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Makeup Tips While Wearing Glasses

I love eye makeup, but whenever I am wearing glasses I tend to just swipe a few coat of mascara and call it a day. But, recently I have come across some makeup basic for eye makeup with glasses, so instead of just ignoring the glam in the eyes, I am working around them to make it pop even more. The makeup application is tough, especially if your prescription is high... like how close up to you have to be to the mirror in order to see!? Using a magnify mirror for starter will help get a closer look at things.


Stay bright: for your eyelids, use a lighter, neutral colour, instead of dark. This is because a dark shade will bolder the undertones around the eyes, making it look swollen. A shimmery light accent will highlight the brow, for a full bright face. This is one of my favourite day colour





Also to brighten and not darken, using a lighter shade eyeliner will help. With that said, when choosing your frames, the thickness of your liner should correlate with the thickness of your frames. This will help ensure that your glasses don't overpower your eyes.  

When wearing glasses, that extra touch of white/beige eyeliner on the water line will give an illusion of bigger eyes. This is great for those who are near-sighted because your glasses makes your eyes look smaller than they are.


Brushes with short handles will be your BFF. Like I mentioned earlier, how do you see what you are doing if you can’t see without your glasses. The shorter your brushes are will help you get right up to the mirror. Normal size brushes will have normal size handles, checkout the travel size one for mini set. This Bobbi Brown set can be purchased on Ebay:  


Your eyelash curler is also your BFF. When your eyes are behind glasses, curling your eyelashes will help make your lashes longer making your eyes bigger and brighter. When using mascara (which is a must), avoid using lengthen your lashes, but instead give them volume. The curling will help make your lashes longer, but if you go for super-curls it will hit your lenses. So instead, volume them. (Image:

When picking out your glasses remember… the bigger the frame, the more you can work with.

TIP: Don't ditch the concealer - a yellow-toned concealer to counteract the shadow

TIP: Do your brows!! Your brows shape your frames (bigger and bolder frame, do your brows thinly and shapely; full and defined eyebrow will best suit glasses with thinner frames)


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