It is super important to make sure you take special care of your skin not only in the winter but it's vital in the summer as well. We tend to forget how important it is when we're frolicking on the beach with no sunscreen on TERRIBLE! So I'm going to give you 5 easy things to do to help take care of your skin this summer. 

  • USE SUNSCREEN! People generally don't use sunscreen because they think it's a hassle to put on when it's NOT! A lot of your favorite brand lotions carry their own versions sunscreens and they also include spf in their lotions now. Not only that a lot of makeup brands have spf in their foundations and bb creams as well. Yu can easily replace your standard skincare products with some that include spf so you don't feel like you have an extra chore to do.  


  1. Moisturize! It is so important to keep that face and body moisturized not only during the day but before bed too. I watched a study that said that women over 40 who had amazing skin moisturized daily! Remember you aren't moisturizing you body for now, your moisturizing so you can look amazing in 15 years! Twice daily after showers will make an amazing difference!  



  1. Drink Water! You have bad acne? Skin isn't looking as amazing as you want it to? A lot of that has to do with your diet. We should be drinking again of water a day. Try increasing your water intake daily and you will see a difference in your skin.


  1. Change your pillowcase! You know how many oils, dirt and bad stuff are on your pillowcases? Think about all the products you put in your hair and then your hair is on your pillow which you put your face on. You should be changing your pillowcases out weekly! Facial Scrub! You should be exfoliating your skin 2-3 times a week to remove dirt, dead skin and oils. Now the great thing about this is you can either find a brand that you like or you can make on yourself.  


  1. Find a great Toner! Witch Hazel is always a go to, to help tone out your skin but there are so many other options out there. Find the right one for your skin and add it to your skin routine. 


  1. Wash your Face daily! It is so important to WASH YOUR FACE twice a day. People tend to forget how important this is! 
  2. Do NOT sleep with makeup on! It's terrible for your skin causes acne and ages your skin as well. Always remove your makeup!



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