Summer, summer, summer!!! What a lovely time of year. The sun is shining. School is out. Families are vacationing. Seniors are graduating. Beach days, BBQ’s, swimming, sunbathing, jet skis…LIFE!!! Since we spent the entire year getting our bodies and skin bikini ready, why let it go to waste because of a sunburn??? If you’ve had this unfortunate turn of events wreak havoc on your summer, fear no more. I’m gonna share 10 home remedies with you that will have your skin glowing, and supple in no time. Please note however that if you have an extreme sunburn, or specific skin sensitivities, you should consult a dermatologist before trying any of these remedies.


  1. Baking Soda

Baking Soda is such a wonderful product. Its affordable, easy to find and very easy to use. Not to mention the alkaline properties that make it very soothing on sunburns.

Try this:

Make a paste of baking soda and water. Gently apply the paste to the affected area. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse the skin in warm water. Repeat twice a day until desired results are achieved


  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is mostly known for its anti-inflammatory properties that help deal with the various types of burns. In this case, sunburn is not so different.  It also has pain relieving properties that can ease the pain associated with sunburn.

Try this:

  1. Squeeze the gel from a section of an aloe vera leaf.

  2. Chill gel in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

  3. Gently apply a thin coating to the sunburned skin.

  4. Allow the skin to fully absorb the gel. There is no need to wipe or remove the gel.

You may repeat this step 5 to 6 times a week. If you do not have access to an aloe vera plant, you can buy aloe Vera gel from any retailer.


  1. Oatmeal

This is one of my personal favorites. In skin care oatmeal is known for helping the skin to retain it’s natural moisture. This property is especially important when treating sunburn because most of the damage done to the skin is a result of the skin becoming overly dry.

Try this:

  • Take a cool oatmeal bath. Fill the tub with cool water, add one cup of oatmeal to it and mix thoroughly. Soak in the water for about 30 minutes. After soaking, allow the skin to air dry. DO NOT RUB THE SKIN. Oatmeal can have exfoliating properties which could be very painful with a sunburn. Allow the skin to air dry or gently pat it dry.


  1. Black tea

Black tea is full of antioxidants that are very beneficial for treating irritated and sunburned skin. Tea has tannins that help protect the skin from UV radiation damage and reduce inflammation. It also aids in restoring the skin’s pH balance.

  1. Brew two or three teabags in a pot of hot water. Allow it to sit for a few minutes.

  2. Remove the teabags and let the liquid cool to room temperature.

  3. Soak a cloth in the solution and dab it on the affected skin.

  4. Leave it on until it dries complete and reapply three or four times, as necessary; you need not wash it off.

  5. Do this daily for a few days until your condition improves.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid present which helps inflammation and itching.

Try this:

  • Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and cool water. Soak paper towels in the solution and gently lay them on the affected area. Leave them on until the towels are dry. Repeat several times a day for a few days until your condition improves.

Note: DO NOT use apple cider vinegar on your skin if you have abrasions or cuts.


  1. Cool Compress

Cold compresses cause the blood vessels to constrict, which will reduce inflammation.

  1. Wrap a few ice cubes in a damp cloth.

  2. Hold the compress over the affected area as long as it is cool.

  3. Apply several times a day as.

Never apply ice directly on the skin as it can worsen the condition


  1. Cool milk compress

Milk has excellent moisturizing and enzymes to aid in skin health.

Try this:

Fill a bowl or jar with cool milk. Soak a wash cloth in the milk until it is fully saturated. Place the cloth on the burn and gently press to keep the cloth in place. Try this method for 5-7 days until desired results are reached.


  1. Make a mint tea

This remedy is amazing. The coolnes of mint which has such soothing properties on whatever it touches, coupled with the antioxidants found in green tea are a super healer.

Try this: Make a tea using 5 green tea bags, and bout 3 cups of mint leaves. Brew together and let it cool. Once it’s cool, use a cotton pad to gently place the mixture on the burn.


  1. Honey

Honey is an amazing anecdote for almost anything skin related. It has a high concentration of vitamins. It is a natural anti-biotic and has soothing properties

Try this:

Gently coat the skin with a thin layer of honey. Let sit for 10-15 minutes, rinse with tepid water


  1. Coconut oil

I mean, what isn’t coconut oil good for. It literally helps with everything

Try this: To keep affected skin from over drying, daily coat with coconut oil and allow the skin to asbsorb it completely.


Well ladies and gents, that’s gonna do it for me. Thank you for reading. I hope these tips were helpful. Try some of them out. Summer’s almost over, let’s move into fall with flawless skin. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram: @queenoftheglammed_mua and Like my FB page If you’re looking for high quality Mink lashes head to and use my code: queenoftheglammed for 20% off your entire purchase!!! Love ya!!!


-Angie Brand