Want to know how to perfect that perfect blend of neutrals to make your eyes pop? First you to find out what kind of shape dose your eyes have. And there are many with a few examples below.

Almond Shape. This is the most common and goes great with all shades and blends.

Hooded lids. This happened when you the skin of your brow bone folds over your lids. This could be due to age or your natural eye shape. You don’t need much eye make-up when you have this shape of eye lids. Just a light shadow to brighten it up to keep your lids from looking heavy.

Rounded Eyes.A sweep of just one soft color will do the trick for these type of eyes.

Asian eyes. With this eyes shape, to add depth and a dramatic look, use many of the same shadows in the of the same color to create a blended ombre’ effect.

Always use a primer, and an eyeshadow with great pigmentation. From the drug stores to the Naked pallets, do you research and you can find a great eyeshadow that is on your budget!