How to Achieve Glowing and Healthy Skin


Having glowing skin that people envy is on everyone's to do list, no matter if you're 15 or 45,

having perfect skin is something that everyone desires.  But how do you get flawless skin when

you're dealing with skin issues, the stresses of everyday life, or simply just don't know where to

start?  Well hopefully these simple yet important tips will guide you on your path to beautiful,

glowing, and healthy skin!

Clean your face on a regular basis

In order for your skin to be healthy, you have to make sure it is clean first.  Develop a routine in

the morning and at night by using products specifically tailored to your skin type.  For instance I

have very oily skin plus eczema, so I clean my face with dove soap, followed by a cleaning with

Cetaphil cleansing scrub, and then apply my daily moisturizer.  It's best to consult your

dermatologist if you don't know what your skin type is so they can recommend the products

that are best for you.

Don’t sleep with your makeup on!

The worst thing you can do to your skin is to leave your makeup on at night.  By doing this, the

makeup seeps into your pores which can cause irritation.  Remove makeup each night with a

gentle makeup remover or olive oil mixture to ensure your face won't get irritated.

Clean your makeup brushes

This will ensure that you are not reusing dirty makeup over and over again which can cause skin

irritation and even infection.  A good way to clean your makeup brushes is with a dishwashing

detergent and olive oil mixture.

Get a good night sleep

When It comes to your body, not just with skin, but with hair and nails as well, the overall

health and appearance isn't just determined by what you use, but can be determined by if

you're treating your body right.  By getting a good night sleep, at least 7 hours, your body will

have the strength to promote your healthy skin.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!


Exfoliating at least once every week or two (depending on your skin type) helps to get out the

dirt left over in your pores that you may have missed with your daily washings.  I suggest a

sugar scrub which helps lift the dirt and gives you a gentle massage on the skin, leaving your

face feeling fresh.

Eating right, vitamins and water are your best friend

Vitamins help promote not only your skin's health, but your overall body's health and can give

your skin the extra boost it needs.  Besides a daily supplement, ask your dermatologist what

other vitamins there are to help your specific skin type.  On top of that, eating right and water is

the best thing you can do,  Eating a balanced meal is obvious, but did you know we're suppose

to drink 8 glasses of water a day?  I suggest getting a tall VOSS bottle in order to make this task

easier, it's re-usable because the bottle is glass, and you would achieve more than the

recommended amount of water by drinking just 3 refills of the bottle!

Leave your face alone!

If at all possible, don't touch your face throughout the day unless you really have to.  Your

hands encounter millions of germs with a few minutes.  By touching your face, you're only

causing your skin to be susceptible to dirt and germs.  Besides, if you have makeup on I doubt

you want to mess up the hard work you did!

How to Exfoliate your Skin

Flawless skin is the start to saving you time and money from concealer, primer, wet foundation and powder foundation. I totally understand how we run into “break-out” days from stress, ‘time of the month’, weather change, hormone change, etc. However, there are ways to prevent random break outs. So, today I will be sharing an everyday exfoliation to better, softer and blemish-free skin.

I used to simply wash my face with a towel and SpectroJel but it is simply not enough. My skin routine has gone from 1 step to up to 4-5 steps daily. I exfoliate both my face and my body on a regular basis. Recently, I have also started to create natural remedies made from everyday kitchen products.



Exfoliating my Face

  1. Begin with a warm wet face towel and place it on your face for a few minutes. I usually start off lying in bed when I do this; I find it so relaxing after a long day. The purpose of this is to open your pores.

  2. Next, gently wash your face with your classic face wash or scrub to ensure that your face is clean for the exfoliation. My all-time favourite is the Citrus Clear Tangerine Tangle scrub. This scrub has a nice grit that helps remove dead cells. It smells so nice and always leaves my skin clean and soft. (image)

  3. On to the exfoliation remedy. I have tried SO many different at home remedies, from honey, to avocado, to coffee scrub and I found that oatmeal works the best on my face and it’s quick, easy and not too messy. There are two recipes for this: a basic oatmeal exfoliation and a sweet oatm

    eal exfoliation. I stick with the basic one and every now and then (once a week or every two weeks) I do the sweet oatmeal exfoliation.


Basic Oatmeal Exfoliation

Ingredients: 2 teaspoons ground oatmeal, 1 teaspoon baking soda, water

Steps: combine oatmeal and baking soda, mix, add drops of water and keep stirring to a paste form


Sweet Oatmeal Exfoliation

Ingredients:2 tablespoons finely ground oatmeal, 2 tablespoons granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, 1/2 cup vegetable or almond oil (almond is best), 1 teaspoon nutmeg

Steps: combine all ingredient, mix.


For both, after mixing it should be in a paste form, then you apply to face and rub in a circular motion. I usually leave it on for a 3-4 minutes. Then, rinse and pat dry with a clean face towel. (image)


  1. Before going to bed, I apply a light coat of toner. I use Clean & Clear’s Essentials Deep Cleaning Toner. I have never really used toner until a few months ago. But I really like how this one leaves my face less likely to break-out. I find this toner pretty strong, there is a alcohol feel when used; so in a way I guess it really is “deep cleaning”. (image)





  1. Lastly, moisturizing is the key. Give a few minutes for the toner to soak in first. Then grab you favourite face lotion and apply a light coat on your face. After all the work put into your face you face needs to settle down with a coat of lotion. Avoid using lotion that isn’t meant for your face because that tends to be too strong. My personal favourite is AveenoClear Complexion Daily Moisturizer. Of all my moisturizer, if find it to be the most calm and natural. I believe it is made from soy extract. Although it doesn’t smell nice it’s worth it for flawless skin. (image)



Exfoliating my Body

My body is a bit easier to exfoliate. I don’t have many blemishes on my body than others. So every twice a week I use the Orange Splash Sugar Scrub from Soda and Co. I use a scrub right after body wash. I find this scrub always leaves my skin restored and refreshed. I am such a digger for citrus smell too. This scrub is also enriched with Jojoba and Vitamin E. When using the scrub, I use a loofah to massage the scrub all over my body in circular motion. And then rinse and pat dry. As always, I moisturize with body lotion and occasionally body butter. I alter between The Body Shop body butter and Bath & Body work’s body lotion. (image)(image)


By: Rachel Leigh //

How to Conceal Under-eye Circles


So, you wake up in the morning, wash your face, and take a look in the mirror as you’re brushing your teeth, and it hits you, “I have dark circles under my eyes! OMG!!!!” If you’re anything like me, you’re basically in a full blown panic. What to do???? You could A: ignore them and pretend you didn’t see them, or B: follow these quick easy tips to virtually obliterate the look of dark under eye circles. Personally, I’ll take B, thank you very much. Lol So without further ado ladies:

Welcome to color correcting 101: Concealing Under eye Circles.

The first thing you need to know is how to choose the best colors to fix the issue. Below is a chart that should prove helpful in deciding which colors work best.

The first and most important step in concealing dark circles is to neutralize the dark hue. Dark circles usually are blue, purple, blue/purple or purple. Depending on your complexion, this can cast an ashy overtone under your eye. Study this chart, it breaks it down as simply as it can. Most make up brands have color correcting concealers so you should have no problem securing one.





My favorite color correcting palette is from MAC, the Pro Conceal Palette. This palette contains all the colors you need to correct, and highlight blemishes as well as under eye circles. Here they cover an entire range of complexions. I use the Medium Deep palette.



Next step is being sure to use the correct brush. Concealers tend to be more concentrated than foundation, so less is more. A small concealer brush will ensure a neat application, as well as applying the foundation exactly where you want it to go. Here is an example of a concealer brush. Usually a small, flat concealer brush works best to apply the color. For blending, try a flat foundation brush, or a small fluffy brush.


Finally, choose a concealer that is 2 to 3 shades lighter than your complexion. This will bring the colors together as well as provide a beautiful highlight under the eye giving them an energized and fresh look. Place it over the corrective color, set with a powder and VOILA!!!! No more dark circles!!! Check out these awesome before and afters!


The makeup internet was completely broken when she posted this amazing video about using red lipstick to conceal under eye circles. (Sorry Mrs. Kardashian-West) lol She took the concept of warm colors to neutralize the cool ashy ones to a whole new level. Lol Kudos!! I love this technique, it actually works. If you’re short on color correcting concealer, try some red lipstick! Notice the beautiful highlight below her eyes, soft and natural looking.

Aaaaand here’s me! Lol Dark circles, blemishes, the works. In the video below I will share my technique. If you notice it takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. No fuss, no drama, no mess, just flawless bright beautiful eyes! Thank you so much for reading loves. Don’t forget to subscribe for special deals and updates. Follow my Insta : queenoftheglammed_mua and Like my FB page Love Make Up Life. Feel free to check out my site Enjoy the video. Love ya!!!!


Angie Brand

5-Minute Make Up Routine

Hey everyone! My topic for this week is the 5-minute make up routine. Most women do not have time to spend 20 minutes on their make up in the morning but still want to look presentable for their day. The problem with creating an ultimate 5-minute make up routine is that everyone’s face and skin problems are unique to them. In this blog I will go over base, cheeks, lashes and lips. My suggestion is that if you have a problem area that you do not like, such as uneven skin, focus your time on that. The extra time you have at the end can be focused on things that you’ve skipped!

Base (1 to 2 minutes)

            My biggest problem is dark circles under my eyes and some uneven spots on my chin. If you have uneven skin I HIGHLY suggest Tarte’s CC Primer Stick and CC Undereye Corrector (both pictured below). These products are wonderful for quick color correction. If you have even skin then you can simply use a little concealer down the center of your face to cover any dark spots or shadows. Then apply a simply sheer powder to further even out your skin tone. This process should only take 1 to 2 minutes depending on your skin issues.

                                                                                                                                         Buy them here.

Cheeks (1 minute)

            With only five minutes, you want to do a quick natural cheek so you have a nice dewy look. If you’re like me, your whole goal for makeup in the morning is just to make yourself look more awake than you actually are. Cheek stain or even lipstick can help you achieve this. To find your perfect blush color, simply take your hand and palm up stretch your fingers back as far as you can. The color of your fingertip is the natural color of your blush.

Just make sure that you have stretched your hand back far enough to get the perfect blush color. I recommend Tarte’s cheek stains and powder blushes. They have a great selection on colors and lip colors to match (pictured below). Simply apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks.


                                                                                                                                                  Buy them here.

Lashes (1 minute)

            Lashes should be simple. Simply curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara. Some of my favorites are Better Than Sex by Too Faced and Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte. Both mascaras will give you nice volume and full natural looking lashes. A good rule of thumb is to toss your mascara every three weeks. The chemicals in the mascara will make the alcohol in the product stronger and it becomes harder on your lashes as the product gets older.

                                                                                                                   Buy the Tarte Mascara here and the Too Faced here.

ProTip: You can buy travel sizes of more expensive mascaras so you save money and don’t feel bad tossing it after a few weeks!

Lips (1 minute)

            When it comes to quick lips, I highly suggest using a lip color or stain that is close to your natural lip color to enhance your beauty. Stains will last longer on your lips throughout the day. If you can find a cheek and lip stain product that works well for you that’s great! I again recommend Tarte’s line of lip colors (pictured below). Tarte tends to carry lip colors that match naturally. Depending on the time of the day or how you’re feeling you can add a clear coat for shiny lips.

                                                                                                                                               Buy them here.

Break Down

  • Base (1 to 2 Minutes)

  • Cheeks (1 minute)

  • Lashes (1 Minute)

  • Lips (1 Minute)

Total time 5 minutes.

            If you have time after finishing your full routine you can go back and add some powder to your base if you haven’t already or even use a little highlighter or bronzer to do a little quick contouring. The most important thing about having a 5-minute make up routine is just to keep it natural. Make sure all your lines are blended if you do use browner to do some minimal contouring!

If you have any questions about this blog or the products listed, please feel free to ask!


Stay beautiful,



April 27, 2015 — Amar Gandhi

10 Make Up Brushes You MUST HAVE!

These are the brushes that are a must have in your collection! I will explain why you need them and how to use them. I will place pictures as well, because some companies go by numbers.

1. Flat Foundation Brush

 This is the first thing every artist and person who loves make up buys first. Starting off as a beginner , this should be the first item you purchase. This can be used with liquid, and cream foundation.


2. Buffer Brush

This is another form of a foundation brush. This brush can be used with liquid and cream foundation. It just sets well on the face.


3. Small Angle Brush

With eyebrow being the praise, an angel brush is a great investment and brush to have. This brush fills in your brow to give it the perfect arch.


4. Concealer

This brush is very important to have simply because it cleans up areas on your eyebrows, and dark spots.

5. Powder Brush

This is also a very important brush to have as well. You can apply your setting powder, transparent powder, and skin finishing powder. This is for all over the face after you’ve applied your make up.

6. Eye Shadow Brush

Eye shadow brush can be tricky because there are soooooo many!!! But for my beginners, let’s just use this all over shadow brush until you are more experience.


7. Big Angle Brush

The big angle brush can apply to your contour or your entire face for foundation.  You can use this for blush as well.


8. Blush Brush

Mistaken for a powder brush, blush brush is something amazing. Why? Because powders come in so many shades. Just so you won’t get confuse, a blush brush is usually smaller than the powder brush.

9. Beauty Blender

Now this is not a brush, but it can be used to apply your foundation or to blend everything on your face before applying a setting powder. We suggest that you use liquid foundation if you choose to use this beauty tool. This tool can also be used to highlight for your contour.

10. Flat Eyeliner Brush

This is best applying liquid eyeliner! This brush is way easier to manage if you have shaky hands or just starting out because it mashes the color into the lashline unlike a liquid pen, unless you are a pro.


Brushes can be expensive, make sure you know how to use them and what they are for. Synthetic brush work well and are less expensive and can be found at your local drugstore.











Day makeup tips for natural look

                   I’m going to give you some tips on achieving a natural look. This Look will be perfect if you want to spruce up your look it’s great for running errands during the day.


First of all you need a base, try using a foundation that is lightweight and gives you a dewy look. If you have oily skin try using a blotting powder on the areas that you areconcerned about. BB and CC creams are great as well.


Then I used a concealer to cover up the area that I needed to cover up the most like under my eyes, around my mouth, and nose. After I used a setting powder in the shade banana, using a powder with a yellow tone it will brighten up your complexion.


For the eyes I used a quad from Lancôme has more of a cool tone taupe you can use more of a warm brown. Take the soft taupe brown in put that in your crease then to add a little bit of depth I added the deep dark brown in the crease as well and blend away the harsh lines. In the inner part of my lid and my inner tear duct add in a champagne color.


I filled in my brows with a powder rather than a pencil just because it looks a bit more natural. I didn’t use any black eyeliner to my look I replaced it with a brown color it’s still intense but not too bold like black.


For blush I used a soft pink color and added this rose gold powder as a highlight down my nose Bridge, cheek bones, forehead, and chin. Put on your mascara and a pink lip gloss to finish up your look.




This look is soft and subtle your skin will look flawless and will have a nice healthy glow. Thank you and good luck!


"Tips on How to Apply Bronzer"

Hello My Beauties!

Whether you’re going on a date or just going to hang out with some friends, we all have those days when we just want to add a little dimension to our face because we get so tired of looking so blah!

Applying your bronzer incorrectly can make your face look dirty and sometimes even orange! Luckily I’m here to show you some simple steps to correctly apply bronzer.


So first things first, purchasing a bronzer and brush.

Choosing the tone of your bronzer will all depend on how dramatic of a look you’re looking for and your skin tone. In most cases your bronzer should be at least 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone. For example:

Fair Skin: Honey colored bronzer

Medium Skin: Rose-bronzed or gold flecked bronzer

Dark skin: tawny or amber bronzer




When picking a bronzer brush, try to avoid small and stiff brushes because they will give you blotchy results. A good brush would be a wide, rounded top, fluffy brush



Ok! My Beauties! Now the fun part begins!

Now that you’ve chosen a bronzer and brush we will put them to the side for now because first we must apply our foundation and concealer. The reason why we apply our foundation and concealer prior to applying bronzer is because we need create a smooth, blank canvas for our contouring.




Having a blank canvas will make applying bronzer way easier, so grab your brush and bronzer and swirl your brush around evenly around your bronzer and tap the excess into the lid of the container. When it comes to make-up its always easier to apply light even coats to build color or coverage, rather than adding a lot at once, Trust me this is a mistake a lot of beginners always do! With that said, the bronzer should be applied to the areas of the face the sun would naturally hit which are, the forehead, cheekbones, and down along the jawline and lets not forget along the sides of the nose. Make sure to avoid streaks and Finished!




April 19, 2015 — Amar Gandhi

5 contouring and highlighting tips

This year, contouring and highlighting have become the best ways to accentuate the features you love, and minimise the attention placed on the features you may not be as confident about. They allow you to not only slim, illuminate and define your face, but also give you a chance to try different techniques and pick the ones best suited to you.

1. Know your face shape

The first most important thing before highlighting or contouring, is knowing your face shape. Some people think that if they contour the way Kim Kardashian might, that it will automatically look good on them, but that isn’t true. Each face shape has different areas that should be contoured and highlighted. For that reason, before starting, always make sure to research beforehand what face shape you have, and choose which areas you want to place more of an emphasis on. To help with this process, you can always use the Sephora app that has an “Identify your face shape” guide, to help you choose which areas to contour or highlight.


2. Know your skin type


Just like everyone has a different face shape, we also have different skin types. Based on your skin type, you will want to pick different products to use for contouring and highlighting, therefore, it’s super important to know what type of skin you have, in order to choose the best products for you. For example, if your skin is on the oily side, you’ll probably want to use a powder contouring kit. If your skin is a bit drier, then a cream contour kit is probably more suited to your skin type. With that being said, choosing the products you like best for your skin type is also based upon preference. No matter your skin type, there’s always a way to make a certain product work for you. For example if you like using a cream contour kit even though you have oilier skin, you can always use setting powders to mattify the look.

3. Know your skin tone and color

Skin tone and color is also important to know before you choose the products you’ll use for contouring and highlighting. By finding your skin level and tone, it will help you choose the best highlighters and bronzers. First determine if you’re light, medium or dark. From there you can distinguish if you have a cool, warm or neutral skin tone. Cool toned skin usually has pink undertones, while warm toned skin has yellow undertones. Neutral skin has a mixture of both. You can always use press on this link to help you figure it out!

4. Daytime V/S Nighttime 

Even after you choose the best products and techniques to contour your face, you can always switch it up depending on what you’re doing. Usually contouring is for more of an evening look, as it does require heavier makeup, but you can always make it great for the daytime as well. For example, if you’re having an evening out, you may want to dust a bit more bronzer over the parts you've applied contour makeup, just to outline the face and emphasize your bone structure. However, if you’re just going out for a walk, you might not want to put as much makeup on, so just a light application of a slightly darker foundation under your cheekbones will still create the same effect.

5. My favorite contouring and highlighting products

Personally, I like to try out different products for contouring and highlighting. I bought the Aesthetica Cosmetics Powder Contouring Kit, which looks super similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, and I love it! I do have oilier skin, so I liked that it was a powder kit, but I also tried the Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup stick and I also loved that. Now I usually use the Revlon stick in a shade two shades darker than my skin color to contour and I still use the contouring kit if I want to set my makeup, like after applying concealer under my eyes.


For more tips and ideas visit my Instagram page: la.fille.franglais

By: Sarah Valji



How to clean your boots!

Boots are an amazing apart of any person shoe closet. But as seasons change, a lot of wear and tear can bring them to look like you don’t take care of them. So to solve your problems, below I have a few tricks and tips to help you.


  • Salt Lines

Currently I live in Saint Louis, and outside of the fact that I don’t like cold weather or snow. I have to deal with it until I move to that wonderful sunny all year around state. I still take care of my items and dress appropriately. If you live in a icy, salt field state or country, I am pretty sure you had a ring around your shoe. Now you can for sure take your boots to a shoe repair store to clean them, but nothing beats free! So, take warm water, vinegar, dab the towel on the boots and let the boots dry away from heat.


  • Scuff Marks

So scuff makes me so annoying and I might be tempted do other things with my boots. But instead, take luke warm water and baking soda. Once their clean, buff them dry.

  • What about Suede?

With sude, there needs to be a different approach. Grab a larger eraser (grab one at the dollar store in the kids section), or sand them away with a emery board. To raise the nap on the boot, clean with a tooth brush or towel.


  • How to avoid all of this!

Before you step foot out in four inch snow, spray them with water repellent coating . This works on both leather and Suede. Trying spraying it on both on and off season and after cleaning them.

  • Items to invest in

Baking soda

Saddle soap

Water and Stain repellent


April 12, 2015 — Amar Gandhi

Types of makeup brushes and their uses

Makeup brushes can easily take any makeup look to the next level. Without them, we tend to use a lot more makeup and it’s harder to achieve clean lines. Many makeup artists even claim that they are nothing without the tools of their trade. Here are 5 essential makeup brushes that will give you a flawless application.

1. Foundation Brush

If you are using a liquid foundation, foundation brushes are the best way to apply and blend your base. First start by putting a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand. Next use your finger to dot the foundation on your face and use the brush to blend it all in. Alternatively, you can dip the brush right into the foundation and apply it straight onto your face.

2. Beauty Blender

Even though a beauty blender isn’t a brush, it is the perfect way to ensure impeccable, streak-free application with minimum product waste. You can use a beauty blender when applying primer, foundation, powder, cream blushes, and any other complexion product. Personally, I like to use my beauty blender after applying my foundation, to evenly blend my base.

3. Powder Brush

A powder brush is essential for setting foundation. I prefer using a matte colorless powder, however you can use a powder brush to apply any type of setting powder. By dusting your brush into the powder and tapping out the excess powder, it allows you apply a thin layer of extra coverage to without displacing your foundation.

      4. Blush Brush 

  Your blush brush should be the smaller version of your powder brush, to ensure a more precise      application. There are different brushes for different types of blush. If you are using a cream blush, you    will need a denser flat topped brush, but if you are using a powder blush, the brush will be similar to    your powder brush.

5. Angled Brow Brush


Recently there has been a lot of emphasis on eyebrows. They not only draw attention to your eyes, but frame your face. Using an angled eyebrow brush, you can create a bolder eyebrow shape and enhance your natural brows. Be sure to use quick soft strokes as opposed to heavy strokes to achieve a more natural look.



Ps. The brushes above are staples in my makeup bag but don’t forget, there are many other brushes you can use, including a brush for bronzer, lipstick, highlighter and more!


By: Sarah Valji

April 12, 2015 — Amar Gandhi