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Results of a Makeover

Results of a Makeover

Hello Makeup Lovers!

Some girls are lucky enough to have older sisters to show them how to apply makeup as they became old enough to wear it but, some are not as fortunate to have that guidance and it ends up being trial and error. I was one of those unfortunate ones and my makeup trial and errors were humorous to say the least—but with practice and YouTube I’ve become quite good at applying it.

I’ve always loved makeup—all the beautiful colors, shades and hues of eye shadows and I love the warmth that bronzers give to sallow cheeks. The wonderful thing about makeup is—it is for women of all ages and complexions, and if applied correctly it enhances your natural beauty, as well as corrects or diminishes small imperfections.

Below is a before/after photo of a model. Notice how pale her complexion is and how dull and lifeless her eyes appear in her before picture. Her face appears distant or retracted in the photo. Her eyes look deep or sunken in and close set.

Ahhh!, but, in her after photo her face is vibrant, full of life and it is the focal point of the photo. The shape of her face is given the illusion of being more oval (the perfect face shape) than square. Her eyes are given a more open and widened look by using eyeliner on the bottom and top lid, and the darker eye shadow at the outer corners of her eyes gives them an almond shape as well as a wider, open look. The eyes don’t appear as close together as they do in the before photo.
This makeover is an awesome look for this model and she even looks years younger!

Marva Norsworthy

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