Here are a few of my AMAZING MAKE TIPS to give good face.

Take care of your skin from the inside out:

Yeah sounds lame and cliché’ but it is actually the truth. Drink plenty of water, get your veggies in and sleep. It will not only make the skin look younger but refreshed! Also to add to this, invest in facial wash, day and night moisture, mask, and exfoliatescrub. Drug store bought or special order will do! It is also good to give your face a break from the make up as well.


Always prime:

Primers are amazing! My personal favorite and for all skin types is Hourglass. It is an investment but it is well worth it. Some other amazing primers are Tart, MACs prep & prime, and the entire Smashbox line.

Clean brushes:

You might as well leave your make up if you don’t thoroughly clean your brushes. Shampoo is what I use and then once a week I will re-clean them and dip them in rubbing alcohol, and let them air dry.

Wash your face:

After work day or a night of glam, I don’t care how tired you are, WASH YOUR MAKE UP OFF!! The steps I use is face wipes, a coco butter soap (to clean up what the wipes miss) then my face wash, make up remover, toner, night moisturizer. Yes these are a lot of steps but better safe than sorry.



Foundation makes everything come to life! While price doesn’t matter, I will tell you the price the foundation the more that’s put into it. Most women don’t want to or have the means to invest in a mere $60 bottle a month in make-up and that’s fine. Drug stores have amazing options! Revlon line is amazing and under $20! MAC is an upgrade from the drugstore, and I still use it till this day. My go to foundation is Marc Jacobs (liquid & crème), and Laura Mercier.

I hope these amazing make up tips were helpful!