend out, but using it as a base glow really makes a difference! This is really cheap too for saying how much product you get, I've barely made a dent on mine after quite a bit of use so it'll definitely last me quite a while!

    I Heart Makeup - Goddess of Faith
    Okay, so I won this in a giveaway a couple of months ago and I've been in love ever since! I'm automatically drawn to any powder product because it's better suited to my oily skin and when it's as shiny as this it makes it all the better. This is the most beautiful shade of gold and it has a baked effect and you can see a few different tones running through it! I use this on my cheekbones, the tip of my nose and just above my upper lip - and on my brow bone too if I'm going out and what to be glowing like the sun! This powder is definitely my everyday highlighter because it's just so much easier to reach for and quickly glide over my face, it definitely doesn't take much precision as you're just dusting it over certain areas!


    Technic - High Lights
    I bought this on Amazon a couple of years ago now and I've found that it's quite a good dupe for Benefit's High Beam. It's a lovely pearly pink liquid with a similar brush to a nail polish. You just either swipe or dot a bit onto the area you want to highlight and blend it out. Again, this is another one that I'd usually use as a base, because of the whole blending into foundation situation. The liquid isn't quite as easy to manage as a cream or pencil because it's more likely to drip or spill but if you get rid of any excess on the brush before you apply it there isn't an issue! 



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    Best Products For Long Lasting Makeup

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