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10 Best Hairstyles for Spring 2015

Time to grow out all those bobs and lobs! Spring 2015 runway trends are showing some serious length. This season is all about Boho waves, trendy ponytails, braids and twists, big buns, mega blowouts and mixed materials! Keeping all those things in mind I have found some cute and easy to do hairstyles with tutorials for you to check out. I really love the mixed material fabric hair tutorial below! Hope you enjoy it as well. Just have fun and be creative!


  • Boho Waves

Tutorial here.

Pro Tip: Using a sea salt spray or dry shampoo will help create the perfect rough texture look for your waves!


  • Crisscross Ponytail

Tutorial here.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the ponytail because let’s be honest, its super easy but this is a great twist on something so basic. I’m in love with this style.

  • The Perfect Blowout

Tutorial here.

Pro Tip: A good blowout can last you a few days with the use of dry shampoo. Less heat styling will keep your hair healthy.

  • Mixed Materials

Tutorial here.

I love that runway this year is adding different materials to hairstyles. This style is definitely a statement! I can’t wait to try this.

  • Low Bun

Tutorial here.

Pro Tip: Make this finally look of your blowout before you wash your hair again! Dirty hair will hold texture and create a better style for this look.

  • Knot Braid

Tutorial here.

I don’t know about you but I’m sick of seeing fishtail braids, so this is a nice refreshing twist on a braid!

  • Top Knot Bun

Tutorial here.

Pro Tip: Use a volumizing mouse when drying hair for this look!

  • Natural Waves

Tutorial here.

This look is so easy to achieve! I love it and you can do this with medium and shorter length hair as well.

  • Braided Bun

Tutorial here.

Pro Tip: Use a smoothing balm with this look to create a sleek braid and bun.

  • Short Hair Style

Tutorial here.

I didn’t forget about the shorthaired ladies! I have a medium hair length and I have trouble braiding it at this point so this updo is perfect if you want a little something different! It’d be super cute with a headband too.


Have fun with these tutorials!


Stay Beautiful,






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