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What is Color Correcting?

 Earlier this year articles of ‘Colour correcting the new contouring’ were floating around the internet and in magazines. Although this concept has been around for decades color correcting is catching up; much like the Kim Kardashian contouring. So, what is color correcting? Let’s simplify it for you!

What is Color Correcting:

As the name suggests color correcting refers to correcting the unwanted pigmentation/ shades on the face. This is done to achieve a flawless finish. Now that we understand the basic point of color correcting, let’s look at the various corrector shades and their purpose. But before that I’d like to introduce you to the Color- Wheel. This will come  handy when you want to pick your color correctors.






How to use the color wheel:

It is quite simple to use a color wheel. All you need to do is pick a shade/ color. The shade that is exactly opposite to it is the color that will color correct it. For example. Orange is used to color correct Blue tones.  Yellow corrects Blue-Violet. Blue-Green cancels the Red.

Different Shades of Color Correctors:

Green Corrector – Best for cancelling/ neutralizing Red

Orange Corrector – Best for cancelling/ neutralizing Blue [Ideal for Medium/Deep Skin tones]

Purple, Lilac, Lavender Corrector – Best for cancelling/ neutralizing Yellow undertones.

Yellow Corrector– Best for cancelling/ neutralizing Blue/ Purple

Salmon / Peach Correctors– Best for brightening under eye.


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