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Makeup Tips for a Natural Look – Beautifully Bare

The “natural look” has dominated the fashion industry during the past year from catwalks in New York to Paris. This beauty statement which started in Fall 2014 was showcased on many runways, such as DKNY, BCBG and Rebecca Minkoff. It has only become more and more popular for Spring 2015, not only because it is a fresh look for Spring, but as it also encourages women to appreciate their natural beauty and enhance rather than cover up their natural features.Many people think that the “natural makeup look” can only be achieved using large amounts of makeup, but I am here to tell you, THEY ARE WRONG. The natural makeup look can be achieved using minimal makeup with affordable products.


 The base is always most important for any makeup look. Start by applying a light layer of foundation that matches your skin tone. Foundation helps to cover up small blemishes and even out skin tone, achieving a smooth even complexion.

If you’re having a good skin day, and don’t feel like you need as much coverage as a foundation offers, you can always skip the first step and apply concealer on spots where you feel like you need it. You can even use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream to help even out skin tone.



Next, apply a light powder to set the foundation. Personally, I have oily skin, so I prefer to use a matte powder, but depending on skin type, you can always use just a regular setting powder. As we are trying to achieve a “no makeup” look, I would also suggest using a colorless powder, as it helps avoid making your makeup look heavy or overdone. You can also skip the powder and just use a setting spray.



After applying a light powder, there are only two steps left: eyes and lips.

For your eyes, we want to keep them looking as natural as possible, so personally I like to only use mascara. Using mascara lengthens my eyelashes and draws attention to my eyes without applying excessive amounts of makeup. If you normally wear false lashes, I would also recommend skipping them, and just applying a light layer of mascara instead.If you feel like you’re not comfortable leaving the house without eyeliner, I would suggest only using a light color liner(light brown instead of black) and only lining your upper water line.


For your lips, there are so many possibilities! A colorless lip gloss, light lipstick (preferably nude) or even a chapstick will help to finish your look.

Also remember, that everyone’s skin tone and skin type is different, so there are always exceptions. If you feel like you need a pop of color, you can use a light layer of bronzer or blush on your cheeks. Always keep in mind we are doing a natural makeup look, so don’t be heavy handed!



By: Sarah Valji



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