Baylage? Ombre? What's the difference?

Ombre is the transition from darker to lighter. This trend have been going on for years, and it works very well with brunettes. The ombre style is dark on top and light on the bottom to keep it a natural transition. On the other hand, bailage (pronounced bah-lee-AHZGE) is where dark pieces left on the bottom to create dimension and more natural look. The light color is a sweep through the middle section of your hair, this will give a very natural transition of lighter color. If you want a more daring look go for ombre, a more subtle, natural look, then bailage is the way to go!

Baylage is also the trickiest style to do, and takes lots of technique into styling. It's best to get it done at a salon. This sun-kissed highlights is easy to maintain because it does not make the root look obvious - no clear sign of hair regrowth. 


There are different ways to creating this hair, some uses cellophanes, foils, or mesh strips to separate the section of the hair. Some tip of going to the salon: it's hard to describe what kind of color blend you are aiming for, the best way is to show them pictures. Pictures help to recreate what you really way. Check out these images for some great inspiration. You can also go creative with bolder colors too.