Long lasting makeup tips

When I think long lasting makeup, 3 products come to mind: primer, setting spray and setting powder. Now for people who have oily skin, like me, these are 3 products we can’t live without. Let’s go a little more in to detail about these products and how to use them.

    • Primer

      Primer is applied before makeup application and it helps to create a smooth base to start with. By applying a primer before foundation, your makeup has something to stick to, allowing it to last longer. Also, everyone has different skin issues, so if you do have oily skin, primer helps to keep the oil under control before applying your other products.

        • Setting powder

          Setting powder is applied after foundation. Whether it is a matte setting powder, a clear setting powder or a colored setting powder, it helps to set your makeup. Setting your makeup with a setting powder helps to make sure no excess oil gets through your makeup during the day.


            • Setting spray

              Setting spray helps prevent makeup from “melting” or smudging during the day. Setting sprays are usually quite light weight, so it doesn’t add any extra weight on your face and again if you have oily skin it can help mattify your makeup.

              By: Sarah Valji (Instagram: @la.fille.franglais)



              How to Use Bronzer

              Over the past year, contouring and highlighting have become super popular, and with that, bronzer has become a staple in almost every girl’s makeup bag. Using bronzer to contour or even to just add some color to your cheeks helps to make your skin look sunkissed all year long. Here are some great tips for how to apply bronzer.

              Picking the perfect color

              Choosing a bronzer color can be tricky, because you never want it to be too dark or too light. In my opinion, two shades darker is always the best, but if you have lighter skin, even one shade would do. If you’re at the drugstore and just have no idea how to pick one, there’s no harm in asking the person at the makeup counter to help you pick one!






              Making sure you have the right application brush

              Bronzer can be applied with two types of brushes: a bronzer brush or a blush brush. If you don’t feel like you want to go out and buy a bronzer brush, just use your blush brush instead. The only good thing about a bronzer brush is that they have much more bristles than a blush brush, so you get a bit more color when you’re applying it.





              Now that you’ve picked a bronzer and have a brush, it’s time for application. You can apply bronzer in many different ways, whether you want to highlight your cheek bones by applying it right underneath your cheek bones or just add some color onto your face by applying it at the top of your forehead and along your jawline. Also, with different face shapes, there are different ways to accentuate your best features. Press here to learn more. Some people like to just imagine they are drawing the number 3 on their face, that way your bronzer is being applied on your upper forehead/hairline, below your cheek bones and just below the jawline.




              By: Sarah Valji (Instagram: la.fille.franglais)



              How to apply Lip Liner Tips

              I’ll be honest with you. I’m not one of those “textbook” make up artists who live by the holy grail of make up artists before us. While their tips and contribution to Hollywood (which, let’s face it, is where we get all our trends) are greatly appreciated, there are some standards that as a professional I swear by, and others not so much. I am a firm believer in the fact that there are no rules to make up. Just, have fun and create. While ideally this hippyesque way of thinking works for me, unfortunately it’s not always practical.

              In today’s blog we will be discussing lip liner and the proper way to use it. Now before ya’ll start talkin about, “That’s so 90’s” or “Who has time for lip liner” or my absolute favorite, “Is it really necessary?” Think about this: Is there any unnecessary step to having a flawless face that lasts all night? I didn’t think so. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s proceed. I’m gonna share my tips with you and some of my techniques also some other make up artists’. 


              Let’s start with what you’ll need:

              1. Lip liner (choose a shade that either blends naturally with your lips or one that compliments your lipstick.)

              2. Lip stick (choose a base shade as well as a lighter shade to create a full pout through highlighting)

              3. Lip gloss

              4. Lip scrub or tooth brush

              5. Lip balm

              6. Concealer pencil, or just a concealer and an angle brush


              Step 1: Make sure lips are soft and smooth by removing any dead or dry skin. This can be done using a lip scrub or a moistened tooth brush and gently scrubbing


              Step 2: Apply lip balm. This step locks in moisture, plumping the lips and keeping them soft throughout the process. This is also a very important step if you are wearing a matte lipstick so that your lips don’t look or feel dry.


              Step 3: Line the lips. Start with the spot on the lips that need the most correction, or evening out. Liner is supposed to finish or fill any lip defects along the perimeter of the lips. Once this is done sufficiently, fill in your lips with the liner. This step is vital as the liner doubles as a primer for the lipstick and locks the color in for longer lasting, bolder color.


              Step 4: Apply lipstick. Start with a base shade. Apply to both lips, be sure to blot excess to avoid color getting on your teeth. Some people put their thumb right in the center of the lips just to blot that area. I’ll leave that up to you. Once you have applied your base shade, apply the lighter highlight shade to the center of the bottom lip, and a tiny bit to the center of the top lip. Press lips to blend

              Step 5: (optional) Apply lip gloss. Kiss, and you’re all set!!!


              Well babydolls, that’s gonna do it for me. Hope this blog was helpful and eye opening. Below are some of my favorite tips and diagrams. Enjoy, love ya!!!! Be sure to LIKE my FB page www.facebook.com/queenoftheglammed and follow my Insta @queenoftheglammed_mua. Be sure to subscribe to this blog for updates and special offers!!! Tweet to me @lovemakeuplife. And if you’re in the market for 100% Cruelty free mink lashes check out www.nubounsom.com/angiebrand and use my code: queenoftheglammed for 20% off your entire purchase!!!!

              -Angie Brand


              How To Choose the Right Lipstick For You."

              Hello my beauties! It's time for yet another beauty blog and I hope you enjoyed the last! As trends change and summer is on it's way, lipstick is becoming quite the staple. While this lipstick trend seemed to grow over the winter months, it's really starting to pick up, even with those who tend to prefer glosses. The #1 complaint that I seem to stumble across is that ladies often have trouble finding the shade and type of lipstick that is just right for them. If you are anything like me, then you find the statement to be true. It has taken me years to figure out the colors that best suit me. SO, today I bring you tips on how you can determine which lipstick shade and texture is right for you!


              1. Skin Tone

              The number one factor in determining which shade is right for you has got to be your skin tone. Just like foundations, your undertones can really have an impact on how well a lipstick compliments you! Below is a guide that may help you in determining which shades are best for your skin tones!

              Source: www.rhulsean.com


              Eye color

                        The second tip I have for you today is to choose a lipstick to compliment your eye color. Our last blog was all about makeup that compliments the eyes and makes them pop, lipstick is no exception. Eye hue can actually help determine what colors will pop against your complexion which ties back to your undertones. This is just another way to tell which colors look best on you! Some examples: green eyes tend to pop with cherry red lips, Blue eyes look best with coral hues, and brown eyes are balanced out by pinks.

              Source: www.today.com

              1. Hair Color

                        To go along with the theme of the other facial features helping to determine the best lipstick for you, hair color is another great feature to work off of. Most of the time our hair color and eye color compliment each other. Also, they compliment our skin tone. Tie all of these feature together to really narrow down the colors that will look the best on you. Take into consideration the colors that look best with ALL of your features. Examples: Pink lipsticks compliment white/ashy blondes, violet tones compliment auburns, and women with brown hair tend to have a much wider range for the hues that they can pull off!

              1. Try on lipstick with a blank face.

                      Try on lipsticks with absolutely no makeup on your face. This is a simple tip that I have praciced for some time now and it 100% works for me to be focused on how well the lipstick compliments my skin! Sometimes, when we have a full face of makeup on, we can get distracted from how well the lipstick really looks on us.

              1. Lipstick texture.

              Lipstick texture is just another thing to take into consideration when trying to find your holy grail. Usually, the texture is strictly a matter of preference and not something that really looks good on one person and not the next. I prefer matte's, some people prefer satins or glosses. You can find the texture difference in the photo below!

              BONUS! 6. Shades change with seasons

                        This is a bonus tip that can really help determine which color is best for you. During the winter months when our skin tends to get lighter, dark shades can really compliment us, whereas during the summer months our skin tends to tan bringing out tones that bright colors compliment.

              Spring/Summer Shades

              Fall/Winter Shades

              Finding the right lipstick for us can be a long and grueling task, especially if we dont know what our skin tones are, Te best thing we can do is try and try again! When one doesnt work we just move on to the next until we finally find that perfect shade for us. Thank you for reading my beauties! I hope you had as much fun reading as I had learning! New blog coming soon! Pinky Promise! <3


              Love & Kisses,


              Amber Crosby






              How to do your eyeshadow perfectly!

              Want to know how to perfect that perfect blend of neutrals to make your eyes pop? First you to find out what kind of shape dose your eyes have. And there are many with a few examples below.

              Almond Shape. This is the most common and goes great with all shades and blends.

              Hooded lids. This happened when you the skin of your brow bone folds over your lids. This could be due to age or your natural eye shape. You don’t need much eye make-up when you have this shape of eye lids. Just a light shadow to brighten it up to keep your lids from looking heavy.

              Rounded Eyes.A sweep of just one soft color will do the trick for these type of eyes.

              Asian eyes. With this eyes shape, to add depth and a dramatic look, use many of the same shadows in the of the same color to create a blended ombre’ effect.

              Always use a primer, and an eyeshadow with great pigmentation. From the drug stores to the Naked pallets, do you research and you can find a great eyeshadow that is on your budget!



              Makeup Tips for a Natural Look – Beautifully Bare

              The “natural look” has dominated the fashion industry during the past year from catwalks in New York to Paris. This beauty statement which started in Fall 2014 was showcased on many runways, such as DKNY, BCBG and Rebecca Minkoff. It has only become more and more popular for Spring 2015, not only because it is a fresh look for Spring, but as it also encourages women to appreciate their natural beauty and enhance rather than cover up their natural features.Many people think that the “natural makeup look” can only be achieved using large amounts of makeup, but I am here to tell you, THEY ARE WRONG. The natural makeup look can be achieved using minimal makeup with affordable products.


               The base is always most important for any makeup look. Start by applying a light layer of foundation that matches your skin tone. Foundation helps to cover up small blemishes and even out skin tone, achieving a smooth even complexion.

              If you’re having a good skin day, and don’t feel like you need as much coverage as a foundation offers, you can always skip the first step and apply concealer on spots where you feel like you need it. You can even use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream to help even out skin tone.



              Next, apply a light powder to set the foundation. Personally, I have oily skin, so I prefer to use a matte powder, but depending on skin type, you can always use just a regular setting powder. As we are trying to achieve a “no makeup” look, I would also suggest using a colorless powder, as it helps avoid making your makeup look heavy or overdone. You can also skip the powder and just use a setting spray.



              After applying a light powder, there are only two steps left: eyes and lips.

              For your eyes, we want to keep them looking as natural as possible, so personally I like to only use mascara. Using mascara lengthens my eyelashes and draws attention to my eyes without applying excessive amounts of makeup. If you normally wear false lashes, I would also recommend skipping them, and just applying a light layer of mascara instead.If you feel like you’re not comfortable leaving the house without eyeliner, I would suggest only using a light color liner(light brown instead of black) and only lining your upper water line.


              For your lips, there are so many possibilities! A colorless lip gloss, light lipstick (preferably nude) or even a chapstick will help to finish your look.

              Also remember, that everyone’s skin tone and skin type is different, so there are always exceptions. If you feel like you need a pop of color, you can use a light layer of bronzer or blush on your cheeks. Always keep in mind we are doing a natural makeup look, so don’t be heavy handed!



              By: Sarah Valji



              March 11, 2015 — Amar Gandhi

              Tutorial for bigger eyes

              Hello lovelies!!! Today, we are going to focus on the eyes. There are legends that speak of the eyes as the windows to the soul. How wonderful!! What do people see in your eyes?? Seriously, with such weighty expectations on them, why not make sure they are as big and bright as possible?  If, unfortunately, you weren't blessed to be naturally doe-eyed, there's always make up!!  These tips are wonderful no matter the color, shape, or size of your eyes. Today's tutorial will hopefully give you some awesome tips to get bigger, brighter eyes.So, gather your materials, and let's get started!!!!

              What You'll Need:
              2 flat angle brushes
              1 concealer blending brush
              Precision eyeliner brush (if using gel or liquid liner)
              Brow powder or pomade
              White or light eyeliner
              Falsies (optional)
              Black eyeliner (pencil, liquid, or gel)
              Step 1: Shape and define your brows. Shaping the arch of your brow in proximity to the pupil opens the eye, as well as frames the eye nicely. Use a brow powder ( I like Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow), to fill the brow evenly. Use  a concealer a shade or two lighter than your complexion will give the brow a nice highlight, as well as define it's shape. Apply the concealer along the arch of the brow to neaten any imperfections. When blending the concealer, blend away from the brow.  Be sure to use angle, or flat precision brushes to apply the brow powder, and concealer and be sure to blend blend blend. 
              Step 2: Line the waterline of your eye with a white pencil.  ( I like NYX jumbo pencil in the shade Milk) Starting in the inner corner, and working the color out. This immediately opens the eye, as it serves to slightly extend the white of the eye. If your eyes are abnormally small, you may line underneath the lid as well for a rounder eye, this is just a bit of extra insurance. If you like a dark liner on the waterline, apply it directly below the white liner, or on the outer corner of the eye. This gives it the definition of the dark liner without creating a messy gray. For darker complected girls, use a light gray, or flesh colored pencil instead of white.
              Step3: Line your lid above the lashes with a black liner. Using a flat angle brush, or a precision liner brush, create a wing on the outer corner of the eye and move toward the inner corner of the eye. Once you have created and filled the shape of the liner, you may detail it to the thickness or darkness you prefer. Be sure to extend the wing slightly past the outer corner of the eye. This extends the width of the eye, as well as offering a little extra lift to perk up the eye.
              Step 4Define the lower lashes with a lengthening mascara. This further opens the eye, and offers a contrast to minimize the obviousness of the white liner. 
              Step 5:  Pop on some falsies. Lengthening and thickening the lashes, opens the eye and makes it pop. Falsies come in so many different lengths, thicknesses, styles and looks. I am partial to Nu Bounsom 100% Cruelty-free and 100% Mink lashes.  Mascara can also be used to create a similar effect if you prefer it.
              The pictures show an example of how to pace your brow in order to get the most natural looking arch. As well as an example of a finished look showcasing bigger eyes! Thanks for reading! Love ya!!!!!!
              Angela Brand
              March 10, 2015 — Amar Gandhi

              DIY Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

              Hey everyone! Every wonder how to get that tough waterproof eye makeup off?? Well, I have the answer! There are tons of options on store shelves but there are also many easy options for you to use in your home. Here are a few recipes, tips and tricks to removing your makeup!

              Simple Makeup Remover Recipe

              • 2 tablespoons of witch hazel (can be purchased at drugstores)

              • 2 tablespoons of jojoba or almond oil

              • 2 tablespoons of water

              Mix all the ingredients together in a small container and use with cotton balls, q-tips or makeup pad.

              Alternative Makeup Removers

              • Coconut oil

                          Coconut oil is super hydrating and smells wonderful! All you have to do is take a small amount of oil between your fingers and let it melt slightly. Once melted gently rub on eyelids and wipe off with cloth or makeup pad. Your make-up will come right off!

              • Olive Oil, Baby Oil, Vaseline

                          You can use any of these to remove eye makeup as well. I have used Vaseline to get off eye makeup that contained glitter and it worked like a charm! The glitter stuck to the Vaseline and wiped off clean.

              How to Correctly Remove Waterproof Mascara

              1. Place makeup removing solution on your choice of a cotton ball, makeup pad or q-tip.

              2. Close your eye and place the cotton ball/makeup pad underneath lashes and hold it in place for at least 10 seconds. This allows the solution to absorb and break down the makeup.

              3. Gently apply pressure and swipe up.

              4. Repeat step 3 until makeup is completely removed.

              Reusable Makeup Removing Clothes


              I recently stumbled upon these wonderful makeup-removing clothes while shopping for groceries. On I whim I purchased a 3-pack for $3. I thought they were cute and if they didn’t work well then I could just use them as washcloths. I normally use the disposable makeup removing wipes. After trying these I will never pay for disposable wipes again! The cloths completely remove all my makeup, including waterproof, and I can use any face wash or makeup removing solution I want!

              Buy them here.


              Hope you enjoyed these tips!


              Stay beautiful,




              "15 hacks for epically bad hair day"

              Hello my Beauties!

              Don’t you hate those days when your hair is FLAT, OILY, FRIZZY and you’re just having a bad hair day? Well you’ve come to the right place because I’m about to show you 15 ways to style your hair on a “bad hair day”.

              1. The Messy Bun.

              Do a pony tail, tease the pony tail, twirl it and secure it with a bobby pin.

              2. Change Your Part.

              If your hair is looking a bit flat simply change your part for more volume.


              3. Beanie with strait or wavy hair.

              Flat iron or curl the tips, throw on a beanie and voila!


              4. Twist Braided Bun.

              Part your hair, make 2 braids, twist them and secure with a bobby pin.


              5. Dry Shampoo.

              On an oily, flat, smelly hair day add some dry shampoo flip hair and massage scalp and most of the oil and smell with vanish.


              6. Upside Down Braided Do.

              You basically flip your hair down, make a braid that ends by your ears, gather all your hair together and make a pony tail, and wrap hair into a bun.


              7. Tame Fly-aways.

              With some hair spray and a tooth brush tame your fly-aways.


              8. Wet Crunched Hair Look.

              Add water with gel throughout hair, flip hair and crunch.


              9. Wrap a Turban.

              Add turban to cover bad hair.


              10. Halo Braid.

              Split your hair in hair as if you are to do pigtails, braid each side and wrap around head. Secure with bobby pins.


              11. Tease Your Roots.

              If your roots seem flat, add some hair spray and tease the roots.


              12. Twisted Headband.

              Put on a headband, roll hair in head band.


              13. Castor Oil.

              If you have dry frizzy hair, add some castor oil to control it and style as usual.


              14. Half Braid.

              Part your hair on one side and braid the front hair.


              15. Quick Wash.

              Have oily bangs?

              Quick wash them with water and

              shampoo, blow dry them and style as usual.




              "How to get Dramatic Gold Glitter eyes"


              • Large Eye Shadow Brush
              • Medium Angled Shading Brush
              • Small Angled Brush
              • Eyelash Curler


              Brushes can be purchased at My Brush Set




              1. Mascara (Too Faced Better Than False Lashes)
              2. Eyeshadow Primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance)
              3. Gold, Black and Silver Eyeshadows (Naked 2 Palette)
              4. Gold Cream Eyeshadow (ELF Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Gala)
              5. Gold Glitter Cream Shadow (Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Glitter Single)



              1. Apply eyeshadow primer of you choice all over eyelid.
              2. Sweep gold eyeshadow all over eyelid up to the crease of the eye with large shadow brush.
              3. Next take a darker shade of silver eyeshadow and apply to the inner corner of the eyelid and blend out to the center using medium angled brush.
              4. Take the medium angled brush and apply black shadow to the crease of your eyelid and blend outward.
              5. Using the cream eyeshadow in a gold or bronze color, apply to the middle of eyelid with either your finger or small brush. This will help the glitter better adhere to your eyelid and help create less fallout.
              6. Finally, to get a dramatic gold glitter look apply a gold glitter cream on top of the cream shadow in middle of the eye and blend.
              7. With the small angled brush apply black shadow underneath outer corner of eye. If you want a more dramatic look you can use a black eyeliner pencil or liquid liner. My eyes are smaller so I use powder.
              8. Again, using the small angle brush apply gold shadow underneath on the inner corner of eye and blend towards black liner. Just like with the black you can use a pencil or liquid eyeliner if you’d like.
              9. Lastly, apply mascara and curl lashes. I used Too Faced Better Than False Lashes to get a more dramatic look. You can also apply false lashes or individual lashes to create an even more dramatic look.

              Here’s the finished product!

              This is a very simple and easy look to achieve. For a daytime look, don’t apply the glitter and you have a simple gold smokey eye. I also highly suggest that if you do use glitter on your eyes that you use eyeshadow primer to prevent fallout throughout the day! Wet ‘n Wild’s product was inexpensive at $.98 and seemed to stick to my eyelid well with the help of the primer and cream shadow.







              March 02, 2015 — Amar Gandhi