Over the past year, contouring and highlighting have become super popular, and with that, bronzer has become a staple in almost every girl’s makeup bag. Using bronzer to contour or even to just add some color to your cheeks helps to make your skin look sunkissed all year long. Here are some great tips for how to apply bronzer.

Picking the perfect color

Choosing a bronzer color can be tricky, because you never want it to be too dark or too light. In my opinion, two shades darker is always the best, but if you have lighter skin, even one shade would do. If you’re at the drugstore and just have no idea how to pick one, there’s no harm in asking the person at the makeup counter to help you pick one!






Making sure you have the right application brush

Bronzer can be applied with two types of brushes: a bronzer brush or a blush brush. If you don’t feel like you want to go out and buy a bronzer brush, just use your blush brush instead. The only good thing about a bronzer brush is that they have much more bristles than a blush brush, so you get a bit more color when you’re applying it.





Now that you’ve picked a bronzer and have a brush, it’s time for application. You can apply bronzer in many different ways, whether you want to highlight your cheek bones by applying it right underneath your cheek bones or just add some color onto your face by applying it at the top of your forehead and along your jawline. Also, with different face shapes, there are different ways to accentuate your best features. Press here to learn more. Some people like to just imagine they are drawing the number 3 on their face, that way your bronzer is being applied on your upper forehead/hairline, below your cheek bones and just below the jawline.




By: Sarah Valji (Instagram: la.fille.franglais)