Pimples are probably a girl’s worst nightmare, especially right before a big day. No matter how cute of an outfit you have picked out, a pimple on the face can easily ruin a picture perfect moment. Now, it’s easy to find remedies to get rid of pimples with a quick google search, but not all remedies found online works. Some may even be harmful to your skin in the long-run. In today’s blog post, I will be introducing a few natural remedies that tends to work for me and a few that don’t work. (Image: http://blog.doctoroz.com/you-wanted-to-know/you-wanted-to-know-acne

I personally have a combination skin, sometimes it’s super dry and same blemishes or blotches appears. There are times when my skin is super oily and that really triggers the bigger inflamed pimples.  No to mention, the amount of stress and weather condition I am in also is a cause to pimples.

Not going to sugar coat this, but if you have less than 24-hours to get rid of a pimple, it’s time to pull out your concealer. I have a few tips and tricks to reduce the size of the pimple and colour, but at the end of the day, a bit of concealer and a heavy layer of foundation is the best bet to cover the blemish.

So firstly, to reduce the swollenness and redness of your pimple, grab an ice cube. With 

An ice cube also helps with pre-stage of pimples. Have you ever had that feeling, where you feel a pimple coming, but it has not fully developed yet. Well, if you ever have that feeling, grab an ice cube, wrap it in a towel and hold it against the skin. You can repeat this throughout the day. This works because the ice helps with pre-stages of swelling and the oil organs push out the abundance oil and microbes from the disturbed organs.(Image: http://www.wikihow.com/images/a/a9/Get-Rid-of-a-Pimple-Step-8-Version-3.jpg_)an ice cube, it helps reduce redness by improving its blood circulation. Here's a tip, wrap the ice cube with a towel or paper towel and hold it to your skin for a few minutes. If you don't use a towel of some sort, it will damage your skin.

Another remedy is, using garlic. It smells, I know. Why? Because garlic is known fo its antibacterial, cell reinforcement. It hostile to contagious properties and support stamina. The steps are easy; all you have to do is cut a garlic clove in two pieces. Rub the garlic on the pimple and leave it for around 5 minutes, then rinse and wash your face. You can do this a few times a day. Did you know - that eating one crude garlic every day can help purge your blood – that’s a fact! (Image: http://www.stylishwife.com/2014/11/want-remove-pimples-quick-ways.html)



Thirdly, cucumbers!! I did a cucumber detox once, and I kid you not, I felt that my skin cleared up the next day. Cucumber is known to be filled with potassium, and vitamins. You have probably heard that cucumber juice helps treat skin breakout and acne. So, similarly, when you have a pimple, cut cumbers in to pieces and absorb them in water for an hour. Then you can strain the water, and either 1. drink it or 2. wash your face with it. For an even more effective approach, give yourself a mask with cucumbers.

Toothpaste is one that also works. I find it kind of gross; I don’t know why but I still end up doing it when I am desperate. Make sure you use white toothpaste, because it totally does not work with gel toothpaste (trust me). It's easy, apply a small pea amount on to your pimple before bed. In the morning wash your face, you will definitely see the improvement, if not, it might even disappear. You can do this during the day, leave it on for as long as you can, definitely not less than an hour. (Image: http://simpleremedies.net/home-remedies/does-toothpaste-get-rid-of-pimples/)

Lastly, lemon. Similarly, with cucumbers, lemon is rich in vitamin C. Don't use the bottled lemon juice, again, it's not going to work, you need the real fresh lemons. Very simple, all you have to do is dab some lemon juice via a cotton swab and then apply it on to your pimple before bed.

Now, on to the remedies that don’t work. It is hard to put a strong ground on this. It is obviously different amongst different skin types. But here are a few things I have experimented with, and did not work for me. Cinnamon. I have seen a lot of recommendations in regards to honey cinnamon masks, or mixing cinnamon with lemon. This does not work for me and is especially dangerous to does with sensitive skin because cinnamon is sometimes too strong and it could cause you face to breakout even more.

I have also tried vinegar once, and holy stings. It stings so bad and the smell is so strong. I have heard a lot of people saying how it works for them and it makes a great toner, but unfortunately, I felt that it irritated my pimple in more than before. I feel that the acid does similar effect as lemon, but this is just a bit too strong.

Steam helps open your pores and allow you skin to breathe. That is definitely true, and that is why I do recommend getting steam masks. This also helps with getting rid of oils, dirt and bacteria. But if you are trying to get rid of a pimple a day or few days before, this is not the go to remedy.

Green tea was also something I have tried. Unfortunately, not much result from it. I was recommended by a friend to steam a green tea bag, let it cool down and place it over my affected area. Not much luck from that. Although, research shows that green tea has antioxidant that fight acne.

And, also mint is something I have tried and does not show any improvement. Mint is proved to remove pore-clogging oil, so perhaps its a good remedy to prevent pimples and acnes, but definitely does not get rid of your pimples