A white smile helps build confidence, so it is important to keep that smile white. There are different options to keep a white smile, including whitening treatment, and many daily things to avoid and use. I will be talking about some of those things today.

TIP 1: Try using toothpaste that is formulated to help with teeth whitening. Heading to the dentist once or twice a year will help with removing plaque and stains, but using whitening toothpaste it will help with that throughout the year. The chemicals in the whitening specified toothpaste help scrub the teeth to remove stains. There are many different brands that promote this function on the toothpaste bottle.

TIP 2: Drink coffee, without the stain. Coffee is one of the biggest cause of staining teeth. But there is a way to avoid it; simply add milk or cream. This also works for tea. Milk and cream mixed with either coffee or tea will deter it from sticking to the surface to the teeth - hence no stain! But it is always important to swish water after eating. In general, any food you eat may stain, so by swishing water you can get rid of anything between your teeth and prevent from staining. A quick swish of 30 seconds is all it needs@

TIP 3: What to eat: strawberries are a natural teeth whitener, crunching fruits and vegetables; crisp have abrasiveness that lift stains

TIP 4: Try whitening strips - drugstore whitening strips are effective for a fraction of an in-house professional treatment. Crest 3D strips are a popular brand that is found to be effective. The process of using them is also very quick and easy. The reviews have been found to be very efficient and does a very similar job to professional treatment. There are also different brands promoted around Instagram by bloggers on at-home professional treatment with peroxide – do your research before applying these products! Some might have harsh chemical that can weaken your teeth!


TIP 5: Professional treatment is always an option too. However, the process isn't cheap. In-office bleaching is quick and efficient. It is kind of like getting you hair colored, and it can be done every few months. However, the cost came go up to $800. Another option is porcelain veneers, which is porcelain restoration that are custom fabricated to create the perfect smile. It is permanent and fix any colour, staining and chipping, etc. – but price wise can go up to $2000/ tooth.

Whitening is just a swipe of lipstick away... why? Because when you wear red lipstick, it will make your teeth colour pop whiter than they are!