These are the brushes that are a must have in your collection! I will explain why you need them and how to use them. I will place pictures as well, because some companies go by numbers.

1. Flat Foundation Brush

 This is the first thing every artist and person who loves make up buys first. Starting off as a beginner , this should be the first item you purchase. This can be used with liquid, and cream foundation.


2. Buffer Brush

This is another form of a foundation brush. This brush can be used with liquid and cream foundation. It just sets well on the face.


3. Small Angle Brush

With eyebrow being the praise, an angel brush is a great investment and brush to have. This brush fills in your brow to give it the perfect arch.


4. Concealer

This brush is very important to have simply because it cleans up areas on your eyebrows, and dark spots.

5. Powder Brush

This is also a very important brush to have as well. You can apply your setting powder, transparent powder, and skin finishing powder. This is for all over the face after you’ve applied your make up.

6. Eye Shadow Brush

Eye shadow brush can be tricky because there are soooooo many!!! But for my beginners, let’s just use this all over shadow brush until you are more experience.


7. Big Angle Brush

The big angle brush can apply to your contour or your entire face for foundation.  You can use this for blush as well.


8. Blush Brush

Mistaken for a powder brush, blush brush is something amazing. Why? Because powders come in so many shades. Just so you won’t get confuse, a blush brush is usually smaller than the powder brush.

9. Beauty Blender

Now this is not a brush, but it can be used to apply your foundation or to blend everything on your face before applying a setting powder. We suggest that you use liquid foundation if you choose to use this beauty tool. This tool can also be used to highlight for your contour.

10. Flat Eyeliner Brush

This is best applying liquid eyeliner! This brush is way easier to manage if you have shaky hands or just starting out because it mashes the color into the lashline unlike a liquid pen, unless you are a pro.


Brushes can be expensive, make sure you know how to use them and what they are for. Synthetic brush work well and are less expensive and can be found at your local drugstore.